Top 10 Worst Mario Kart Items

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1 Thunder Cloud

I would never ever want to get this item, under any circumstance. It's worse than getting a coin. It's essentially a troll item. It gives you a bit of a speed boost, but if you cannot exchange it to another player by bumping into them, you get zapped and are left to die while everyone passes you. How cheesy. - greenshyguy

This is super annoying item on mario kart wii - trains45

The only one that hurts you.

The thundercloud should be #1. Do you want to know why? The coin sucks, but it's better than getting no item at all, it gives you 2 coins and a tiny speed boost. In my opinion, the coin should be #3. The blooper...well it pretty much does nothing. It gives you worse handling, but the stat decrease is so small that you can't even notice it, so the blooper should be #2. However, the thundercloud is the only item that is WORSE than nothing. After a certain amount of time, it zaps you like a lightning bolt. Sure, it can be passed on to other players, but more often than not, the other racers aren't close to you. Furthermore, at the positions you get the thundercloud in, you could've gotten actual good items to help you catch up. You may say that the thundercloud gives you a tiny speed boost, but it does not nearly make up for the zap at the end.

2 Coin

This item does nothing at all. I they remove the item. This is only good in coin runners. The God of mario Kart 8 deluxe did not think about the coin item and what it would do. This item is also only good in when it comes to buy new karts. When a red shell comes boop a coin and get hit by a red shell. This item is garbage.

This item is useless in super mario kart, mario kart 8 and mario kart tour - trains45

Coins are so useless!

There is no pluses to the coin power-up. Come on, see if you can come up with a reason that coins are not total trash. And don't say, "but they make you faster the more you collect! " BECAUSE THE SPEED INCREASE IS SO SMALL, IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE THE SMALLEST DIFFERENCE! Maybe Nintendo didn't think to look a this list before making Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Because this is still in the game! Oh, well. We can't win every time.

3 Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party more.

This item is super annoying - trains45

This should be first honestly, the coin gives you a tiny speed boost and the thunder cloud, while a troll item, you can get to first palce easier and you can just pass it to another player, this thing dose nothing except inking your screen! The worst honestly - darthvadern

While playing against AI it's absolutely useless - B1ueNew

Can't the blooper be a single-player exclusive? In multiplayer it does nothing to the racers affected except not being able to see the gorgeous graphics in front of them. I want this thing removed from Mario Kart, it's useless! - BlueBobYT

4 Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

This should be number one! You will find yourself going for the finish line before the blue shell hits you at the last second and everyone just overtakes you. Luckily you can avoid it by simply dropping out of first place before the shell is launched but on games such as Mario Kart Wii, I couldn't predict when they are being launched. This item is complete garbage!

I was honestly expecting this to be #1! it's so annoying, especially on the last lap

Pretty much the epitome of rubberbanding. The only difference is that now human players can rubberband the player in 1st, not just AI. - greenshyguy

I can't tell you how many things I broke from the blue shell. Once if I won on Maple Treeway I would unlock everything. Almost there a few hundered feet from the finish. BLUE SHELL.

5 Lightning

Wow, I love when I have a lightning when everybody is flying lol

It's good in Mario Kart 7 when you can crush players who have been affected by it, but in other games it's not that useful - darthvadern

Whats the lighting doing here it should be the 6'th best item

6 Boo

I remember hating when boo stole my item on mario kart ds as a kid - trains45

The boo is 4th best mario kart item because this item turns you invisible for 10 seconds you can't get hit with spiny shells lighting bolts nothing it also steals the most powerful item and I am happy that it has returned in mario kart 8 deluxe and it will steal the most powerful item in the game and in the old games it would fail and get you no item but if there is nothing to steal in mario kart 8 deluxe you get a mushroom, triple mushroom and rarest bullet bill how do I know this well I test it so that's why I think you should the boo in the 4th best mario kart item

I never saw the appeal for it - darthvadern

The boo really isn't that bad of an item, even though the boo can leave you with nothing, you're invincible for 10 seconds as well. And it gets better if you get a GOOD ITEM. - BlueBobYT

7 POW Block

I actually like the POW block, it requires some skill to avoid and it's great for you - darthvadern

This should be number 1. It comes up like four times per race, it barely affects the standings, it can't block incoming shells, it's practically useless!

This item is so annoying

The dumb thing is, YOU GET AFFECTED BY IT EVEN WHEN YOU USE IT! Most STUPID ITEM EVER! Let's hope Nintendo removes this dumb item

8 Fake Item Box

A worse version of the banana - darthvadern

These are like Bananas, but you can't block anything with them!

