Pink Gold Peach


Pink Gold Peach is the reason why I hate the roster of Mario Kart 8. The roster is nasty. You know you have a terrible roster when half of it is composed of a bunch of crappy counterparts in metal, baby, and Koopa characters. It ruins the background of the track when you constantly race against variations of the same character. If it wasn't for Metal Mario's stupid overuse online in Mario Kart 7, the travesty of the roster would've been fixed.

Why do people like Pink Gold Peach? She sucks and made Mario Kart 8 even worse! Nintendo just adds her in and she has no history. Honey Queen, Dry Bones, and Diddy Kong work hard in the series! Pink Gold Peach is just like an abomination who sucks so hard on every aspect! Nintendo really does this-replaces a main character with some pointless evil clone of any character from no scenes in no games. King Boo should've been there!

Pink Gold Peach is totally radical, right GreenViolet8236? Wrong. She is a lanky sucker who is an absolutely inexcusable choice for a newcomer to exist in Mario Kart 8. She ruined the game. Honey Queen is so much cooler than a metal princess that stinks at racing. Yeah, she deserved to be replaced by Funky Kong, King Boo, and Dry Bones in Mario Kart Wii. No Dry Bones? Suck your penis, Nintendo. She took up a spot that could've gone to Dry Bones. You don't know why everybody hates Pink Gold Peach. Nobody likes Pink Gold Peach. That's because she is an exploit of Peach who has no reason to exist.

She has a reason to exist, and that is to expand the cast of characters! - RoseGoldRosalina

Personally, I like Peach, but this excludes Mario Kart 8. There's TOO MANY PEACHES! Ex: Normal Peach, Cat Peach, Baby Peach, and worst of all... Pink Gold Peach! GRR! Why do great experts like King Boo, Petey Piranha, Honey Queen, Chunky Kong, Dixie Kong, Dry Bones, Lanky Kong, Diddy Kong, and Kamek get swapped by dumb looking clone characters? This roster sucks, unlike Mario Kart 7's. Why the fudge did somebody come up with the idea that Nintendo should exploit Bowser by giving him an alloy version of him called Gold Metal Bowser? Whoever said this is a worthless moron because Gold Metal Bowser might step on the gas pedal too hard and break any vehicle to cheat in a kart race. Metal character fanboys are idiots. YOU ROCK PINK GOLD PEACH HATERS! I want back Honey Queen to the game instead of this metal piece of crap. I'd rather play as fudging Chunky Kong or Nabbit over the nasty slob Pink Gold Skin Peach.

To add insult to injury: Peach herself already sucks. She didn't need two clones - let alone three, of which one is just a lazy recolor that just paints her entire character model in an unappealing mixture of pink and gold. There were so many better characters who could've made the roster. Did Nintendo REALLY expect anyone to prefer this abomination, or did they just get lazy and decide "yeah, let's slap an ugly color on Peach and call it a day"? - Treacle

Nintendo could have chosen any other character. Dry Bones, Birdo, Funky, Dixie, Diddy, Honey Queen, King Boo, Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha, they could've chosen anyone who actually had a role in a game for crying out loud. But no, they choose ANOTHER POINTLESS clone character. Now we have 4 versions of Mario and Peach. Peach, Baby Peach, Cat Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Mario, Baby Mario, Tanooki Mario and Metal Mario. Nintendo, STOP ADDING POINTLESS CLONE CHARACTERS IN Mario KART GAMES WHICH HAVEN'T HAD A ROLE IN ANY GAMES, ADD SOME CHARACTERS WHICH WE ACTUALLY WANT LIKE THE ONES I LISTED EARLIER. And no, Nintendo, we don't want Orange Diamond Daisy in Mario Kart 9.

Metal Mario in 7 was already an eyesore on the road, but this is just awful.

