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41 Contagious - Mario Party 7

I do like coin minigames but they need to have a gimmick so it's a challenge to get the coins for example Mario Party 8's Winner or Dinner you must get the coins by avoiding the spikes and piranha plants but this minigame is bland and boring - spodermanfan1000

I could show you a still image of the minigame and you could figure it all out. DICE BLOCKS FOR COINS. really?

Spam A and get lucky with the dices...
I wanna play a minigame not THAT!

42 At the Chomp Wash - Mario Party 8

Just like shake it up super easy all you need to do is need to be fast with the wii remote. - spodermanfan1000

43 Cut from the Team - Mario Party 8

In my opinion, the worst of the luck based minigames in Mario Party 8. The others were more interesting in what happens - in one you hope to blast your opponent into the next county, while the other was an interesting RPG card battle - but this one...you just cut ropes and hope not to get launched into oblivion. It's not as entertaining.

Like Pier Pressure.. Stupid and unoriginal and unfair!

44 You're the Bob Omb - Mario Party 8
45 Mecha Choice - Mario Party 9

There's a trick to winning this. After you enter a room, you may see a door close. Pick that door. - cabennett18

46 Random Ride - Mario Party 5
47 Sick and Twisted - Mario Party 8 V 1 Comment
48 Growing Up - Mario Party 9 V 1 Comment
49 Gun the Runner - Mario Party 8
50 Bowser's Block Battle - Mario Party 9
51 Skipping Class - Mario Party 9
52 Bowser Jr. Breakdown - Mario Party 9 V 2 Comments
53 Dunk Bros. - Mario Party 6

This game, its fun but seriously, the AI is just very HORRIBLE and very DUMB, the cpu on your team is like a JOKE. While the other team just destroys you by swarming you and they make shots EVERY TIME

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