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1 Tug o' War - Mario Party

Even worse, it even made the headlines of how Nintendo was forced to offer Mario Party gloves to prevent any further cuts, blisters and lacerations. There should have been Paddle Battle and Pedal Power up there at the same rate as Tug o' War. I am not paying for surgery now!

Let's destroy our hands spinning the stick

Can't you just do this in real life?

Oh look, it's everyone's favorite blister simulator!

2 Flip the Chimp - Mario Party 8

This one is hard I always lose on it, it hard to move - trains45

The wiimote dosnt work - will_smm2

Wii remote didn't have precision. This is why everybody hates this minigame.
Nintendo can just make Ukiki sweep Left and right with the pad, not with MOTION CONTROLS!

The concept in this game is good but sadly the window of time moving the chimp is terrible so is the motion controls, the controls just don't work, when you flip your wii remote if flips the chimp 1 second after you just did it, maybe if the camera was zoomed out a bit more maybe this minigame could've been saved but sadly its not, if you want a good version of Flip the Chimp just play Vine Country from Mario Party 7. - tacoperson

3 Get a Rope - Mario Party 5

Do what the title says, GET A ROPE. You either survive or get crushed by a 100 pound (or ton I dunno) weight - N64Dude

Well, I don't like any of the luck-based mini-games but some of them are a little more exciting. This is so boring. I have played Mario Party 1,2,3,4,5 and this is the worst mini-game of them all.

The name says it all - spodermanfan1000

At least Tug O War was a creative minigame. This one is unoriginal and completely luck based. When I think Mario Party I don't think picking ropes and seeing who wins. - chopsie01

4 Heat Stroke - Mario Party 5

I actually disagree with this minigame in this list. This minigame is very good, why everybody hates this? Even if it's more weighted on the solo player, it's good.

I have

You know how Cash bash is known for being incredibally one-sided against the 1 player? That 1 player wants his revenge. And he WILL get that with Heat Stroke. Be honest, has ANYONE ever won this as the 3 player?!

People say that Crane Game from Mario Party 2 was way too heavily weighted on the one player? Oh, they haven't played this minigame yet!

5 Paddle Battle - Mario Party 1

This is the worse version then Tug O’ War

Basically an unfair 1 vs. 3 minigame that gives you blisters. - Tyler730

6 Pedal Power - Mario Party 1

This is impossible

Want blisters? Play this. Even Chuck Norris got blisters from it.

People complain about Tug o' War?
Ohohoh it's NOTHING compared to THAT!

7 Crane Game - Mario Party 1 & 2

The dolls also look dumb because of their black eyes. If you see this game turn off your console pick up the cartridge and throw it away

This minigame is so blatantly against the three players, there's no hope of winning if you you're one of the three stooges, which, come to think of it, is how most of the 1v3 minigames are.

If you are one of the three people then you have no chance of winning.

It's like heat stroke when it comes to the odds of winning as the three. Pretty much impossible.

8 Tug O'War, Pedal Power, Paddle Battle - Mario Party

One word:BLISTERS!

9 Slot Car Derby - Mario Party 1 & 2

This wasn't a great game in Mario Party but I wouldn't say it's Top 10 worst. - chopsie01

This was easy and fun and if you hate this, get good

I love this one! It's hard, but I have so many memories.

Worst mini game ever.

10 Light Breeze - Mario Party 6

Why this minigame is on this list?

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11 Pitfall & Get a Rope - Mario Party 5&6
12 Right Oar Left - Mario Party 4

Controls? More like a sack of crap puked from a hippo!

Its mediocre at best but if you are a skilled player its not so bad - spodermanfan1000


first there's a question of control I can't CONTROL THIS

Second where the heck am I going? Just horrible for such a great game

Very mediocre...but once you get the hang of it, its not to bad... - spodermanfan1000

13 Honeycomb Havoc - Mario Party 2

I like this one, I don't get why people hate it it's so easy. I'm able to quickly screw people over in this and it's so funny. I just count ahead and figure out every option quickly so I can basically control the flow of the minigame.

I like this one but is unfair I mean REALLY unfair. - spodermanfan1000

I like it personally!

I really liked this game. It was a simple yet effective and intense minigame that really required you to strategize and think. - chopsie01

14 Sumo of Doom-o - Mario Party 6

This is one of the worst controlled mini-games of the series. Why have two separate sticks to control each set of tires when you can just have A to accelerate and use the left stick to steer like every other game?

Very boring and lacks excitement - spodermanfan1000

Both of these games have the same problem... the controls are simply horrible.

