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21 Trace Cadets - Mario Party DS

I have been playing Mario party DS for years now and this is the one mini game that I can't beat. The directions don't help either. It's impossible to draw the shapes

I've played Mario Party for years and this and Get the Lead out are the worst. This is a bigger offender because of how hard it is and how the directions don't help.

A very hard minigame: all minigames that involve Art are rubbish

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22 Pit or Platter - Mario Party 9

I hate this with a burning passion

I couldn't agree more.

23 Rotation Station - Mario Party 8 V 2 Comments
24 Sumo of Doom-o - Mario Party 6

This is one of the worst controlled mini-games of the series. Why have two separate sticks to control each set of tires when you can just have A to accelerate and use the left stick to steer like every other game?

Very boring and lacks excitement - spodermanfan1000

Both of these games have the same problem... the controls are simply horrible.

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25 Bowser's Big Blast - Mario Party 2

This is also in Mario Party 4! But it is rename Bowser's Bigger Blast! Most gamers hate this Mini Game!

Even worse in Mario Party 4 it's TOO SLOW!

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26 Tap Dash - Mario Party: Island Tour

Most pointless game ever. A character appears on the top screen, then you touch that character on the touch screen as fast as you can.

Every single mario party island tour minigame should be on here somewhere. - spodermanfan1000

I agree with you. This minigame is retarded


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27 Rowed to Victory - Mario Party 8

How the (bleep) you are suppose to get to the end, the controls are hard and BAD teamwork..

Bad controls, the COM makes you go in the wrong direction, and the gameplay is boring. - spodermanfan1000

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28 Shake It Up - Mario Party 8

Shake the wii remote fast and you win... - spodermanfan1000

Dumb minigame! U just shake the Wii mote for 5 seconds! Nothing more to say how stupid this mini game was!

It was really good, butmwill cause problems if u don't have strap. I will go up and give u amnesia - Super64Mario

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29 10 to Win - Mario Party 9

This could be better if it was easier to follow the cards being shuffled!

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30 Pier Pressure - Mario Party 9

I hate that kind of minigame just random based..
And you can even loose because you are playing last...

31 Right Oar Left - Mario Party 4

Its mediocre at best but if you are a skilled player its not so bad - spodermanfan1000


first there's a question of control I can't CONTROL THIS

Second where the heck am I going? Just horrible for such a great game

Worse control than some of marioparty 8's minigames. and that was when companies looked at the wii and said, " WE NEED TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE THING WITHOUT PRESSING ANY BUTTONS! "

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32 Cheep Cheep Chance - Marioparty DS

This mini game is 100% Luck. There's no way to tell if you win or lose

33 The Beat Goes On - Mario Party 3

The name is incredibly fitting. The beat goes on and on and on for about five minutes. The only way to get through this thing quickly is to just throw the game. Something that no minigame has made me stoop to. Also if two or more people make it to the end after memorizing a 20 beat song you get a draw and no coins for it.

Like the title says it goes on forever. One of the most boring Mario Party mini games in the series.

UGH this is boring...i'm NEAR THE END! Wait...DRAW!? 5 minutes wasted just for no coins. More like the beat drags on. - spodermanfan1000

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34 Bowser's Bad Breath - Mario Party 10

This game stinks all you do is blow in the gamepad and it copied it from Mario Party 9

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35 Paddle Battle - Mario Party 1
36 Bowser's Bogus Bingo - Mario Party 10

At least Bowser's Big Breath is kinda fun but this one is unfair to bowser cause you have a 80% chance of rolling the same thing over and over again til the game ends. - spodermanfan1000

Bingo is never a good idea for Mario party, especially with Bowser. Mario Party 10 is a great game but this and Bowser's Bad Breath are the worst mini games.

Well I like it because of how stressed you are if you are in the team against Bowser,it makes this minigame more intense!

37 Hand, Line and Sinker - Mario Party 3

Also the controls for the solo player is awkward and the team players are so slow..

The boring minigame of all. It's flat. Swimming around with "A" from a hand rod. And it runs for 60 boring seconds with no action at all!

38 M.P.I.Q - Mario Party 3

80% Of the time its like, What's 1 + 1? 20% of the time its, What is the total amount of coins with everyone's total combined plus the square root of 9,375?

You have no record of your answer. You almost answer every millisecond and not letting toad finish his sentence! How are you supposed to answer!

Any game with human players is just spamming A... Not fun.

39 Speedy Graffiti - Mario Party 8

Just spray color everywhere and YOU WON!

I hate motion controls and Speedy Graffiti is no exception. - spodermanfan1000

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40 Contagious - Mario Party 7

I do like coin minigames but they need to have a gimmick so it's a challenge to get the coins for example Mario Party 8's Winner or Dinner you must get the coins by avoiding the spikes and piranha plants but this minigame is bland and boring - spodermanfan1000

I could show you a still image of the minigame and you could figure it all out. DICE BLOCKS FOR COINS. really?

Spam A and get lucky with the dices...
I wanna play a minigame not THAT!

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