Worst Mario Items

Some items are good, some are great. Some you extremely hate. Here is the 10 worst items featured in Super Mario.

The Top Ten

Poison Shroom

I bet the creator of this list only put most good items in the top 10 in the first place just so we could give him more votes...

There. It's finally at the top of this list. Happy now? Thank remixing for making this possible.

This needs to be at the top spot on this list.

Update: Hindering. That's all it ever does. I don't know how anyone could like this item.

Fake Item Box

This item is practically useless! Although it's a bit better than the Banana item, this item alone along with the fact that it can no longer block incoming shells makes this item complete and utter crap! And running into the Fake Item Box you implanted is just as abysmal as well!

Basically you get nothing.

I always hit these

Fake item box, More like creators smoking pot again. Hey Yoshi did you fix the programming on the item boxes. Yuri replys no I thought you did. Yoshi replies we #%*€<~% released the game two months ago. Yuri replies what.


Incredibly useless

This is just annoying

Wait I see a sex joke.

Banana sucks get it.

Mini Mushroom

So basically, you become tiny and can find areas. Cool, right? No. You're basically just one-shot Mario but smaller.

Although it's good for going into tiny pipes and finding secret places, this is my least favorite mushroom! One hit and you're dead! And it's hard to fall back down when you go so high in the air after jumping on an enemy!

It may make you die in one hit but it is a blessing in disguise in levels with large amounts of Bullet Bills.

It's a one hit kill it sucks

Spring Suit

Ruined the otherwise perfect Mario Galaxy games

Well, then do not use it if it's at optional sections. Also, what worsened the otherwise perfect Super Mario Galaxy games is (take a drink and/or guess) anti-feminism/the fact that Princess Peach got defenselessly kidnapped. Yet Princess Peach is badass and confident at times. *facepalm*

Mahouts be top3 nearly killed Galaxy games legacy.

Hard to control, kinda sad cause in some parts you NEED it.

Penguin Suit

Sorry guys but you're 100% wrong penguin is killa if you no how to use it.

This is the ice flower and more, you throw ice balls + sliding on ice + sliding on water + better swimming + it looks adorable on mario.

Kinda useless, Mario don't need to be able to slide in ice so... - SuperMan2003

I don't really like this power-up. Might as well go for an Ice Flower, then. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

P Balloon

The item is sometimes good, but becomes irritating in the Tubular level. Also, if you search up "P-Balloon" on Google, you get millions of gross and fetish artwork instead of the actual P-Balloon power up...

What this could of killed Mario franchise. Huge Mario collector here, I have every game there's been except for company test discs and super limited versions. Very annoying?

It makes Mario turn into a human wailord

Google search "P-Balloon." I dare you.

I just did. I don't think I could un-see what I just saw when I looked up "P-Balloon". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Boo Mushroom

I found this thing too be very annoying and useless... It's a shame that you need this for certain levels in Mario Galaxy.

It's not that bad...

Never 'eard of it


Hey, this is the best Mario item you can get! Before you get the ice flower, fire flower, or whatever you want, you need the mushroom first (excluding mini mushroom)! This item is the start of your journey that you are going to remember all the way until your final battle with Bowser. When you are fighting a boss, do you go in with some other power up, instead of being tiny, such as the fire flower? Well, the reason you have that fire flower is because of the mushroom. Once you slam Mario's head onto that brick and it pops the mushroom out, you grab it. Then, you slam his head on another brick, and you get your first power up. For a "MarioMaster", you should know that this item is the most essential item in the entire game of Mario.

While this item is important for collecting essential items, it can be a pain in games like New Super Mario Bros Wii, namely getting it when you already have it or another item, or missing the chance of getting the item needed to get a star coin. Also, it is annoying in games like Super Mario Bros 3 where it will run from you during very crucial moments, you can get the same effect from the other items. It can also block only one hit.

You just helped me prove my point of how Nintendo makes Mario difficult, which makes the games more interesting and fun!

