Super Mario Galaxy


Everyone's yelling about how this shouldn't be on the list or they will end you. I totally agree that this game is fantastic and should not be on this list, and I am 99.99% sure this is here as a joke, since this game is that good and is loved by many, but at least act like everyone is entitled to an opinion! At least be willing to hear someone who doesn't feel the same way about a game that you do, as long as they are being rational and having actual reasons and not unfairly hating it and hating everyone else with an opposite opinion for no reason.

I love Super Mario Galaxy. Its graphics had so much work and interest put into it, the soundtrack is catchy and especially strong, the story is creative, heartfelt and mainly focuses around space magic other than just anti-feminism, there are Lumas (yes, that includes Rosalina if she actually is a Luma) and the gameplay brings so much new stuff! I actually agree. I wish super Mario Galaxy were placed low on the list (or taken off for good). My most hated Mario game is Mario's Early Years. It makes Hotel Mario look like Super Mario RPG in comparison.

Well, Videogamefan5, I understand the days when Super Mario Galaxy used to be very low on this list. I do not mind the fact that Super Mario Galaxy is one of the highest-rated games in the universe. If they love Super Mario Galaxy because of its almighty moments and extreme depth, that is not only understandable, but that is also what I am. Not even Princess Peach stopped this game from being lovable.

This game is really good except for one thing:I was really bummed when we couldn't play as Luigi until I reallized that you had to practically start a NEW profile why couldn't it be like super Mario Galaxy 2s Luigi/Mario system! And it had a pathetic last star oh I defeated Bowser and got the last star! Nope you get one more star which all you do is walk across a long path and then you have 99 purple coins and you spend about a hour to find that last coin which was on a star shroom ship WHY Nintendo DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN THE GANE WITH THAT.

Why is this on the list, this was a very good game! The graphics where impressive for the wii, The music is phenomenal, The controls are good, This game is usually as consider amongst the best Mario games of all time! But of course you stupid Call of Duty fans who only care about graphics, I'm sorry that you can't understand what a good game truly is.
That is All :).

Some of the music tracks only used in this game could've been in the sequel of this game.

Are you joking. This is the most creative game that has been made by Nintendo. Maybe better than super Mario 64 ( if you cut sm64 some slack for being 1996) the only down side is the fact that there is no yoshi. It has by far the best hub world, the comet observatory. If you complain about rescuing peach, maybe any Mario game that is not a sport or racing isn't a good game for you.

"Super Mario Galaxy was a critical and commercial success, hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time. Critics praised the game's graphics, gravity mechanics, soundtrack, and setting." - Quote from Wikipedia. I had this game for a while and loved it. It's probably one of the best in the series. - Drawbox

When I was like 7 I got this game and I thought it was, not very good.
I played it again when I was 10 and I loved it! I mean, there is nothing wrong with it being here. Everyone has opinions! Wait, the people below me know what those are, right? Let me explain. Opinions are these things that you can't see or touch and they are the exact opposite of fact. No opinion is right...but not one is wrong either. That's like saying that it's a fact that BMW is better than Volkswagen, when they aren't. Neither of them are. Some people may have the opinion that BMW is better, some Volkswagen. Diff strokes for diff folks, right?...I don't think this is working. Time to get the hypnotist watch.

You are feeling very sleepy...when I click my fingers you will all know what opinions are...

(Just kidding! You probably know what opinions are)

People hate this game only because Peach is in it. They need to shut up and actually check out the gameplay and other stuff other than the characters.

Peach Haters are morons who hate every game that has peach in it. - DCfnaf

Care to give any reason as to why this game is bad other than "Peach gets Kidnapped" and "It's Not Mario 64"? - Garythesnail

The "award" is the only thing I hate about this game. This game is amazing in general, maybe if we didn't save that stupid princess then it would be entirely perfect! - KennyRulz244444

The worst Mario game ever. Proof that adding motion controls and linear gameplay ruins a game. Not to mention that awful "story".

This had BETTER be a joke, not even Peach's presence in the game justifies this being on the list!

Someone tell me why this game is on the list Mario galaxy is awesome

Very bad game with toxic controls, annoying characters, and bad level designs, it doesn't even feel like a Mario game!

I'm kinda really sad that this is on the list.. The only reason I don't like this game is cause you time Galaxy.. It's the wurst.. The galaxy's though.. It's so pretty

How is this game here? WHAT? I... don't get it? Well, I know for a fact that this is considered one of the best Mario games! How is this here?

Take this off the list now! This game is a treasure!

Whoever thought making a Mario game that makes you sick was a good idea deserves to be shot.

At the same time as I dislike this game, I love this masterpiece! I will tell you why later. Ah, multiple galaxies...

Uh no. Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece. Whoever put this on here is sick in the head.

You people are idiots. People sya this game is overrated, but it is technically underrated because even though it is the best reviewd game on gamerankings people still insist on handing all of the credit over to ocarina Of Time (An amazing yet overrated game). You guys say the gameplay is bad? GIVE EXAMPLES! You say the graphics are bad? Then why were the graphics critically acclaimed! Your just a bunch of grand theft auto fans who think realistic graphics make a game (Grand Theft auto is fun, but still)! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Why is Super Mario Galaxy on this list!? Let alone in the top ten! This game is awesome! - Devilking190

No no no no no, you're wrong, very wrong, very very very wrong

Who was the moron who put this on the list? I love this game! - DCfnaf