Top Ten Worst Mario Kart Courses

Well the absolute worst in all Mario Kart games vote it here.

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1 Figure 8 Circuit DS

For me, a track in order to be good it should have creative obstacles with variety. For example, Mount Wario is my favorite track in the serie because not only the fact that all the laps are different makes it feels like an adventure but also there is many things that happens like travelling a forest, gliding in a cave filled with water currant and and descending a hill from the olympics. On the opposite I think figure 8 circuit is bad because the layout is boring, there's no obstacles and the music isn't even memorable. I know it's a first time track but even the other tracks like these have more things. Luigi circuit (Wii) have boost pads and a statue of Luigi, Toad circuit have big toad balloons and and you can glide over another part of the track, Luigi raceway have an air balloon that lowers to give you an item box and all those "commercials" and even peach circuit and circuit mario 1 are shaped more interestingly than figure 8 and at least have the excuse about console ...more

Even Luigi Circuit is better... this is bad.

This Course Is Enough To Put Me To Sleep. Yeah, It's That Boring - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

This is my least favorite course.
I thought SNES Donut Plains 3 would be the worst due to the jump (actually it is my favorite MK8 course) - hoppingicon

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2 Luigi Circuit Wii

Back then Luigi was in the shadow of Mario but now he is too overrated this circuit is the worst thing ever.

People always vote for this online cause its an easy course but they have yoshi falls for that not this awful job

I know Luigi Circuit on the wifi is so boring. It's shaped a pretzel. The speed boosts are slower than the other racers who don't take the pads. Worst Mario kart track ever

Why do so many people vote for this course during online races?

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3 Mario Circuit 1 SNES

And you thought mario circuit 3 was bad - Berger

I know it's the first Mario Kart Course, so it's not #1, but that's not an excuse, I just expect more from the Wii - Berger

Being the first course doesn't make it better, just a way too short loop. - DaisyandRosalina

Too simple for me.

Arguably one of the most famous tracks of all time

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4 Sherbet Land N64

I liked it - User1234

This track is arguably the worst track of all time. The ice physics are frustrating, the track design is the worst, the penguins are annoying, and the atmosphere is bland.

How dare you put Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 & Mario Kart: Super Circuit tracks on the list! Replace this with a crappy GCN track, a DS track, a Wii track, a 3DS track or a Wii U track! This track is beautiful & perfect! I know, there can be some flaws, but the N64 version of Sherbert Land is way better than the Wii version.

There was another person that agreed with you about the N64 reason was better than the Wii but for a different reason. He said hat the N64 version didn't contain off road and was a fair track, but he said the Wii was terrible because it had off road every segment of it which kind of made it overpowered.

N64 Sherbet Land stinks! GCN Sherbet Land is better!

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5 Choco Island 2

It's an absolute mess - EvanWellens

This track is flat and boring. The chocolate lake at the middle is painfully slow. And those jumps are annoying

The DS version is painful The mud slides you do the crap...I mean dirt and the bumps are so annoying and every time I play it, it feels like someone hacked my game and put the cpu difficulty to impossible, this track is god awful but the snes one is okay. - spodermanfan1000

The chocolate lake shouldn't be near the start.

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6 Moonview Highway Wii

I liked it - User1234

I hate this stage

I never really liked this stage because of all the cars and bob-omb cars driving around. It makes me rage when I run into one right by the line on the LAST LAP! - KingSlayer93316

The only thing I did was turn around so Lakitu said I was going the wrong way, and torture him with the cars. - TeamRocket747

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7 Yoshi Falls DS

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN!? Yoshi is my favourite character but this stage SUCKS! Its boring and no challenge at all. there are falls but when's the last time you actually fell from them? The only good thing about the stage is there are a lot of boosters to get through the boring atmosphere in this stage quicker. sorry Yoshi, your awesome but this track isn't

I hate Yoshi Falls. This course has no challenge. There are falls, but when was the last time you fell off the course. There are speed boosts. For the thousandth time this is so boring and should've been named Yoshi Fails.