The roster from 8 was a marginal improvement from that of 7, as major characters like my favorite, WALUIGII! Made the cut once more, but it has one main sin: rather than cutting the redundant & pointless Metal Mario from the game, they kept him AND added a lazy clone of what was already a lazy addition to Mario Kart to begin with to make easily the most boring character in history. This robot deserves no place in the game, nor does the (un?)original Metal Mario and should be cut immediately as the 9th game is revealed.

Metal Mario & Pink Gold Peach are easily the worst attribute of MK8, no question.

I'm slightly agitated at MK 8's roster. Why couldn't they sort the Koopalings, along with Bowser Jr (who was dropped entirely) and maybe someone else like Boom Boom into different palette swaps, kind of like Yoshi and Shy Guy. That gives us room for the veterans like Diddy and Birdo, but it also gives us four other roster spots. Metal Mario, despite him having personality, and Pink Gold Peach should be forgotten about completely. They're both unoriginal, and they should also have been put in palette swaps for the characters they're clones of. Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina have never existed in a proper Mario game so both are stupid choices but all of the babies should be swaps for the characters they're clones of. I'm not a big fan of Lakitu being his own racer but it's okay. As far as DLC goes, the only character I like his Dry Bowser. Bringing him back was a great idea, but we did not need ANOTHER Mario and Peach clone! Link, Isabelle, and Villager are all unique but they shouldn't ...more - DCfnaf

Now I understand that she may have good stats, but I don't care. Pink Gold Peach? This is completely unnecessary! Wow, my head hurts. There are so many OTHER CHARACTERS that you're LEAVING OUT of the game...for THIS? Pink. Gold. Peach. You mean to tell me that Metal Mario was originally a power up that grew on to be his own character. But just in case people complained, he had to have a PINK GOLD girlfriend with him too? This didn't need to happen. This was a stupid idea. I remember them announcing her with Baby Rosalina. Baby Rosalina I could slide off. But this abomination? NO! What's worse, is that this is the first game where you can play as every koopaling, but Bowser Jr was left out in favor of Pink Gold Peach! What a joke.

Terrible, terrible excuse for a character and she took a heavy spot in Mario Kart 8 that could've gone to Honey Queen or Wiggler. What's next? Green Bronze Luigi, Orange Silver Daisy, Cyan Topaz Rosalina, or any idiot having a pun like Pink Gold Peach? Nope, not going to happen. Listen to me, you creepy members of Nintendo! Bring Kamek, Dixie Kong, Junior, Dry Bones, Diddy Kong, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Lanky Kong, Chunky Kong, Nabbit, Honey Queen, Fawful, Funky Kong, Swanky Kong, or someone who is not that lame robot to Mario Kart 9! These guys have at least somewhat of a backstory! Pink Gold Peach haters rock!

This character is SO IRRELEVANT! All she is is a Metal version of Peach painted Pink Gold. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO BE A THING? There are SO MANY other characters that could've been a heavyweighted female! Wiggler could've been made a female, Birdo could've returned, Pauline could've been playable, heck I would even take the HONEY QUEEN again! This thing is so irrelevant, random, and obscure that I hope we never see her again! - DCfnaf

She's annoying and I hate looking at her nasty face like Metal Mario's and her creepy YAHOOs! Nintendo just adds her in and she has no history! Honey Queen, Dry Bones, and Diddy Kong work hard in the series! Pink Gold Peach is just like a character who sucks so hard on every aspect! Want a newcomer? Why not Boom Boom, Nabbit, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, or Kamek? Or bring back the regular Funky Kong or someone who is not that creepy idiot!

I cannot think of any valid reason she should appear in Mario Kart 8. She didn't appear in anything first and she doesn't significantly vary from Peach. There are plenty of other worthy characters who weren't in Mario Kart 8 like Honey Queen, Dry Bowser, and Kamek who would be 15 times better. Why can't we get a female Kong like Dixie or Tiny? End of rant.

Pink Gold Peach is a lazy addition. Literally, they recolored Peach, changed the voice and smashed the term "character" on it and send it to the prints.

She is so rude she makes the other characters seem REALISTIC... And that is saying something with this series.

