Top Ten Worst Mario Kart Retro Cups

What are the worst Mario Kart cups showcasing retro courses, containing the most boring or de-improved track designs? Vote and read on this list to find out.

The Top Ten

1 DS Shell Cup

The Shell Cup for this game was probably one of the worst Mario Kart cups I've ever played through, right up there with SNES Flower Cup and GBA Mushroom Cup. It's such an underwhelming collection of tracks that are very poorly placed and makes this whole cup repetitive. Three of the courses are circuit tracks while the other is N64 Moo Moo Farm, which is one of my least favourite tracks ever. The Circuit tracks are SNES Mario Circuit 1, GBA Peach Circuit and GCN Luigi Circuit. The first two of these absolutely suck in my opinion, while the latter was a good track on the GCN, but it was butchererd so much in this game. Overall the worst retro cup by far.

Hey let's create a cup entirely of circuit tracks.

2 DS Banana Cup

The Banana Cup is slightly better than its predecessor, the Shell Cup, but not by a very long shot. It starts off with two pretty good tracks. Well, SNES Donut Plains 1 is alright, while N64 Frappe Snowland is one of my favourite snow tracks in the series. But then it's followed by two abominations, GBA Bowser's Castle 2 and GCN Baby Park which are just so terrible. One has butchered music while the other barely has anything to offer. So #7 on my list.

3 DS Lightning Cup

In my opinion this was WAY too underwhelming! It defies what a Lightning Cup should be, an epic finale. Instead we're greeted with SNES Choco Island 2, one of the worst Mario Kart tracks of all time, and the butchered remake of GCN Yoshi Circuit, which for some reason is the last track in the game..., well at least N64 Banshee Boardwalk and GBA Sky Garden are some of the best retro tracks in the game, so I guess it's a 50/50 cup in my opinion.

4 3DS Leaf Cup

In my opinion this was the weakest overall from Mario Kart 7. None of the tracks are just that great in my opinion. N64 Kalimari Desert and DS DK Pass are both tracks I was originally not a fan of at all in the originals, and they don't change particularly much in the remakes. They're both bland tracks with slippery physics making the experience so annoying. While Wii Maple Treeway is a great course, it was so butchered in this remake. Well, at least we have GCN Daisy Cruiser which was really awesome.

5 Wii Shell Cup

We have three tracks which all are just decent, and then one track I don't like at all. Peach Beach is a little annoying with the cataquacks but otherwise it is a fun track. Yoshi Falls is simply stunning with the setting even if the track design is a little short. SNES Ghost Valley 2 is an old enemy of mine when trying to beat the ghost data but otherwise it is a little nostalgic albeit bad still. And N64 Mario Raceway is one of the best Mario Circuits although it's still just "fun". Overall, it's a decent cup, although forgettable.

6 Wii U Shell Cup

There are no real stand-outs to this cup. All courses are relatively fun but nothing too interesting, but they did it better here than the Wii's Shell Cup, which puts this cup a lot lower on the list. Wii Moo Moo Meadows and GBA Mario Circuit are both fun tracks but they're nothing special that makes you go WoW. DS Cheep Cheep Beach though I'd say is a really cool beginner track with the track design, and N64 Toad's Turnpike is a very chill and beautiful track. However nothing in this cup blows your mind so it's a little on the safe side.

7 3DS Shell Cup

A similar case to DS Lightning Cup in where it contains two amazing tracks, but also two bad tracks. However, those "bad" tracks, namely N64 Luigi Raceway and GBA Bowser Castle 1 aren't nearly as horrific which saves this cup tremendously. The two really great tracks are also some of my favourite Mario Kart 7 courses, namely Wii Mushroom Gorge and DS Luigi's Mansion, both really amazing and cool tracks. So yeah, this barely makes it to the top five.

8 DS Leaf Cup

This isn't a particuarly amazing cup, but for Mario Kart DS standards this one was really fun and in my opinion, the only "good" retro cup from the game. All of the tracks are fun to drive on and even though GCN Mushroom Bridge was nerfed in quality, at least it's still "Mushroom Bridge". The other tracks, SNES Koopa Beach 2, N64 Choco Mountain and GBA Luigi Circuit are simply really fun tracks in my opinion.

9 Wii U Banana Cup

This Banana Cup DOES play it a little safe I liked the tracks a lot at least. GCN Dry Dry Desert is one of my most nostalgic tracks from Double Dash and while they unfortunately made it a little more barren, I still really like this track. SNES Donut Plains 3 looks STUNNING in HD and the music and setting makes for a nice setting. While N64 Royal Raceway is overrated and not THAT good, I did enjoy it nevertheless. 3DS DK Jungle was a track which on the 3DS I didn't enjoy very much, but here, it's pretty awesome!

10 Wii Banana Cup

This was also a good cup. People hate it foor N64 Sherbet Land and GBA Shy Guy Beach and while yes the latter isn't fun at all, Sherbet Land was a heavily improved and it gives me nostalgia. And DS Delfino Square and GCN Waluigi Stadium are both amazing tracks. Shell Cup was definitely worse.

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