There is nothing interesting about this track. The only thing that reminds me of Yoshi is the big egg in the middle of the course, nothing more.

The worst Mario kart Ds course EVER. Boring. Nothing special about it.

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8 Rainbow Road N64

I have the n64 version and I've played on rainbow road and it was actually really beautifull at its time.

Dude what the hell is this doing here. It's amazing and awesome. So what if you fall off the track watch where the hell your going dammit.

It's pretty decent, but could have had more features and hazards, and should have been a two lap course. It's far too long for three laps, and shortening it to one in MK8 made it feel a bit lacking to say the least. - Entranced98

Well, they were actually trying to use their creativity will the GCN one but this was dull, boring, and long. But I'll choose the N64 remake over the GCN one because they done a great job improving on the original. The only problem I had was being too short.

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9 Rosalina's Ice World 3DS

Generic Ice course... They could have added Waluigi, Petey Pirahna, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, Parakoopa, ANYTHING else but this trash... I would've even have had the terrible DK Pass instead of- wait a second... DK PASS IS IN THIS GAME?!?! NO—

I for one bloody love this course. It's nicely challenging with the ice and sharp corners, so it feels extra rewarding to earn first place here. - Entranced98

I hate this track and is so hard. Please put this track on the top ten hardest Mario kart 7 tracks.

An ice stage. okay it isn't the worst ice stage ever. I don't hate it as much as I dislike it. It would make my top 15 worst mario kart tracks.

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10 Shy Guy Beach GBA

Driving physics tack you all over the place and make it hard to avoid crabs and bombs without madly swerving. Also quite bland and uninteresting.

Original version was okay but the Wii version...BROKEN...Since a big portion of this track has water you have to drive through that counts as off-road terrain, if you don't use the Magikruiser bike. Then you will be driving to a crawl on this track.

I did not hate crabs until I played this track.

Why isn't this #1

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11 Peach Beach GCN

Well its really boring (but not more than Figure 8, Luigi Circuit Wii, or Mario Circuit 1) - Berger

I agree its short but I don't say its bad cause it does have challenging enemies to avoid and it is one of the first tracks you play. - spodermanfan1000

I think is because Peach is a starter Mario character.

It's not that bad... - DaisyandRosalina

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12 Ghost Valley SNES

This might refer to Ghost Valley 1

I make my family race on this track and they get ticked off about it. I always win.

Which one is this referring to?

What? ghost valley tracks rule!

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13 Moo Moo Meadows Wii


I hated this course in the wii but in Mario kart 8 the graphics are amazing - Harri666

It does get annoying to hit the cows and stop. - dureckl

I love/hate the cows in this track. They could win or lose a race for you. - masonkv

@Idontneedausername has a Double Dash like me, he told me. I have a Wii, 8, and Double Dash. And he broke world records on 5 courses there.

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14 Wii U Bone Dry Dunes

Bone Dry Dunes insulted me when I first saw it. You have a course with Dry Bowser on the cave, but he's not a playable character? (Until DLC). You bring in Pink Gold Peach? PINK GOLD IRRELEVANT! I can't STAND that stupid character! Besides that, the course has boring and bland colors. There are sharp turns that are annoying and the music is awful. Overall I just hate this course. - DCfnaf

Bland and boring are the first thing that came to mind about this stage - Randomator

The stage is, ABSOLUTELY, GARBAGE because the sand was really slippy. The racetrack is INCREDIBLY narrow, AND, I need have the slowest vehicle I'll ever find, AANND, the turns are EXTREMELY SHARP!