There were so many better/more original characters too! Ex: Honey Queen, King Boo, Kamek, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Nabbit, Dry Bones, Funky Kong etc.

Thank god, we don't have to look at Neo Bowser City anymore. Neo Bowser City was pathetic!

Metal Mario may be bad but that stupid clone of peach is even worse. I do not pick her or like her and never will. Let's hope she and metal Mario don't return in Mario kart 9. If she does I'll phone Nintendo and tell her to get off the roster and replace her with dry bones

They probably created her to have a heavyweight female in addition to Rosalina... but even Honey Queen would've been better. - Treacle

She is the #1 laziest character idea ever! It's just Peach encased in metal! Pink Gold Peach is a moron who thinks she is better than everyone who is not her like Kamek or Honey Queen. Why doesn't Orange Bronze Daisy replace her? This dumb robot replaced Dry Bones. Curse you, Nintendo.

I know I hate Peach but this has gone too far with the metal characters. I would rather jump into the development team and give a new update for Mario Kart 8 as this replaces those character clones with classics like dry bones, honey queen, diddy kong, birdo, king boo, funky kong, dry Bowser or even 3 new characters called dixie kong, kamek, or nabbit! Stop with the filler characters, Nintendo! Or go jump off a huge cliff, you idiot!

I hate the baby characters MORE THAN ANYTHING, but I agree Pink Gold Peach is the absolute worst! AND WHY IS EVERYONE ATTACKING METAL MARIO? It's his stupid, cheap knockoffs, Gold Mario and Pink Gold Peach, that suck! Metal Mario is obviously pretty popular, after all, he was Mario Karts 7, 8, and 8 Deluxe! Metal Mario is my 2nd favorite Mario character, and Luigi is my number 1 favorite, and don't hate on me for this, my 3rd favorite Mario character is Cosmic Mario! By the way, I just remembered a 3rd Metal Mario knockoff, Metal Luigi - now that's going a bit too far... Metal Luigi is a horrible, lazy character! But again, Metal MARIO is awesome - don't hate on him!

This is a true clone of Peach, not Daisy or Rosalina. - Julieta

There are so many OTHER characters that you're leaving out the game, like Bowser Jr, for THIS? Come on Nintendo! I cannot believe Metal Mario was actually popular enough to get a girlfriend. This really didn't need to happen. This was a stupid idea. She is hands down the worst character in the game. What next? Bronze Orange Daisy? Metal Gold Wario? Unbelievable.

She is such a lazy choice like why did Nintendo make this character she's just a clone of peach that's all. Due to the statue in Baby Park let's hope we don't get baby pink gold peach or baby metal Mario or maybe a new character like Green Bronze Luigi or a metal version of princess daisy No more clones Nintendo

MK8's character roster isn't diverse. There are TOO MANY BABIES! There's Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and even Baby Rosalina! Then there's Metal Mario! And there's THIS WASTE OF SPACE! Why is Metal Mario a character? He's not even a person! He's just a power up! And how the hell was he popular enough to get a girlfriend? This was SO UNNECESSARY! - DCfnaf

Thank god Metal Mario's Neo Bowser City track is absent as a Retro course in Mario kart 8. Neo Bowser City was pointless!

If Neo Bowser City was present, nobody would buy Mario Kart 8 from any video game shop because the only fun factor from Neo Bowser City is how annoying the turns are!

I'm not buying another Mario sports title unless it at least has the big twelve. The twelve are Mario/Luigi/Peach/Daisy/Toad/Yoshi/Bowser/Donkey Kong/Bowser Jr/Diddy Kong/Wario/Waluigi. I consider these twelve to be the main Mario family. After these twelve come other key individuals like Kamek and Rosalina. That's fourteen characters there. Enemy species can appear next. Half a roster of crappy variants in babies/koopalings/metals? The actual hell...

Nintendo could've added any brilliant character like Dry Bones, Honey Queen, DIxie Kong, King Boo, or Kamek for the roster sacrifice, but instead settled to come up with a terrible metal clone of a terrible character!