Top 10 Worst Mario Party 4-7 Mini-Games

An now for the worst Mario Party mini-games from the gamecube era.

The Top Ten Worst Mario Party 4-7 Mini-Games

1 Heat Stroke (MP 5)

This one is not all that bad - darthvadern

I've never played it, but I heard about how hard it is.

A mini-game where the single player has a huge unfair advantage over the 3 players, the three players goal is to jump while the single player knocks out the sections of the pillars with a hammer they can also use a fake out move to trick the other players into jumping so the can knock them out the problem is the 3 players jumps are incredibly delayed and are easy to knock out I personally never won this game while on the three player side nor have I ever seen the game make it towards the very end. - egnomac

This mini game can go straight to hell.

2 Random Ride (MP 5)

This one's just so annoying, true. Luck-based and not even done right - darthvadern

A remake of Day at the Races with the same problems instead this time you pick one of four vehicles and just like Day at The Races the player in last picks first and the last player is put in a huge disadvantage meaning its all a matter of luck wither or not you win. - egnomac

3 Candlelight Fight (MP 4)

A very annoying mini-game 3 players chase the lone player an attempt to put out there candle this game is worst for both sides the single player can easily be ganged up by the other players as for the three players there's a small delay before you can shoot again and one more problem as the candle weakens it gets very hard to see. - egnomac

4 Hide and Go Boom! -(MP4)

A game of chance similar to a previous Mario Party mini-game the three players hide in one of four cannons and the single player chooses among the four eliminating anyone who are unlucky to be in the cannon the single player chooses, if the three players are really smart and they all choose 3 different cannons to get a better chance of the single player missing once however if teammates are bold enough to all choose the same cannon or the same cannon as one of the other layer there's a really good chance the single player will get the right cannon and the team loses. - egnomac

5 Balloon Busters (MP 7)

This one is alright - darthvadern

It's a mike mini-game players take turns blowing air into a balloon using the mike you blow into it then say stop then the next player take there turn this continues until the balloon finally explodes here's the problem only the player behind the safety glass wins meaning if you or anyone else pops the balloon then the three players who are standing next to the balloon will be blown away meaning you can lose the game by someone else's actions making it unfair. - egnomac

6 Pitfall (MP 6)

Another luck mini-game. - egnomac

7 Get a RopeĀ  (MP 5)

Luck-based and unoriginal, enough said - darthvadern

Another luck mini-game and really lame premise. - egnomac

8 Head Waiter (MP) 5

Overall annoying minigame really - darthvadern

Luck mini-game man they really went overboard with the luck mini-games on Mario Party 5 players throw the Bowser bomb back in forth until it explodes after a certain amount of passes the timer disappears and you pretty much have to guess. - egnomac

9 Fight Cards (MP 5)

This one is actually quite awesome in my opinion - darthvadern

They didn't even bother to try with this one it's a 3 on 1 mini game one player selects a card to play if any of the players picked the same card they're eliminated the game ends when all the opposing players are eliminated or until 5 rounds have passed therefore the e players win. - egnomac

10 Trap Ease Artist (MP 6)

Basically four players attempt to drop a cage and trap as many goombas than the other player the problem there's a very tight time limit and you only have one shot at it plus there's a small delay as the cage drops meaning some of the Goomba's that you were trying to capture may escape allowing other players to capture them. - egnomac

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