Should be in top 10 - greenshyguy

Hate the music

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15 Dry Dry Desert GCN


I seriously hate this stage! This track is uncreative, and the features are very annoying. First of all, this is the worst desert themed course unlike dry dry ruins where you go inside a temple. Second, the quicksand pull is powerful so you have to stay on the edge. The worst part of all is the tornado that runs through the course. You get pulled into high into the air. This is the absolute worst track for the GameCube and it is super annoying! They got this track back into Mario kart 8 but instead of the tornado, they removed it and did the falling effect of pillars, the quicksand pull was lighter, and the best feature of all is that you get to go in an oasis where paratroopas are watching you. Great job on the remake Nintendo! As long as I will love the remake, I will always hate the GameCube original.

Dry dry desert? More like, ITEM SMUGGLING DESERT! - If Mankalor was here.

This course sucks the theme is so bad it sounds like duh duh doing just search up gcn dry dry desert and it is so hard the remake is better because it's easier I did like the tornado though but it's boring so boring and bad bad bad! I wish whoever thought of this will be fired

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16 Peach Gardens DS

It's okay. I don't hate it, but there are at least 11 better courses than it, - EvanWellens

You may be thinking "another Peach course? Wow you must hate Peach." Well I do BUT that has nothing to do with courses, but this course is just boring - Berger

This course is more overrated than maple treeway! It's uninteresting, easy for a special cup, weak and way too long!

Wait another Peach course. Why did Princess Peach even make garden around her castle? This track is too easy. It should've been in the shell cup for Mario kart Wii

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17 Wario's Gold Mine Wii

A gold mine is a great idea and I looked forward to playing this course however 1 lap of this crap and I changed my mind

First you got long stretches of nothing and, like rainbow road, it was very easy to fall of the edge!

As for the mine carts? Screw them! They're WAY too hard to dodge and there's like a 95% chance that it blocks the really great shortcut!

I don't see a reason people LIKE THIS DAM COURSE!

At least the Mario Kart 8 DLC changed my mind of Wario's Gold Mine.

At least its challenging, and its coming in the Zelda dlc - Harri666

Way too difficult for the Flower Cup. Should've been in the Special Cup instead.

I hated this track in Mario Kart Wii, but I loved this one in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because its easier.

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18 DS Yoshi Falls

The design is gorgeous but the track is boring

I love this track

I love Yoshi just not his falls

WORST TRACK EVER! - thunderstar1124

19 Mario Circuit 3 SNES

Not bad but worst race in lightning cup not as good as dk mountain and browser castle 2

Well as Boring as it is it not as bad as Mario Circuit 1 - Berger

Every single track on the Super Mario Kart is boring.


20 Excitebike Arena

The only skill in this course in one curve that you navigate a number of times. Why even play Mario Kart if you are going to play on this course?

21 Luigi Raceway N64

What this course is great its only a bit weak because it's the first course its for begginners. Hate on courses that were SUPPOSED to be interesting but weren't, like Rainbow Road N64 or Yoshi Falls DS, not something that was meant to be simple. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like this level! Luigi tracks are always fun. - Pony

No, the character slapped on the title does not determine the courses quality. - Berger

This is a bit boring but it is actually a really good course if you think carefully; it was the first ever 3D Circuit Track and compared to the SNES Mario Circuits', this was a lot better. I mean this was the introduction to 3D racing. People say that SNES Mario Circuit 1 started it all, however this started it all for 6 Mario kart games that had 3D racing - purpleracer

Boring - DaisyandRosalina

22 Hyrule Circuit

It's not boring, or bad or anything, BUT...

It's so frustrating to always race this one track online, as everyone votes for it. Only because it's Zelda. I get it, online, people are all Zelda fans and this is why y'all vote for this track, but after 1000 times of doing this one track is gets very boring. The track is not that fun, it's not based of a game, it's just lazy build. They could have at least based it around a game, like Wind Waker, OOT, or even BOTW but no. This track is overall ok and not bad but the fact that it's so overrated just because it's Hyrule (When it's just a castle with some rupees replaced as coins) is very frustrating. - MaxPap

Why did they add link to MARIO KART

HEY! Take this off the list right now! This stage is my favorite stage in MK8! Why do people always talk trash on the Zelda series?! People who do that should go jump off a cliff and die! Plus why do people complain about Link in MK8? Well guess what, Shut up you Zelda hater! Link deserves to be in MK8! Not Animal Crossing characters! The Animal Crossing Racers should be removed!

