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1 Tug o' War - Mario Party

Can't you just do this in real life?

Oh look, it's everyone's favorite blister simulator!

This minigame causes physical pain. I didn't know Nintendo could be such sadists. - Zach808

I hate the n64 controller. it looks suggestive, causes blisters, and looks like it was made for aliens.

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2 Get a Rope - Mario Party 5

Do what the title says, GET A ROPE. You either survive or get crushed by a 100 pound (or ton I dunno) weight - N64Dude

Well, I don't like any of the luck-based mini-games but some of them are a little more exciting. This is so boring. I have played Mario Party 1,2,3,4,5 and this is the worst mini-game of them all.

The name says it all - spodermanfan1000

At least Tug O War was a creative minigame. This one is unoriginal and completely luck based. When I think Mario Party I don't think picking ropes and seeing who wins. - chopsie01

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3 Crane Game - Mario Party 1 & 2

This minigame is so blatantly against the three players, there's no hope of winning if you you're one of the three stooges, which, come to think of it, is how most of the 1v3 minigames are.

If you are one of the three people then you have no chance of winning.

It's like heat stroke when it comes to the odds of winning as the three. Pretty much impossible.

This is the minigame that Heat Stroke from Mario Party 5 copied.

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4 Flip the Chimp - Mario Party 8

The problem with this challenge is that there is a small time window between moving the controller to one side and the monkey actually changing, and you can get hit easily within that time frame, making this game very difficult to play, let alone win. I'd take a luck based minigame over this any day of the week.

Its basically impossible thanks to the crappy motion controls - aarond09

Oh this must be easy...you just turn the wii remote *after playing* I guess breathing is a hard task now... - spodermanfan1000

I almost threw the Wii mote after suffering through this! The sound effects only psych you out more!

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5 Slot Car Derby - Mario Party 1 & 2

I love this one! It's hard, but I have so many memories.

This wasn't a great game in Mario Party but I wouldn't say it's Top 10 worst. - chopsie01

This was easy and fun and if you hate this, get good

Mario Party 1's was meh but mario party 2's was okay. - spodermanfan1000

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6 Honeycomb Havoc - Mario Party 2

I like this one, I don't get why people hate it it's so easy. I'm able to quickly screw people over in this and it's so funny. I just count ahead and figure out every option quickly so I can basically control the flow of the minigame.

I like this one but is unfair I mean REALLY unfair. - spodermanfan1000

I like it personally!

I really liked this game. It was a simple yet effective and intense minigame that really required you to strategize and think. - chopsie01

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7 Bowser Toss - Mario Party 3

The controls of this minigame are so hard!
Really tough to have a nice score..

Never mention it,
NEVER Mention It!
When I was in Story mode. In Battle royal and duel maps.
That minigame WAS so hard to win in it.
I every time lose coins with that minigame.

8 Wingin' It - Mario Party 7

This game is just lazy, you have 10 seconds to mash the A button. that's it - cabennett18

Spam the A button,how original..

9 Trick or Tree - Mario Party 6

Oh god this game stinks it is complete luck - cabennett18

Looked like a fun minigame but no, another luck minigame... - spongyoshi

Oh,another of this minigame where you need to follow the path of the right item?
WRONG,just random based...

10 Heat Stroke - Mario Party 5

You know how Cash bash is known for being incredibally one-sided against the 1 player? That 1 player wants his revenge. And he WILL get that with Heat Stroke. Be honest, has ANYONE ever won this as the 3 player?!

People say that Crane Game from Mario Party 2 was way too heavily weighted on the one player? Oh, they haven't played this minigame yet!

Surprisingly, not in the top ten.

This is one of those extremely unbalanced 1v3 minigame like Crate and Peril and (good god) Crane Game.

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11 Pitfall - Mario Party 6

Like Pick A Rope but at least, there's not a player who have the unfair advantage to pick a rope first... - spongyoshi

12 Pedal Power - Mario Party 1

Want blisters? Play this. Even Chuck Norris got blisters from it.

People complain about Tug o' War?
Ohohoh it's NOTHING compared to THAT!

13 Rudder Madness - Mario Party 8

"YOU'RE TOO SLOW! " - Sonic & every other person who played this minigame.

So slow.

Will this minigame exciting and have fast gameplay! OH BOY...what the hell is this minigame... - spodermanfan1000

*slowly slides on mug* yay...

14 Get the Lead Out - Mario Party DS

No matter what, you will never manage to the 20 centimeters

I hate it when everyone but you manage to do well.

Spam A and never win

This minigame kills right thumbs.

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15 Pizza Me, Mario - Mario Party 9

What is this here?! Our entire family loves it. Whats wrong with Ya!?

This game makes me hungry

That's not enough people. & besides, Rosalina was supposed to replace Princess Peach since Peach always sucks at all Mario Parties.

So you say this minigame sucks because Rosalina is not playable in this game?
Well,that's retarded.

16 Candlelight Fight - Mario Party 4

I gotta admit my favorite mario party is the 4th but it is 99.99% good cause this minigame. The minigame is unplayable - spodermanfan1000

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17 Day at the Race - Mario Party 2

The odds are highly unfair in this game, since its one vote a racer the last person doesn't get to decide, usually resulting in their loss.

I just choose the Boo and I 75% win. - spodermanfan1000

Ugh this game ALWAYS lets the CPU's pick first and I'm usually left with the thwomp - cabennett18

TheRunnawayGuys, I feel your pain.

18 Bash N' Cash - Mario Party 1

If you're the 1 player against the three, this game will suck for you!

Even if you don't lose a single coin you get nothing in the end!

I think the point of this minigame is actually to screw the solo player so.. I think it does a good job at it!

You got the most coins like 113 (random number) and you get bash n cash...after the minigame you got 9 coins left...this minigame is unfair. - spodermanfan1000

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19 Right Oar Left - Mario Party 4

Controls? More like a sack of crap puked from a hippo!

Its mediocre at best but if you are a skilled player its not so bad - spodermanfan1000


first there's a question of control I can't CONTROL THIS

Second where the heck am I going? Just horrible for such a great game

1. The controllers are awful! WHY NOT USE THE TRIGGERS!?

2. It's impossible to see.

3. The CPUs always win!

4. Teamwork doesn't get you anywhere!

Why does Mario party 4 have the worst 2 vs 2 mini games?

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20 Ion the Prize - Mario Party 8

Unresponsive controls, horrible gameplay, and overall boring. - spodermanfan1000

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