Worst Mario Kart Battle Stages


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1 GBA Battle Course 2 GBA Battle Course 2

Terrible, so terrible, it's just a square with unneeded jumps and boring layout. And the background is GBA Bowser Castle 1 which isn't too bad but still. - darthvadern

Garbage - AliciaMae

2 GCN Block City GCN Block City

A poor attempt at creating a sequel to N64 Block Fort, this is terrible! - darthvadern

3 WII Thwomp Desert WII Thwomp Desert

I've always hated this track, the soundtrack was super annnoying to listen too and it's just a circle - darthvadern

4 3DS Sherbet Rink 3DS Sherbet Rink

It's annoying with the ice psysics. - darthvadern

5 DS Tart Top DS Tart Top

See GCN Cooke Land, same here only slightly better - darthvadern

6 GBA Battle Course 3 GBA Battle Course 3
7 SNES Battle Course 3 SNES Battle Course 3

The ice physics are so annoying. - darthvadern

8 SNES Battle Course 2 SNES Battle Course 2

It's too big! - darthvadern

9 GCN Cookie Land GCN Cookie Land

This is when stages get to decent. Extremly boring track in my opinion. - darthvadern

10 WII Block Plaza WII Block Plaza

Another Block Fort sequel? How many are there going to be? They are never going to be as good as the original Block Fort on the N64! - darthvadern

I always hated it when I was driving then I fell in. My character-“Ahh”

The Contenders

11 GCN Nintendo GameCube GCN Nintendo GameCube

This is a good stage but let's be real it's just a square and that's it, but due to the cool idea of racing on a gamecube this is last on the list. - darthvadern

12 GBA Battle Course 1 GBA Battle Course 1

It's a poor version of SNES Battle Course 1 - darthvadern

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