Top Ten Worst Mario Kart Courses

Well the absolute worst in all Mario Kart games vote it here.

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1 Luigi Circuit Wii

People always vote for this online cause its an easy course but they have yoshi falls for that not this awful job

Why do so many people vote for this course during online races?

I know Luigi Circuit on the wifi is so boring. It's shaped a pretzel. The speed boosts are slower than the other racers who don't take the pads. Worst Mario kart track ever

Luigi circuit is very short and lame!

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2 Figure 8 Circuit DS

This should be #1 not Luigi circuit. At least Luigi circuit is based on Luigi. At least it has speed boosts. But this is worse because it is just a figure 8 and that's it. It's not even based on a character. It doesn't even have any enemies or speed boosts or anything. It is the first stage in the game so I'm not surprised.

Just ABOUT as boring as Luigi Circuit - Berger

Just a figure 8, no ramps, no enemies

This course is a stupid figure eight and that's all! no nothing! Talk about lame as luigi circuit!

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3 Mario Circuit 1 SNES

And you thought mario circuit 3 was bad - Berger

I know it's the first Mario Kart Course, so it's not #1, but that's not an excuse, I just expect more from the Wii - Berger

Arguably one of the most famous tracks of all time

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4 Peach Beach GCN

Well its really boring (but not more than Figure 8, Luigi Circuit Wii, or Mario Circuit 1) - Berger

Why does Princess Peach get more stuff than Princess Daisy all the time? Peach has much worse hair than Princess Daisy. Princess Daisy should replace Princess PEach from now on. Mario Kart: Double Dash sucks ass!

Although I agree on that (besides the fact that I love Double Dash) But what's that have to do the course? That belongs on the Worst Mario Characters. - Berger

I agree its short but I don't say its bad cause it does have challenging enemies to avoid and it is one of the first tracks you play. - spodermanfan1000

Terrible (has nothing to do with peach! )

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5 Sherbet Land N64

How dare you put Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 & Mario Kart: Super Circuit tracks on the list! Replace this with a crappy GCN track, a DS track, a Wii track, a 3DS track or a Wii U track! This track is beautiful & perfect! I know, there can be some flaws, but the N64 version of Sherbert Land is way better than the Wii version.

There was another person that agreed with you about the N64 reason was better than the Wii but for a different reason. He said hat the N64 version didn't contain off road and was a fair track, but he said the Wii was terrible because it had off road every segment of it which kind of made it overpowered.

This track is arguably the worst track of all time. The ice physics are frustrating, the track design is the worst, the penguins are annoying, and the atmosphere is bland.

N64 Sherbet Land stinks! GCN Sherbet Land is better!

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6 Moonview Highway Wii

I like this course but the music sounds like a dieing owl - Harri666

This course is nothing but pervert, panicking, slow, and shocking as heck! Bland and monotonous background. UGH! I hate smashing into those stupid cars, mini bomb karts, and cars!

Wait... Did you just say that this course is slow? IT IS NOT SLOW. IN FACT, ITS WAY TO ' FAST! - Berger

This is my least favorite track of all time. I hate it so much. 2 times more than my 2nd least favorite which is Wii Wario's Gold Mine.

God I hate this! The vehicles are really pandering.

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7 Moo Moo Meadows Wii

It does get annoying to hit the cows and stop. - dureckl

I love/hate the cows in this track. They could win or lose a race for you. - masonkv

I hated this course in the wii but in Mario kart 8 the graphics are amazing - Harri666

@Idontneedausername has a Double Dash like me, he told me. I have a Wii, 8, and Double Dash. And he broke world records on 5 courses there.

This track rocks a lot!

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8 Peach Gardens DS

You may be thinking "another Peach course? Wow you must hate Peach." Well I do BUT that has nothing to do with courses, but this course is just boring - Berger

This course is more overrated than maple treeway! It's uninteresting, easy for a special cup, weak and way too long!

