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1 Mario Party Advance

Mario party? Better called mario driving forever. Because once you stop driving, you die!

It's boring, the graphics are bad (compared to Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and the Upcoming Nintendo Switch versions), etc. - DinoLover4242


ZakPak would not be happy to see this replace 9 as the top spot.

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2 Mario Party 9

Why does every body hate this game this is my favourite game

Everyone hates the game because the mechanics have changed but this game is amazing

I am sad about how many people hate it. I love it! The 2nd Mario game I played and the 3rd Wii game 1.Go Diego go dinosaur rescue(I was young) 2. Super Mario Bros Wii 3. Mario Party 9, I am such a lover in this game. definitely NOT a foghter.

I mainly played this one, 8 and island tour. This one had meh boards that got boring the more you played them, but the minigames were very fun to play.

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3 Mario Party: Island Tour

This game is OK the story mode is alright for a mario party handheld to be honest - B1ueNew

I like this game a lot except lack of minigames

The worst one by far! It's an worst copy of Wii Party, heavily relies on luck (even moreso than other titles), boards are way too short and there's not a lot of content..

I hate this game with a burning passion. Horrible gameplay, annoying voices, copies off Mario Party 9, worst Nintendo game ever! And Princess Peach sucks!

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4 Mario Party 10

Erickson Gaming said that this was literally number 1 on the worst Wii u games ever!

It would be pleasant to see this game at number 1 because I don't own any other Mario Party game. This game seems poorly developed; and people reading this will soon know why. Even though the roster and graphics are good, most other features are questionable.

To begin, I will say this: The vehicle that combines every single character playing a board returned from Mario Party 9. It ruins the fun and excitement.

The awards that players collect along the way are Mini Stars. Don't you think that the characters should have a more valuable award at the start? We could get coins, dollars, e tc. i nstead of Mini stars.

Bowser Party wasn't a bad idea, but it was ruined. On each attempt, I put Bowser on the lowest skilled difficulty and my teammates on the highest. Sadly, it is always nearly impossible to win even when going against a beginner. Bowser has several advantages that cause him to catch Team Mario repeatedly.

This game is also home to Bowser's Bad Breath ...more

What the hell, this is worst

I didn't like party mode is 9. But I did like its minigames and bosses. This, I can't say the same.

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5 Mario Party: The Top 100

It is the best

This game is very inaccurate and can also ruin your childhood. Whhy nintendo? Just why?

The game isn't the best but it for sure isn't the worst. It takes all of the best mini games over the span of 10 Mario Party games and puts it in one package and despite the fact that the party mode is kind of bare bones, I still enjoyed it! Playing this with friends is a blast and for fans of the series, it's a wonderful nostalgia trip. Overall this game is fine and has no right being in the top 10 worst Mario Party games. - chopsie01

Its not accurate to the older ones >:(

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6 Mario Party

Two words: Spinning Joystick

Just think of how many blisters people got from playing all the stick rotating games. A bunch of people had to get gloves.

I love this game even though the stick rotating games are annoying and painful besides that this game almost have no flaws and is great! - spodermanfan1000

This is so boring, the party mode has no spaces to walk on, the mini games is Mario party 2 but, way worse, difficult and capital B BORING!

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7 Mario Party: Star Rush

Just because it has rosalina does not mean it sucks so your saying super mario galaxy and 2 and mario kart 8 7 and deluxe and mario run I forgot the characters rpster and etc sucks just play the games jeez

Why'd they get rid of the traditional board? - Drewman1211

It has Rosalina, so it sucks

8 Mario Party 8

The least original Hudson Soft Mario Party game

The tag battle mode had my siblings butting heads, and some of the minigames are too hard to actually be playable. Flip the Chimp in a nutshell.

9 Mario Party-E

You need a high IQ to get the E... - B1ueNew

To be honest, who even CARES about this one to begin with? - GengarGuy

Never heard of this Mario party before

Yes,i'ts a much bad game

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10 Mario Party 4

The fact that MP4 is higher than mario party 3 is a complete joke, the items for the board on this game were boring as heck

Bland, the mega/mini mushroom mechanic is just a snore, the boards are uninspired, and the game just feels like a slog. Minigames are fun, but it has the charm sucked out of it. It really pales in comparison to the other gamecube games and the n64 ones before it.

I would've liked your comment if you haven't ben butthurt once again. Modenr Mario Party is too overrated, unlike most of the Mario games released in the 20th Cnetury. D:<

MARIO PARTY 4 IS AMAZING D:< - spodermanfan1000

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11 Mario Party DS

This ones good - B1ueNew

I'm Not Saying its terrible Its that some of the mini games are hard - s646463

You absolute son of a bitch this is a good game


12 Mario Party 3

Why is this number 8? I liked it. - HunterBoy

13 Mario Party 5

This one's great - B1ueNew

This game has the best minigames in the warehouse of Mario party! This was my first game I have ever got! Thank god I bought a GameCube brand new in 2011! Brand new on Amazon!

Only problem: Why is Koopa Kid a playable character? - HunterBoy

14 Mario Party 6

One of the best Mario Party games ever! The mini-games are even better than ever, the maps are great, and the night and day thing is the best! It is truly a must own for any gamecube collector across the globe!

This game is great. With the nifty day and night system, good boards, good mini games, and lots of extra content on top of that this game never gets old with friends


15 Super Mario Party

Nobody likes this abomination

It looks decent actually - B1ueNew

16 Mario Party 2

This was sucking because Mario party one was special. Here comes Mario party two with me thinking that it will be something way better but it was just the same old lazy boring Mario party original! Thank god it got rid of the games that would destroy the palm of your hand!

This game is so overrated! It's a reskin on the first one but slightly different only. - darthvadern

17 Mario Party 7

It's a blame game

Mario party 5-7 was so repetitive and used same design for all characters.

Why do people prefer modern Mario Party over most of the Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Sticker Star?! Modern Mario is so overrated compared to Classic Mario. Yes, 1994 did have more bad games than the average year of Mario (Hotel Mario, Mario's Time Machine and especially Mario's Early Years), but the 90s was a strong decade for Mario as a whole. :(

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