Worst Mario Kart Retro Track Remakes

Mario kart retro tracks are awesome... well most of them. Here's some that Nintendo screwed up

The Top Ten

1 GCN Baby Park

The DS version for sure. - PackFan2005

I hate Baby park to begin with. That's my unpopular opinion - SpectralOwl

I'm not talking about the Mario kart 8 Remake. I'm talking about the DS version

2 SNES Mario Circuit 1
3 Wii Koopa Cape

First there didn’t need to be a glider section to encourage you to stay out of the water because it’s there so you can go faster. Also what happened to the pipe section? Why did they take out the electric spinning things? - Randomator

4 GBA  Peach Circuit
5 N64 Toad's Turnpike

Nope, this was one of the best retro tracks, along with SNES Donut Plains 3 and N64 Rainbow Road - darthvadern

This track looks better but it’s super easy now - Randomator

Remember when this track was actually hard?

6 (3DS) SNES Rainbow road
7 SNES Dounut Plains 3

I kinda disagree here. - Randomator

8 DS Yoshi Falls

Crappy remake of a crappy track

9 GBA Shy Guy Beach

This track is just not fun to begin with - Randomator

10 N64 Rainbow Road

I feel like 2 laps would have been a better idea - Randomator

They made it a loop. It should have been 2 laps.

The Contenders

11 SNES Choco Island 2

The ramps. That’s all. - Tyler730

12 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

What a way to ruin the best amri okart track of all time! The original wasn't even that challening to begin with! This track is as easy as DS Figure-8 Circuit! If you fall of this track, then it's clear you aren't good at Mario Kart - darthvadern

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