First, you can't remove a track from a list.
Second, because people have opinions.
Third, you shouldn't tell people to commit suicide over a fictional character they don't like.
Fourth, again, people have opinions.
Fifth, I can talk when I want to and you can't change that.
Sixth, he doesn't.
Seventh, both franchises are cross overs. - Qryzx

What's this doing here, it's a good track

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23 Electro Drone Wii U

Very overused track online, but the music is one of the best songs. I only find one song better than this one. (Grumble Volcano)

This track is my favorite in Mario Kart 8 and it's my 2nd favorite track of all time.

The arguments placed here on why this track is bad are just pathetic. "I don't like it because it's too purple" I'm sorry but that's a pity excuse. People only hate this track because they consider it "overrated", even though Mt. Wario is 100 times more praised than this track. This is one of the best tracks in MK8 and reading the comments here on why this track is bad just infuriates me. - JThrill

Just plain overrated. Trust me if you have played online you should know - Randomator

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24 Frappe Snowland N64

No u suck u are just a hater cause u r bad at the gamer get good

Why isn't this number 1? - ShaunFan04

Who likes such bad courses

This course is so lame.

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25 Donut Plains 1

What? No! Donut Plains has the best theme! In my opinion!

Where does donut come into this tracK?

All the donut plains courses are so boring

26 Boo Lake GBA

I get confused with boo lake and broken pier

I hate this course. It is too hard.

27 Peach Circuit GBA

The Absolute most BORING track in the super circuit game - Berger

Boring *looks at Peach Curcuit GBA* oh no *barfs

28 Luigi Circuit GCN

What, this course is great! Love the two sided lanes. Very creative. - recaller

Its an Indies TRACK #2 Best - maddox

A very creative course. But too short and boring - Berger

The other REALLY BAD Luigi circuit - Berger

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29 Toad's Turnpike N64

Yeah, Moonview Highway would be better for my taste. I just LOVE challenges!

So boring and plain. - Harri666

Before: A stage on traffic, how interesting.

After: those cars and those traffic just annoy me so much.

I had good memories going on the turnpike in real life. And I enjoy this one too, but seriously...I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY! - Mariomaster63

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30 Broken Pier GBA

Every two seconds a boo comes after you

31 DS Desert Hills

Honestly, I find this track to be really underrated.

The absolute worst track in the game. Tight turns, unreasonably slow offroad and a boring background


32 Luigi's Mansion DS
33 Baby Park GCN

This is the worst track in Mario Kart History (MKH). You know what they could have done?
They could have made it an actual amusement park, but instead we get an oval with 7 laps.
People make such a big deal over the remake because of anti gravity.
I mean, at least SNES Bowser Castle 2 and Figure-8 Circuit actually get the hate it deserved.
At least DS Yoshi Falls had actual detail on it and you can fall off.
When you merge the track with items and popularity ratings, you get a disaster like Baby Park.
There are SO MANY good tracks that could have been #1 on someone else's list, like Wii DK Summit.
But no, they always choose this track for one reason and one reason alone.
And they ignore everything else and just keep on talk about how frantic the track is.
Why? Because the items are the only thing that doesn't suck, but it's not like this track is the only one with these kinds of items.
And now there's retards like @spodermanfan1000 that say that ...more - Qryzx

I have seen tracks that shouldn't be on here but Baby Park is one that surely shouldn't. Idiots who never played mario kart hate it but from a person who played it there is bowser shells everywhere, huge bananas and lots more of bananas, red and green shells everywhere, chain chomps, and bombs everywhere! - spodermanfan1000

Worst Mario Kart track in the whole history. It is boring and the only thing you do is turning to the right. The creators were like "I'm bored lets make the simplest track so we don't have to work hard". Pathetic

The whole chaotic feeling of the track is great!

