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21 Rosalina's Ice World 3DS

I hate this track and is so hard. Please put this track on the top ten hardest Mario kart 7 tracks.

An ice stage. okay it isn't the worst ice stage ever. I don't hate it as much as I dislike it. It would make my top 15 worst mario kart tracks.

How the heck does Rosalina relate to ice? They could've made a newer Sherbet Land! >:(

22 Boo Lake GBA

I get confused with boo lake and broken pier

I hate this course. It is too hard.

23 Shy Guy Beach GBA

Driving physics tack you all over the place and make it hard to avoid crabs and bombs without madly swerving. Also quite bland and uninteresting.

Original version was okay but the Wii version...BROKEN...Since a big portion of this track has water you have to drive through that counts as off-road terrain, if you don't use the Magikruiser bike. Then you will be driving to a crawl on this track.

I did not hate crabs until I played this track.

Why isn't this #1

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24 Broken Pier GBA

Every two seconds a boo comes after you

25 Hyrule Circuit

What's this doing here, it's a good track

I expected so much from this track but it's so short and boring. They had an amazing franchise to make a great course and they simply made a generic track with a Lengend of Zelda theme.

It is a good map!

Very boring! We should of got a stage that's based on orcorenia of time instead

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26 DS Desert Hills

Honestly, I find this track to be really underrated.

The absolute worst track in the game. Tight turns, unreasonably slow offroad and a boring background

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27 Luigi's Mansion DS
28 DS Yoshi Falls

The design is gorgeous but the track is boring

I love Yoshi just not his falls

I love this track

WORST TRACK EVER! - thunderstar1124

29 Rainbow Road N64

Well, they were actually trying to use their creativity will the GCN one but this was dull, boring, and long. But I'll choose the N64 remake over the GCN one because they done a great job improving on the original. The only problem I had was being too short.

If I love the remake of mario kart 64 rainbow road. This is the best rainbow road. The music in the remake in Mario kart 8 literally had me in tears the 1st time I played the remake. This track has one of the best songs in Mario kart history

I wonder why this got revamped in Mario kart 8... - Harri666

This is by far the worst rainbow road in the history. It is so overrated and I don't know why. The track by itself is extremly boring and there is nothing special about it. People get tricked by th colour. It is so easy as there is no way you can fall. You can also skip a big part of it just from the start. Last but not least, it is very big and I am glad that they changed the length to it in mk8.

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30 Choco Island 1 SNES
31 Wario's Gold Mine Wii

A gold mine is a great idea and I looked forward to playing this course however 1 lap of this crap and I changed my mind

First you got long stretches of nothing and, like rainbow road, it was very easy to fall of the edge!

As for the mine carts? Screw them! They're WAY too hard to dodge and there's like a 95% chance that it blocks the really great shortcut!

I don't see a reason people LIKE THIS DAM COURSE!

At least the Mario Kart 8 DLC changed my mind of Wario's Gold Mine.

At least its challenging, and its coming in the Zelda dlc - Harri666

Way too difficult for the Flower Cup. Should've been in the Special Cup instead.


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32 Desert Hills DS

So time consuming, so boring, so hard, needs to be number 1 now!

Like most desert courses, this track is uncreative, boring, dull, and overall a very annoying track to race through.

Every time I do this race I end up in the hills. It is almost impossible to race on without going on in the sand!

33 Luigi Raceway N64

What this course is great its only a bit weak because it's the first course its for begginners. Hate on courses that were SUPPOSED to be interesting but weren't, like Rainbow Road N64 or Yoshi Falls DS, not something that was meant to be simple. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like this level! Luigi tracks are always fun. - Pony

No, the character slapped on the title does not determine the courses quality. - Berger

This is a bit boring but it is actually a really good course if you think carefully; it was the first ever 3D Circuit Track and compared to the SNES Mario Circuits', this was a lot better. I mean this was the introduction to 3D racing. People say that SNES Mario Circuit 1 started it all, however this started it all for 6 Mario kart games that had 3D racing - purpleracer

Boring - DaisyandRosalina

34 Neo Bowser City 3DS

I actually like the course. The rain effects were amazing. And it felt like you were playing a game that felt like a true street racer. You could play a little bit of need for speed underground 2 to get a good feel of it.

No! Just, No if I gave courses stars, this would get 98 Love the Music (a lot)(one of best Mario Kart soundtracks) And it's fun - Berger

The only bad thing is that they didn't present the new elements as much but it has a little gliding.

Awful to race on

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35 Shroom Ridge DS

I agree of Shroom Ridge being a bad track.

One of the best in the game actually, nice scenery for a DS game and greaf turns to drift on

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36 Daisy Cruiser GCN

This track is one of the best tracks ever! Who put this here is a Daisy hater for sure, only because you hate Daisy this doesn't mean that this track suck, for example: I hate Waluigi but I like Waluigi pinball a lot.

Stop putting good tracks on the bad list. This is my favorite course cause of how creative, fun, challenging, beautiful it is. - spodermanfan1000

Yeah I hate this track a lot. Not because I hate Daisy, because I don't. I hate it because I can't stop hitting walls! It's boring at best, irritating at worst. This would undoubtedly make my top 10.

This is literally the best Mario Kart course... - DaisyandRosalina

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37 Dry Dry Desert GCN

I seriously hate this stage! This track is uncreative, and the features are very annoying. First of all, this is the worst desert themed course unlike dry dry ruins where you go inside a temple. Second, the quicksand pull is powerful so you have to stay on the edge. The worst part of all is the tornado that runs through the course. You get pulled into high into the air. This is the absolute worst track for the GameCube and it is super annoying! They got this track back into Mario kart 8 but instead of the tornado, they removed it and did the falling effect of pillars, the quicksand pull was lighter, and the best feature of all is that you get to go in an oasis where paratroopas are watching you. Great job on the remake Nintendo! As long as I will love the remake, I will always hate the GameCube original.

This course sucks the theme is so bad it sounds like duh duh doing just search up gcn dry dry desert and it is so hard the remake is better because it's easier I did like the tornado though but it's boring so boring and bad bad bad! I wish whoever thought of this will be fired

Dry dry desert is not bad cause of how fun and challenging it is. And the guy who said that dry dry ruins is good, that course is easy and very bland. - spodermanfan1000

Why is this stage hated? It's acutally pretty cool. - DaisyandRosalina

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38 Wii U Bone Dry Dunes

Bone Dry Dunes insulted me when I first saw it. You have a course with Dry Bowser on the cave, but he's not a playable character? (Until DLC). You bring in Pink Gold Peach? PINK GOLD IRRELEVANT! I can't STAND that stupid character! Besides that, the course has boring and bland colors. There are sharp turns that are annoying and the music is awful. Overall I just hate this course. - DCfnaf

Bland and boring are the first thing that came to mind about this stage - Randomator

Should be in top 10 - greenshyguy

Hate the music

Before race: Do the next race.
After race: snores.
That is how I feel with this track - sipofgames

39 Luigi Circuit GBA

Why did they have to add puddles? Why?

Luigi is 100 percent rubbish

I hate Luigi

40 Vanilla Lake SNES

Not sure how these 2 tracks aren't 1 & 2 respectively - Rookie06

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