Top Ten Worst Mario Kart DS Retro Tracks

Mario Kart DS was the first Mario Kart game to include retro tracks, unfortunately, most of the retro tracks were horrible or mediocre, here are the worst ones.

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1 SNES Choco Island 2

Baby Park may have been unoriginal and lacking in the chaos from Double Dash, but at least it's playable. Choco Island 2 is the worst track in Mario Kart history with it's random jumps placed literally everywhere and how easy it is to go off-road.

It's way too slippery, I always slide onto the off-road when turning. And when I am on the off-road, I feel like I'm going four times as slow! The ramps on the track make it even worse.

This is defintly one of the worst Mario Kart retro tracks of all time, most people would say GCN Baby Park in Mario Kart DS, but this one was just so much worse in my opinion, the track design is so annoying and there's a bunch of random jumps that will send you in the off-road, of, and speaking of off-road, the off-road is so muh worsde here than in other tracks, it feels like so long before you actually get to the track if you land there. And the slippery mud in the middle of the track is just ice physics version 2, so annoying, this track is one of the reasons the Lightning Cup in this game is underwhelming

2 GBA Peach Circuit

The design is boring. The background is boring. Everything about it is just boring.

GBA Peach Circuit is one of, if not the most boring circuit track of all time, at least in Figure 8-Circuit you can practising snaking and it is kinda unique for being the only track resembling a generic raceway, this however is so much worse, no boost pads, just road! I seriously think the original on the GBA was better

3 GBA Bowser Castle 2

I like this one, the different paths you can take give it variety. The only thing I hate is the music.

Here we have one of the worst Bowser Caslte tracks in Mario Kart history, it's not as bad as the SNES because tracks though but that's off-topic. It looks so derpy and horrible and the music is the worst in the game, and may I mention there are ramps that can send right in the lava? That's just so annoying!

4 SNES Mario Circuit 1

Yes, yes, it's the first retro track in the game and the first Mario Kart course of all time, that's no excuse though for labelling this good, this track is so boring and they screwed up the music

I know it's the first track ever but it's still lame.

5 GCN Baby Park

This track really is no fun, and one of the worst of all time. I was never a big fun of the original, but this is even worse.

The background doesn't look as cool as the other versions and there's no chaos. Now it's just a boring loop.

The most hated retro track of all time, and I can see why, it's boring! It looks bland too, but honestly, I prefer thiss over the GCN version, because you don't have to suffer as many laps here, and the music is decent at least so it's not top 4

6 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Yeah, in my opinion, I prefer more the original version of this track than the DS version because it took away every single track elements they have in the original to replace it with some minimal cut-offs because of limitations. I can give you examples.

1) The 2 ''copyright'' headers on the start of the circuit on Double Dash is removed and it only have one on the DS version.
2) The full-block tunnel with small square windows to see the sky is removed and it was substituted by a slightly half-showed tunnel on the DS version which is disappointing. Not to mention that you can see a boat in Double Dash from the tunnel windows! It also removes the Mario Kart logo on the entry of the tunnel.
3) You can notice that on the original, they were boats and cruisers on the water each turn of the track and it was considered to be fun. But on the DS, do they kept it? Nope, they removed it.
4) The thing that is exciting on the original is that there is a helicopter and birds in the ...more

I still find this to be a fun track, just not as fun as the Double Dash or 8 version because there aren't as many details.

They screwed this track up so bad! This track is so bland there's nothing to look at, everything is so still in this track, and they removed the second shortcut, I have never actually done this in Doulbe Dash as I'm writing this comment, oh and also, this game screwed up all of the gamecube courses much like 7 screwed up the Wii courses, and I do not see why this is the alst track in the Lightning Cup, Lightning Cups are suppose to have epic finales! Not boring finales!

7 N64 Moo Moo Farm

It LOOKS nice, but it's just a big circle with monty moles.

This track keeps recieving love and I have no idea why, it's just a a boring loop that is so bland!

8 GBA Luigi Circuit

The rain looks cool and the design is alright, it's just not the most fun.

While the rain looks cool and all, it doesn't change the fact this track is shaped like a dog for no reason! It's one of the better circuit tracks in this game though, and kinda decent

This & Moo Moo Farm are great retro tracks.

This one, yes, it's not too bad, but Moo Moo Farm was bad in my opinion

9 GCN Luigi Circuit

The way the paths going towards and away from the beginning are connected is cool, but other than that, kind of a bland track.

While this is one of my favourite circuit tracks of all time it is very boring on the DS, but at least it's creative for a circuit track

10 SNES Donut Plains 1

If it weren't for the colorful blocks and colorful colors, this would be way higher up, but due to its colorfulness, it's a decent track

A standard, boring SNES track.

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11 N64 Choco Mountain

I Love It But When I Get Past The Lake The Risk Of Being Bumped Of The Little Cliff By Other Players Is High. I Bump Player Of

This was actually one of the best retro tracks in the game

12 DS Desert Hills
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