Top 10 Worst Mario Kart DS Tracks


The Top Ten

1 Figure-8 Circuit

Mario Kart DS is a great game but this track is weak. Unlike other opening tracks, such as Luigi Raceway from MK64, this is very forgettable and overall pales in comparison to Waluigi Pinball, Airship Fortress, and Tick Tock Clock. - Pony

So boring track. - darthvadern

Not to mention annoying online for new players, were snaking was essential to win on the track. - GreninjaGuy

Not only is it generic there’s no enemies or boosts or anything

2 Baby Park (GCN)

Double dash version was way better

I'm quite shocked this made a return - it's just a little oval (yes, even less interesting than Figure-8 Circuit) where items are so overly manic it's one of the most luck-based Mario Kart courses to exist. - Entranced98

3 Yoshi Falls

I actually like this track, the nature I liked and the music was well-fitting. - darthvadern

4 Mushroom Bridge (GCN)

They took away everything good about it from the GameCube and removed it in this "remake". - darthvadern

5 Choco Island 2 (SNES)
6 Desert Hills

Decent in my opinion, I love those SMB3 referances though... - darthvadern

7 Shroom Ridge

I actually love this track, it reminds me of my trips to Norway. - darthvadern

Um, does anyone even remember this track? I don't. It's not a bad track but very forgettable. - Pony

8 Yoshi Circuit (GCN)

It's a pretty nice idea for a track, but it sadly turned out far too easy and boring. - Entranced98

9 DK Pass

Actually quite a decent and challenging track with plenty of interesting twists and turns. Its music is well composed too. - Entranced98

10 Mario Circuit

The Contenders

11 Rainbow Road

It's too similar to Wii and Gamecube version, feels unoriginal and soundtrack is so un-fitting. - darthvadern

12 Bowser Castle 2 (GBA)
13 Luigi Circuit (GCN)
14 Peach Circuit (GBA)
15 Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)
16 Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)
17 Cheep Cheep Beach
18 Donut Plains 1 (SNES)
19 Moo Moo Farm (N64)
20 Luigi Circuit (GBA)
21 Wario Stadium
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