This course is so easy, I mean this could pass for a Flower Cup track! Also, it was a track in the LIGHTNING CUP in Wii?! There were so many more harder tracks Than this slow, squared 'Special Cup Material' track in Wii, such as DK'S Jungle Parkway, Waluigi Stadium, Delfino Square, Bowser Castle 3 etc that could've swapped out for this track being in a harder cup! However, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Peach, is just that I hate this track, I actually play as her often. Just thus track, BLARGHH! - purpleracer

Wait another Peach course. Why did Princess Peach even make garden around her castle? This track is too easy. It should've been in the shell cup for Mario kart Wii

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9 Baby Park GCN

I have seen tracks that shouldn't be on here but Baby Park is one that surely shouldn't. Idiots who never played mario kart hate it but from a person who played it there is bowser shells everywhere, huge bananas and lots more of bananas, red and green shells everywhere, chain chomps, and bombs everywhere! - spodermanfan1000

The whole chaotic feeling of the track is great!

Worst Mario Kart track in the whole history. It is boring and the only thing you do is turning to the right. The creators were like "I'm bored lets make the simplest track so we don't have to work hard". Pathetic

DS remake is worse because there are no Bowser Shells, Giant Bananas or many other items.

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10 Ghost Valley SNES V 3 Comments

The Newcomers

? Arcade Yoshi Park
? Rainbow Road 3DS

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11 Mario Circuit 3 SNES

Well as Boring as it is it not as bad as Mario Circuit 1 - Berger

Every single track on the Super Mario Kart is boring.

12 Choco Island 2

This track is flat and boring. The chocolate lake at the middle is painfully slow. And those jumps are annoying

The DS version is painful The mud slides you do the crap...I mean dirt and the bumps are so annoying and every time I play it, it feels like someone hacked my game and put the cpu difficulty to impossible, this track is god awful but the snes one is okay. - spodermanfan1000

The chocolate lake shouldn't be near the start.

It was on the SNES! It could not support 2d

13 Yoshi Falls DS

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN!? Yoshi is my favourite character but this stage SUCKS! Its boring and no challenge at all. there are falls but when's the last time you actually fell from them? The only good thing about the stage is there are a lot of boosters to get through the boring atmosphere in this stage quicker. sorry Yoshi, your awesome but this track isn't

I hate Yoshi Falls. This course has no challenge. There are falls, but when was the last time you fell off the course. There are speed boosts. For the thousandth time this is so boring and should've been named Yoshi Fails.

There is nothing interesting about this track. The only thing that reminds me of Yoshi is the big egg in the middle of the course, nothing more.

The worst Mario kart Ds course EVER. Boring. Nothing special about it.

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14 Peach Circuit GBA

The Absolute most BORING track in the super circuit game - Berger

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15 Luigi Circuit GCN

What, this course is great! Love the two sided lanes. Very creative. - recaller

A very creative course. But too short and boring - Berger

The other REALLY BAD Luigi circuit - Berger

Cool how they have 2 sided lanes.

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16 Donut Plains 1

All the donut plains courses are so boring

Where does donut come into this tracK?

17 Toad's Turnpike N64

Before: A stage on traffic, how interesting.

After: those cars and those traffic just annoy me so much.

I had good memories going on the turnpike in real life. And I enjoy this one too, but seriously...I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY! - Mariomaster63

I HATE IT! It's my least favourite track ever. Stupid Mirror Mode! Remake's okay though.

I like the wii u version more.

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18 Frappe Snowland N64

Track is terrible,bland and VERY ANNOYING thanks to those stupid snowmen

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19 Banshee Boardwalk N64

SARCASM ALERT! This course is GREAT for the N64 cause the handling is GREAT. ( so its not a good course of the N64 cause the handling stinks real bad ). Only reason it stared at 9 is that I didn't mind it so much on the DS where the handling was better (not sarcastic) - Berger

This course is not fun. Every time I play it, I am in a gloomy mood for about 2 hours. This course is overly dark, gloomy, and miserable with an extremely dark atmosphere that makes me not want to walk outside at night. - ShyGuy8

What this is one of my favourite tracks!?!

Well it's not that bad.

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20 Electro Drone Wii U

Very overused track online, but the music is one of the best songs. I only find one song better than this one. (Grumble Volcano)

This track is my favorite in Mario Kart 8 and it's my 2nd favorite track of all time.

Why is this track on here? It's awesome!

This track shouldn't be on this list!

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