Top 10 Worst Mario Party 1-3 Mini-Games

An now for the worst Mario Party Mini-Games from the N64 era wither its due to poor controls, boring game play,or games that are pure games of chance that require no real skill and put you in last place.

The Top Ten

1 Day at the Race (Mario Party 2)

Luck based mini games have always sucked in Mario Party games this one is no exception while there are a lot of luck to it unless you're the last player who ends up being stuck with the only character not chosen by the other players then your pretty much going to lose. - egnomac

Wait this is 1 vs 3 I thought it was a battle minigame - HunterBoy

I can't stand this mini-game.
Unlike most luck-based mini-games, you have no control over your choices (when playing in single player).
They just throw you in the mini-game, and they are like 'Good luck' and nothing else.

2 Tug O' War (Mario Party 1)

Nintendo obviously never took in to consideration when during the first Mario Party game just how punishing the rotating control stick mini games would be players have to frantically spin the control stick in order to drag the either the 1 lone player or the team of three to their doom its especially harder on the single player. - egnomac

3 Bash N' Cash (Mario Party 1)

The single player is royally screwed its really easy to get hit and you have very little in terms of offense you can jump but have to wait several seconds before you can use it again you can also pick up coins that get knocked out of you but you leave yourself incredibly vulnerable so it not really worth the risk. - egnomac

4 Paddle Battle (Mario Party 1)

Yet another rotating the control stick mini-game you madly rotate the control stick to bump the other players into one of the sides of the river and have Shy Guy poke them with the stick to get their coins. - egnomac

5 The Beat Goes On (Mario Party 3)

This game drags on way too long most of the time your waiting for the other players to have their turn even worst if you make it to the end after filling those two sections and other players are still standing then it ends in a draw meaning you just wasted 3 minutes of your time. - egnomac


6 TOAD in a Box (Mario Party 2)

Hit the block with Toads face on it to reach the top however as you reach the final section the block moves way too fast and you have to blindly hit the block hoping to get Toad or risk being repeatedly stomped on by Baby Bowser. - egnomac

7 Sneak N' Snore (Mario Party 2)
8 Bumper Balls (Mario Party 1)

This min-game can be really frustrating at times when it gets down to two players if your rival knows what their doing it can turn into an endless game of tag as you relentlessly chase after them which will almost always end in a draw. - egnomac

9 Mario Part I.Q. (Mario Party 3)
10 Honeycomb Havoc (Mario Party 2)

A game where you can screw the other players and leave them with the honeycomb full of bees the problem is they can do the same to you. - egnomac

This one infuriates me.

The Contenders

11 Pipe Maze (Mario Party 1)

Another luck based game the single player is the only one who participates while the other do nothing the single player chooses which pipe to drop the treasure chest hoping the pipes lead to theirs the problem with the game barely gives you enough time to see which path leads where and you pretty much have to guess. - egnomac

12 Mecha-Marathon (Mario Party 2)
13 Bowser Slots (Mario Party 2)
14 Pedal Power (Mario Party 1)

Why is this at the bottom. It gives you BLISTERS

15 Limbo Dance (Mario Party 1)
16 Merry Go Chomp (Mario Party 3)
17 Abandon Ship (Mario Party 2)
18 Box Mountain Mayhem (Mario Party 1)
19 Hot Bob-Omb (Mario Party 1)
20 Roll Call (Mario Party 2)

You count the number of characters in the field and that's pretty much it the first version is easy with Bob-ombs, the second is Boos who disappear and reappear, and the final is toads mixed in with mushrooms making it difficult to tell them apart. - egnomac

21 Cosmic Coaster (Mario Party 3)
22 Musical Mushrooms (Mario Party 1)
23 Torpedo Targets (Mario Party 2)
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