I personally love the horrible controls of this game,that's what make it fun

15 Bash N' Cash - Mario Party 1

Wearing a Bowser suit is your death sentence. There’s nothing you can do to defend yourself. You are at the mercy of 3 other players. Good luck trying not to get hit.

If you're in first and you're forced to play this minigame, you'll drift down to the low ranks and your reputation will be ruined. Good luck getting back in first. - Hotheart123

I hate this minigame!

If you're the 1 player against the three, this game will suck for you!

16 Cheep Cheep Sweep - Mario Party 4
17 Bowser Toss - Mario Party 3

The controls of this minigame are so hard!
Really tough to have a nice score..

Never mention it,
NEVER Mention It!
When I was in Story mode. In Battle royal and duel maps.
That minigame WAS so hard to win in it.
I every time lose coins with that minigame.

18 Wingin' It - Mario Party 7

This game is just lazy, you have 10 seconds to mash the A button. that's it - cabennett18

Spam the A button,how original..

19 Vicious Vending - Mario Party 5
20 Twist 'N' Out - Mario Party 5
21 Get the Lead Out - Mario Party DS

This is one of the most challenging games. My best is almost 20 inches and I look at the records and the staff (who created the game) best is more than twice my personal best.

Spam A and never win

I hate this mini game seriously are the other characters on drugs

No matter what, you will never manage to the 20 centimeters

22 Trace Cadets - Mario Party DS

I kinda like this minigame... - Jasmine21064

I hated this mini game! This one was harder than it looked. Especially if you didn’t have a steady hand like I did. - MJfan119

I have been playing Mario party DS for years now and this is the one mini game that I can't beat. The directions don't help either. It's impossible to draw the shapes

I've played Mario Party for years and this and Get the Lead out are the worst. This is a bigger offender because of how hard it is and how the directions don't help.

23 Rudder Madness - Mario Party 8

Sonic disapproves - tacoperson

I won every time, because I did nothing, I gave up

"YOU'RE TOO SLOW! " - Sonic & every other person who played this minigame.

So slow.

24 Candlelight Fight - Mario Party 4

It's hard to win on both sides! you have a 90% chance of losing.

I gotta admit my favorite mario party is the 4th but it is 99.99% good cause this minigame. The minigame is unplayable - spodermanfan1000

25 The Beat Goes On - Mario Party 3

i could have played 10 different minigames in the time it takes to finish

The name is incredibly fitting. The beat goes on and on and on for about five minutes. The only way to get through this thing quickly is to just throw the game. Something that no minigame has made me stoop to. Also if two or more people make it to the end after memorizing a 20 beat song you get a draw and no coins for it.

Like the title says it goes on forever. One of the most boring Mario Party mini games in the series.

UGH this is boring...i'm NEAR THE END! Wait...DRAW!? 5 minutes wasted just for no coins. More like the beat drags on. - spodermanfan1000

26 Pit or Platter - Mario Party 9

I agree DumbWays2DieFan. It is really hard AND really boring. I mean, I almost always lose. I tend to like easy minigames more than hard minigames.

Too hard and too boring - DumbWays2DieFan

I only one it once just pick ick! Get of you pot or platter

I hate this with a burning passion

27 Trick or Tree - Mario Party 6

Oh god this game stinks it is complete luck - cabennett18

Looked like a fun minigame but no, another luck minigame... - spongyoshi

Oh,another of this minigame where you need to follow the path of the right item?
WRONG,just random based...

28 Pizza Me, Mario - Mario Party 9

me hungry - will_smm2

What is this here?! Our entire family loves it. Whats wrong with Ya!?

This game makes me hungry

That's not enough people. & besides, Rosalina was supposed to replace Princess Peach since Peach always sucks at all Mario Parties.

29 Day at the Race - Mario Party 2

The odds are highly unfair in this game, since its one vote a racer the last person doesn't get to decide, usually resulting in their loss.

I just choose the Boo and I 75% win. - spodermanfan1000

Ugh this game ALWAYS lets the CPU's pick first and I'm usually left with the thwomp - cabennett18

TheRunnawayGuys, I feel your pain.

30 Cut from the Team - Mario Party 8

This one can give you lots of anxiety and makes you nervous if you cut the wrong string - trains45

This one is just cheap. Sometimes it just decides to launch 3 people in one go on the first try and lets one person win by doing nothing. Case in point I was playing this one with my mum one time. Me as Wario went first, gets launched on the first try, my mum as Boo went next, she gets launched on the first try, then it was CPU Daisy and she gets launched first try so stupid CPU Luigi got a cheap ass easy win by doing nothing.
Even Bowser's Big Blast was fairer then this!

