Worst Mario Kart Items

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1 Thunder Cloud

I hate these damn things! I know it can be passed on to other players, but what if you get it when there's nobody near you? I hate when that happens!

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2 Blooper Blooper

These items are useless! They do nothing to the players in front of you! Why was this confirmed for Mario Kart 8?!

In Mario kart 8, the black blob covers a tiny bit of the screen - Harri666

This item is useless against your friends but the CPU doesn't like it.

3 Fake Item Box

In the original appearance. It is useful to mix them with the Item Boxes, but always gets nerfed...

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4 Banana
5 Green Shell
6 Coin

I'm not talking about the coins laying on the course, I'm talking about the ones gotten from Item Panels in Super Mario Kart. (the ones that do nothing other than give you two coins)

You know a red shell is coming. You hit an item box and mutter "banana" to yourself. When the roulette stops, you say "Ugh, I got a stupid coin! " "Ouch! "

Those things are so useless and you have enough coins from Mario kart 8 anyway - Harri666

Oh, I'm in last place (the roulette spins) please a bullet bill, PLEASE roulette stops music scratches, WHAT THE F (horn souns)

7 Super Leaf

This item saved me once but killed me every other time.

It lasts too long and is mostly pointless - Harri666

8 POW Block
9 Spiny Shell

I am in first place, I see a blue shell, it hits me good! This item definitely the worst evil item in history!

Its annoying, it's only help to people that are 2nd or 3rd. And it can hit another nearby player - Harri666

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10 Blue Shell

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11 Yoshi Egg

Like homing red shells, but MUCH weaker - Harri666

12 Super Horn
13 Mushroom
14 Triple Bananas
15 Triple Green Shells
16 Boomerang Flower
17 Red Shell
18 Bob-omb
19 Fire Flower
20 Cape Feather
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