Top Ten Worst Mario Party 2 Minigames

I've talked about the worst Mario Party 1 Minigames. What about Number 2? Yeah, at least it's not Tug O' War, but there are still some pretty bad Minigames. Let's take a look.

The Top Ten

1 Sneak 'n' Snore

Surprise, Surprise. This is widely regarded as the worst minigame and it IS! It's really hard to hide in a barrel and the game is overall tense. You are really scared to figure out when the Chomp comes out and when it does, for some reason you're always taken and the AIs are treated nicely. Curse you, Sneak N' Snore! I hate you! - DCfnaf

I actually liked this one. You just gotta pay close attention. It's fun and challenging.

2 Rakin' 'em In

Definitely the worst battle game. Good luck trying to get those gold mushrooms with your rakes! Timing counts here and you very rarely get a mushroom! ALSO I CAN GET THE POISON MUSHROOMS WITH NO ISSUES! ARGGH! - DCfnaf

My only problem with this game is you have to press A a second or two before the mushroom reaches your rake and the cpus are amazing at it and get all the golden mushrooms.

3 Mecha-Marathon

Mashing both A and B buttons at the same time is just tiring as hell. Plus I never win at this minigame even if the CPUs are Normal.

You take a long time to wind up your shy guy only for you to come into last place. Why? Because the AIs are programmed to go much faster than a human can possibly. I HATE IT! They even beat my records! The game is boring and annoying! - DCfnaf

Oh I hated this one. I could never wind that stupid thing enough.

4 Bumper Balloon Cars

My reaction whenever I get this battle game: "NO! NOT THIS ONE! AAUUGGH NO! I'M TERRIBLE AT THIS ONE! " So your car has a set of spikes and a balloon. You need to pop everyone else's balloons! The controls SUCK! Once you get used to them, you DIE! I hate getting this one and it's annoying! - DCfnaf

5 Cake Factory

Boring - Hotheart123

Good lord, you should've expected this one! One person picks up the cake, another picks up a topping. The conveyor belts get faster as the time runs out, and then you have trouble grabbing toppings! If you miss, it takes 5 seconds to get back to the game! SO ANNOYING! - DCfnaf

I hate this one, always have, always will. It feels impossible, this minigame is the reason why I can't get through the Minigame Coaster.

6 Torpedo Targets

The controls ruin this game. You better hope that you're the one shooting the torpedoes! The AI's suck at it! It's also super hard to drive and the angling makes me nauseous! It actually is really hard to win and last long. - DCfnaf

7 BOB-OMB Barrage

I hate this game for two reasons. First of all, if you're the three team, you need to deal with crappy controls to throw bombs at the boat! If you're the one player, you'll probably win, but it takes 12 years for the game to finish! The background is boring and so is the gameplay. - DCfnaf

8 Move to the Music

This one depends. If you're the dance master, you control the dance moves and most likely lose. If you are a dancer, you forget the master's pattern and lose. It's so ANNOYING! - DCfnaf

9 Dizzy Dancing

This one's self explanatory. You get spun around on a record and get dizzy. You need to get the treble clef. But it controls so BAD! You move around like an idiot, figuring out how to move, and once you know, everyone already got it! At least it's gotten easier after a while though. - DCfnaf

10 Day at the Races

I'm honestly really shocked that this hasn't made the list yet. This is the single worst mini-game, easily. It's COMPLETELY based on luck. You literally can't do anything about the results of this game. And to make it even worse, it's a battle game so you're likely to lose a lot of coins due to something no one has ANY control over. I don't know how they thought this abomination of a mini game was a good idea.

It didn't make the list because I thought Bowser's Big Blast was far more stressful. At least with Day at the Races, you could have SOME fun trying to shout going "COME ON! WIN! " but Big Blast is just stressful. - DCfnaf

This mini game is completely unfair you could end up losing all your coins almost 80% the time your going to end up losing. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Bowser's Big Blast

I decided to pick one of the luck based battle Minigames for this list. It was between Day at the Races and this one. I chose this one because at least with Day at the Races, there wasn't as much PRESSURE! This minigame's music and gimmick stress you out and scare you. Which switch is the right one? Wait this could be the wrong one! UGH! - DCfnaf

That's what makes it fun, DCfnaf! Lol, it's like hot potato.

I mean, this was just my opinion on it. I could've put Hot Bob omb on here, but that one is not as stressful because you aren't luck based. - DCfnaf

12 Toad In the Box

Letting you all know I didn't post this. But that should be obvious. I can see why someone would post this. It's definitely Luck Based and annoying. For me personally, I never really had issues with this one, but it's definitely not the best minigame. - DCfnaf

13 Slot Car Derby
14 Honeycomb Havoc

You do I like better you or you

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