My sister likes this game - DumbWays2DieFan

Easily the worst battle mini-game in the game. You can easily miss the string you want, and you can get launched from the start. How is that fair?

31 Ion the Prize - Mario Party 8

Unresponsive controls, horrible gameplay, and overall boring. - spodermanfan1000

32 Pitfall - Mario Party 6

Like Pick A Rope but at least, there's not a player who have the unfair advantage to pick a rope first... - spongyoshi

33 Skyjinks - Mario Party 9

It's a race to the end, but the screen moves at a set constant speed. So everyone gets a chance to catch up to you as you can't go faster than the screen. The minigame ends with all four players pushing against the right side of the screen, and you don't know who the game will pick as the winner. Just seems like an unfinished game.

It's not Platform Peril - GengarGuy

R u kidding it's my favorite game from mp9 - cabennett18

I hate this f...ing minigame

34 M.P.I.Q - Mario Party 3

Stupid Question

Pbg put this at his number 1

80% Of the time its like, What's 1 + 1? 20% of the time its, What is the total amount of coins with everyone's total combined plus the square root of 9,375?

You have no record of your answer. You almost answer every millisecond and not letting toad finish his sentence! How are you supposed to answer!

35 Rowed to Victory - Mario Party 8

How do u even play this game it’s so glitchy

The COM wants you to lose. - GengarGuy

How the (bleep) you are suppose to get to the end, the controls are hard and BAD teamwork..

Bad controls, the COM makes you go in the wrong direction, and the gameplay is boring. - spodermanfan1000

36 Cheep Cheep Chance - Marioparty DS

So damn luck-based... - Jasmine21064

Actually I kind of like this one.
No no no Yoshi not THAT pole! Phew safe for now. - MJfan119

This mini game is 100% Luck. There's no way to tell if you win or lose

H8 this mini game so much... Luck is never in my favor. I have lost so many stars thanks to this game...

37 Bowser's Big Blast - Mario Party 2

This is also in Mario Party 4! But it is rename Bowser's Bigger Blast! Most gamers hate this Mini Game!

Even worse in Mario Party 4 it's TOO SLOW!

Its okay but...luck - spodermanfan1000

38 Tap Dash - Mario Party: Island Tour

Most pointless game ever. A character appears on the top screen, then you touch that character on the touch screen as fast as you can.

Every single mario party island tour minigame should be on here somewhere. - spodermanfan1000

I agree with you. This minigame is retarded


39 Contagious - Mario Party 7

I do like coin minigames but they need to have a gimmick so it's a challenge to get the coins for example Mario Party 8's Winner or Dinner you must get the coins by avoiding the spikes and piranha plants but this minigame is bland and boring - spodermanfan1000

Lazy - GengarGuy

I could show you a still image of the minigame and you could figure it all out. DICE BLOCKS FOR COINS. really?

Spam A and get lucky with the dices...
I wanna play a minigame not THAT!

40 Shake It Up - Mario Party 8

This game is too easy I constantly keep winning it

Hey, let's masturbate!

Dumb minigame! U just shake the Wii mote for 5 seconds! Nothing more to say how stupid this mini game was!

Shake the wii remote fast and you win... - spodermanfan1000

41 At the Chomp Wash - Mario Party 8

Be prepared to drop the wiimote! - will_smm2

Just like shake it up super easy all you need to do is need to be fast with the wii remote. - spodermanfan1000

42 10 to Win - Mario Party 9

Luck based. Need I say more?

This could be better if it was easier to follow the cards being shuffled!

Name says it all - spodermanfan1000

Its. Just. Luck.

43 Pier Pressure - Mario Party 9

I always get 4th on this one. Too much luck. - DumbFriesNub

I hate that kind of minigame just random based..
And you can even loose because you are playing last...

44 Booting Gallery Mario Party 8
45 Rotation Station - Mario Party 8

Horrible controls...

I think as this as very fun
when I was little I play this all the time

46 Whomp Stomp - Mario Party 9

I wi 99% of the time - will_smm2

I always end up getting crushed most off the time

47 Hand, Line and Sinker - Mario Party 3

Also the controls for the solo player is awkward and the team players are so slow..

The boring minigame of all. It's flat. Swimming around with "A" from a hand rod. And it runs for 60 boring seconds with no action at all!

48 Mecha Choice - Mario Party 9

There's a trick to winning this. After you enter a room, you may see a door close. Pick that door. - cabennett18

49 Random Ride - Mario Party 5
50 Growing Up - Mario Party 9


This is one of my favorites in mp9

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