You really motivated me... The day I made this, I wasn't thinking right. I forgot about Blue Shells in Mario Kart and I forgot that you can't get these other great items without the Mushroom, so without further ado, I hereby announce the Mushroom isn't so bad after all...

For a Mario Master, it sure seems like he hasn't done his research on what really are the worst items in the Mario franchise.

Kuribo's Shoe

It's alright, but all it can help you with are stepping enemies and avoiding spiky objects. But what I really dislike about it is how it's hops all the time, and makes it hard to control. - Mariomaster63

Can't hate too much; it was meant as prototype for Yoshi.

I like this, but it only lasts for one round ;-;

I like this item.

The Contenders

Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party ...read more.

It barely does anything to the player affected by it. You can clearly see through the ink and still drive without distraction. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

So boring - DrayTopTens

Here's the improved version of blooper: Turn your screen off, now you can't see -_- - 50

Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

A weapon too powerful for mortals know. Otherwise, you can have a divorce this way as well.

This item makes bad things happen, ranging from losing a race to smashing a controller or game console.

Crumbling relationships one at a time.

Spiny Shell

The item that annihilated friendships with one use.

It's actually great game design, but their could be better ways to pull it off. - BenSomeone

Why isn't this higher?

The trollies tof the troll items! *IN MY OPINION! * - HeavyDonkeyKong

Cat Bell

Love this power up! You can climb walls, dive, climb up a flagpole, take an extra hit, and look cute but be menacing just like a real cat.

Aww...a cat...but don't get near it! This ability has four techniques: scratch, scrape, climp, and jump scratch! It's a cute ability that is packed with many techniques! - Mariomaster63

Ice Flower

I like the Ice Flower. It's great for freezing enemies that are immune to fire balls such as Dry Bones and it's fun freezing enemies to lift them up and throw them at other enemies. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why are most of the items that are high on this list good items?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You freeze a guy and throw him at every and you end up killing everyone

It's just a rip-off of the fire flower, just giving you the ability to throw ice blue pixels out of your hand instead of red-orange. Once you throw it, the character freezes which is somewhat useful. But I really don't care for this item. - Mariomaster63

Lightning Cloud

It's basically a Mario Kart item that can backfire on you if you don't pass it to someone else.

This idem is terrible if you get it and don't pass it on then YOU get zapped by lightning!

If you're in the middle and everyone's kinda far from you, you're screwed. - mattstat716

Yes this item is very stupied

Mystery Mushroom

Who moron put this here?

Super Star

I'm invincible! If you get enough enemies defeated with the super star, you can gain 1-ups and that 1-up song with only 5 notes is adorable! - Mariomaster63

You can run everywhere and knocking everyone down

It's useless the super mushroom is more useful

Why the frick is this here

Gold Flower

Gold flower do that one

Its stupid all it does is turn things to coins.

This is WRONG!
How many times do I have to tell u?!

Propeller Suit

It makes the super acorn, Cape feather, and tanooki leaf look like nothing!

Whee! I can fly up in the air and shoot down! This ability can cause avoiding enemies, getting star coins easily, and that rumble in your Wii Remote is a small effect that makes you very happy! - Mariomaster63

This item saved me several times

Bowser Card


Mega Mushroom

Become "Godzilla" and crush every single thing in your path! And the majority of the level is destroyed thanks to the Mega Mushroom! That made the level easy! - Mariomaster63

Wait, I actually love this item! Sure, major paths to secret places may be destroyed, but who doesn't want to become Mega Mario?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is like a star, but better. You can kill anything, plus you get to break blocks/pipes in the way.

At least it's better than the poison Shroom.

Tanooki Tail

Oh my goodness, Mario! It's so cute. You can fly from high objects, you can fly upwards as you run! You can swipe your little tail to teach those Goombas a lesson, and crouch and spin to go SUPER SAIYAN! Best ability ever!

How to make Mario a furry.

Why is this here?

Super Leaf

This item mostly useless on mario kart 7

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