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34 Koopa Beach 2 DS

Just a Bland Island track with sudden circle deaths and cheep cheeps. ENOUGH SAID.

35 Choco Island 1 SNES
36 Vanilla Lake 2 SNES
37 Mushroom Bridge DS

Oh, did we forget the original? I'm sorry but mushroom bridge was a fun track in it's original game with all the little shortcuts but the DS version felt so boring and plain. Then, they left all the fun that was needed for Double Dash! Mushroom bridge was quite a good track in it's original game, but the DS version was just so dull, boring, and plain.

38 Rainbow Road Wii

Its not bad it's just really hard

Most track ever

I don't despise this track for being hard. It just irritates me. agreed with comment below.

39 Shroom Ridge DS

Shroom Ridge
Shroom Ridge
muShroom bRidge

I agree of Shroom Ridge being a bad track.

One of the best in the game actually, nice scenery for a DS game and greaf turns to drift on

An amazing track
great music
wonderful layout
fantastic length
and the cars make it even better

40 Twisted Mansion Wii U

I don't like boo

41 Desert Hills DS

So time consuming, so boring, so hard, needs to be number 1 now!

Like most desert courses, this track is uncreative, boring, dull, and overall a very annoying track to race through.

Every time I do this race I end up in the hills. It is almost impossible to race on without going on in the sand!

42 Mushroom Gorge Wii

SARCASM ALERT! This course is AWESOME on the Wii because it's handling is PHENOMENAL (which is saying that it's a bad course on the Wii because the handling sucks and the mushrooms make you lose control. ) I'm just giving it meh because I began to like it in Mario Kart 7 where the handling is better and those mushrooms won't make you lose control and there was one mushroom where it allows you to glide. Pretty neat! (not sarcastic)

I liked it in Mario kart 7 and it's just because it wasn't as hellish as it was in the Wii version.

I like this course, it would be better is you used the gamecube controller. - Harri666

I like this course. It has a good amount of challenge and do amazing tricks.

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43 Luigi Circuit GBA

Why did they have to add puddles? Why?

Luigi is 100 percent rubbish

I hate Luigi

44 Vanilla Lake SNES

Not sure how these 2 tracks aren't 1 & 2 respectively - Rookie06

Those dang snow piles!

No thanks & bad name

45 Daisy Cruiser GCN

This track is one of the best tracks ever! Who put this here is a Daisy hater for sure, only because you hate Daisy this doesn't mean that this track suck, for example: I hate Waluigi but I like Waluigi pinball a lot.

Stop putting good tracks on the bad list. This is my favorite course cause of how creative, fun, challenging, beautiful it is. - spodermanfan1000

Yeah I hate this track a lot. Not because I hate Daisy, because I don't. I hate it because I can't stop hitting walls! It's boring at best, irritating at worst. This would undoubtedly make my top 10.

Why this is here? This course is the best!

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46 Rosalina's Ice World

Mushrooms are your worse enemies on this track. - spodermanfan1000

Rosalina deserves more tracks than peach - RockStarr

Wait, wasn't this already #25?

Rosalina should get more courses often than just Rosalina's Ice World. Also, she'd have epic arch-rivalries with both of the Dee Jays from Street Fighter & Your Favorite M<artian (a retired project that will return froom retirement & possibly be immortal).

47 Donut Plains 3 SNES
48 Music Park 3ds


I like this course! And Please stop putting good tracks on the bad list.

Are you kidding me? I love this track!

Take this off!

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49 Mario Circuit Wii U
50 Toad Circuit 3DS

Boring but at least the toad balloons are cool

Stop making all 1st courses the same. - Harri666

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