Top Ten Worst Mario Party 1 Minigames

Many of the Mario Party minigames are awesome! However, not every game can be super great. Some can be boring, annoying, unfair, and even PAINFUL!!! Let's talk about the ten WORST Mario Party (1) Minigames.

The Top Ten

1 Tug o' War

Just the fact that lawsuits were made about this minigame should tell you that it is bad. It is the worst of the analogue-spinning minigames in terms of physical damage. You either do it with your finger slowly and lose, or straight-up give yourself a skin condition completely UNIQUE TO THIS MINIGAME! And it is so unbalanced for the 1 player who wins 98% of the time! -Ganondorf

You all should've seen this one coming. Tug O' War is not only the worst Mario Party 1 Minigame, it's arguably the worst in the entire series! The one player always wins because he's in a Bowser Suit and the three team always loses! If you lose, you lose coins as well! But the worst part is the analog stick! That awful piece of plastic ruined lives! Nintendo thought we'd use our thumb or fingers! But nope! It's faster to use the palm of your hand! Do you know how painful that was for everyone! Nintenditis had become a thing and your hands would blister! This game caused ACTUAL PAIN TO PEOPLE! Angry parents filed lawsuits and Nintendo was forced to give out gloves to everyone who was harmed during play. All because of this STUPID GAME! Is this why Mario Party 1 isn't on virtual console? GOOD! It's the worst in the series! Don't even bother trying on this awful minigame! It HURTS! - DCfnaf

2 Paddle Battle

Rotating analog stick controls! YES! Paddle Battle is ANNOYING! Your goal is to paddle the boat to the other team's side so the shy guys can poke a team. The one player always seems to dominate the three team. It's not fair! If the one player gets poked, each person in the three team gets a coin. If the three team gets poked, the player gains three coins! Plus, the one player has it easier considering he doesn't have to work with anyone! UGH! - DCfnaf

Unlike tug o war where the winner gets or splits 15 coins, you can get around 3-18 coins as the one player but only 1-6 or 7 coins as the 3 players. This game lasts way longer than tug o war. Tug o war lasts anywhere from 3-30 seconds (depends on how good you are at it) every time, but paddle battle always 45 or 46 seconds and it's not worth hurting your palm.

If only I was in Mario party - Mewtwo_

Sorry Mewtwo. They'd have to call it Nintendo Party if you were there. - DCfnaf

3 Bash 'n' Cash

Nintendo: "Hmm, let's make a 1v3 minigame that has the three team completely beating the one player to steal his or her coins! GREAT IDEA! EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT! " This game is complete utter TOOL! If you are the person in the Bowser Suit, congrats! Say goodbye to all your life savings! And if you get the Bowser version of this, try to get hit at least once! Otherwise Bowser will take 20 coins from you anyway! I don't think anyone likes this game AT ALL! - DCfnaf

4 Pedal Power

Not only do you get blisters, but it is also more boring than Tug-of-War and Paddle Battle

Literally NOBODY I know has beaten this minigame.

Easily the worst controlled one player minigame. Simply because of those STUPID analog stick controls! - DCfnaf

5 Ghost Guess

This one player minigame is practically luck based! You need to find the leader of the boos (the one whose shadow moves first) but there's very little way to know and you die before you can figure it out. - DCfnaf

6 Piranha's Pursuit

This is basically Skateboard Scamper, just worse and a 1v3 minigame. A piranha plant chases the one player who's trying to run and use the same controls as Skateboard Scamper. The three team is on a cloud ground pounding a cloud so it'll rain quicker on the plant to make it grow. However, it doesn't help whatsoever. The one player seems to always win, even if he screws up once. Yeah, a lot of the 1v3 Minigames are awful this time around. - DCfnaf

7 Limbo Dance

This one player minigame is so annoying! Those last two poles are really hard to get under without falling! Plus it's a stupid name. :P - DCfnaf

8 Tightrope Treachery

This game is fairly long and boring! The one player has to balance on a tightrope while everyone else shoots at him/her! It's extremely hard to knock off the one player and since the one player moves super slow, the game takes so long to complete! - DCfnaf

9 Crane Game

This game is WAY too easy for the one player! Unless you're me that is! What's worse? If you get caught, you lose coins! This game is annoying and unfair! At least it's slightly better for the 3 team in Party 2! - DCfnaf

10 Pipe Maze

The Contenders

11 Skateboard Scamper

The main issue with this one is that the camera angle is terrible. The game is fun and all, but that angle though. It's usually random as to who wins and the camera is fixed on the falling platforms. Did I mention the camera angle sucks? - DCfnaf

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