Never tricks a single driver. - SlimVeggie

I have no idea who falls for these... - TheYoshiOverlord

9 Green Shell

See my comment for banana, same here except even better since it's so satysfying hitting people with these shells! - darthvadern

This can't get anything. It's THE WORST

10 Bob-Omb Bob-ombs are a species found throughout the Mario series. They are small bomb-shaped beings who can create explosions by detonating themselves or being detonated.

Who needs Bob-Ombs when there's triple red shells? - darthvadern

You can't even aim with this trash - B1ueNew

I hate the bob-omb item, I aim too badly and get myself affected - BlueBobYT

At first glance, seems useful. Throw it, it ricochets and blows you up. You can't even control wher it goes.

The Contenders

11 Banana

It's not bad! Sure it's not effective but it's great for defending yourself! - darthvadern

It is too common. It is useless. It’s doesn’t do any real damage to any racer.

12 Super Leaf

This item is quite useless in races, more better to use in battle - trains45

When I first got this in Mario Kart 7, I was so infuriated that I literally face palmed for an entire race. It's stupid on the kart and pretty useless.

I think this should be #2, this item serves not a SINGLE use in races, battle-mode exclusive would've been better. You have this leaf stuck to your tail, only being able to take down the karts that are basically about to bump into yours. You can't grab another item with this thing on, You could've got a RED SHELL. Thank my eggs that it's been in only 1 game. - BlueBobYT

It's great in battle mode, however in regular races it's just pointless! - darthvadern

13 Spiny Shell

Already on the list! - darthvadern

I am in first place, I see a blue shell, it hits me good! This item definitely the worst evil item in history!

This isn't A Bad item. Its for item Balancing, it makes the game more fair

So bad it's put twice! - BlueSheepYT

14 Yoshi Egg

This is easily the worst item ever invented in Mario Kart history. It can actually help your opponents, when it should be helping YOU. - dudely_chaudhary_o2

It's the same as the red shell, no real need for this item - darthvadern

Like homing red shells, but MUCH weaker - Harri666

15 Boomerang Flower

Decent item - darthvadern

16 Red Shell

Huh? They're among the best! - darthvadern

This is one of the best

What red shells are good and fair

Red shells are like missiles. - Randomator

17 Bullet Bill

This item is very good and overpowered. I love it.

Some dummy just added this contender. This is the best item ever. So why is it here?

This item is overrated. It can drop you to the worst places possible, it makes bad players win.

Dude, you still remain in 12th place even if you get bullet bill

18 Triple Bananas

They're great! - darthvadern

I keep on getting these things over and over and it gets annoying

19 Cape Feather

Only good in Battle Mode - darthvadern

20 Chain Chomp

It's a frustrating version of the Bullet Bill, it tracks like Rainbow Road when you get this you just sigh - darthvadern

It can pull you off the track and doesn't even make you go faster like a bullet bill.

21 Heart
22 Golden Mushroom

What? It's excellent! - darthvadern

23 Crazy 8

I have lost my items using the bomb by mistake, and I have people steal my star - trains45

I hate this it is confusing when you need to press the item button and it is possible for other racers to steal them

24 Mega Mushroom
25 Fire Flower

This is excellent! It's a better version of Red / Green Fire from Mario Kart: Double Dash! - darthvadern


26 Super Horn

The fact that it can block the blue shell is why it is on the list. Before this crappy item existed, mushrooms could actually help with dodging the blue shell. Only for skilled players.

This item only makes 8 easier for jobs. Also super lame and uncreative.

This gets away blue shells, obviously it rules! Also, this can knock out others.

This made MK easier for noobs.

27 Starman

Why is this here? It's like the best! <0 - RockStarr

28 Poison Mushroom

This item drove me nuts in super mario kart when peach used it, I always seemed to run it over and then get run over by cpu, and it takes awhile to be able to drive again, a few times I had to play 2 player with both toad and peach to just avoid this item that was the only way I was able to beat flower cup on 100cc with peach was not able use this item to mess me up - trains45

This item was on the original Mario kart and only the original and what really bugs me is only CPU can use this item

29 Triple Green Shells

They're great! - darthvadern

30 Mushroom

What? They're so helpful! - darthvadern

31 Banana Peel

Already on the list! - darthvadern

32 Lucky Seven

More items that made Mariokart easier for noobs.

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