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41 Luigi Circuit GBA V 2 Comments
42 Koopa Beach 2 DS

Just a Bland Island track with sudden circle deaths and cheep cheeps. ENOUGH SAID.

43 Rainbow Road SNES

I hate the music and layout of the course and I fall of the track a lot

The course is frustrating, but I like the colors. - Pegasister12

It's a lot worse than GBA Rainbow Road.

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44 Wii U Bone Dry Dunes

Bone Dry Dunes insulted me when I first saw it. You have a course with Dry Bowser on the cave, but he's not a playable character? (Until DLC). You bring in Pink Gold Peach? PINK GOLD IRRELEVANT! I can't STAND that stupid character! Besides that, the course has boring and bland colors. There are sharp turns that are annoying and the music is awful. Overall I just hate this course. - DCfnaf

Before race: Do the next race.
After race: snores.
That is how I feel with this track - sipofgames

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45 The Wuhu Loop 3DS

This track is ok but the problem I have with it is it tales you away from the world of Mario which ruins it for me and also they had to go and make another track similar to it maka wuhu which does the same but I will admit is a little better than this one

46 Rainbow Road GBA

I HATE this track. It has ramps that push you off the track.

47 Maple Treeway V 1 Comment
48 Mushroom Bridge DS

Oh, did we forget the original? I'm sorry but mushroom bridge was a fun track in it's original game with all the little shortcuts but the DS version felt so boring and plain. Then, they left all the fun that was needed for Double Dash! Mushroom bridge was quite a good track in it's original game, but the DS version was just so dull, boring, and plain.

49 Yoshi Valley N64

I wish the creator could take items off the list. - Berger

V 1 Comment
50 Rainbow Road Wii

Its not bad it's just really hard

V 3 Comments
51 Music Park 3ds

Are you kidding me? I love this track!

What? Music Park (known as Melody Motorway in my country) is awesome. It's my 4th favourite Mario Kart track of all time. Why is it even on this list? :(

52 Pac-Labyrinth Arcade

"Pac-Man"? More like "Pac-Whiz".

53 Toad Circuit 3DS

Boring but at least the toad balloons are cool

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54 Mushroom Gorge Wii

SARCASM ALERT! This course is AWESOME on the Wii because it's handling is PHENOMENAL (which is saying that it's a bad course on the Wii because the handling sucks and the mushrooms make you lose control. ) I'm just giving it meh because I began to like it in Mario Kart 7 where the handling is better and those mushrooms won't make you lose control and there was one mushroom where it allows you to glide. Pretty neat! (not sarcastic)

I liked it in Mario kart 7 and it's just because it wasn't as hellish as it was in the Wii version.

I like this course, it would be better is you used the gamecube controller. - Harri666

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55 Mario Circuit GCN

It is very annoying when that piranha plant tries to eat you just before you reach the finish line.

56 Yoshi Desert GBA
57 Lakeside Park GBA

Let me tell you, putting a track by an active volcano isn't really a place for a fun course as it makes the course harder and more enduring. Plus, that infamos jump could send players from first to last in a second! - LL

58 Wario Colosseum GCN V 1 Comment
59 Mount Wario 8

The main problem is that it gets picked WAY too often during online races. - cartoonnami

It was picked because it was overrated. Best course in the game by FAR! - DCfnaf

Why is this here? It's the best track in Mario Kart 8!

V 2 Comments
60 Rainbow Road GCN

I love GCN Rainbow Road. Why it is number 59?

Cause idiots hate this game for no reason (well the only reason is they suck) - spodermanfan1000

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