Top Ten Worst Mario Power-Ups

The Top Ten

1 Spring Mushroom

The controls are so bad. - InfinateSuperstorm

It's so hard to get used to the controls. Spring into Chompworks took me about an hour and 15 minutes just on the section where the chomps roll down the pathway and hit the gearmo.

It’s not that this Power-Up is bad, it’s just so hard to use the controls, and when you have to use the spring mushroom for certain missions, you will die. A lot.

2 P-Balloon

Tubular, 'enough said

Getting hit in this form completely changes you back to normal worst part is, in Super Mario World, the special world level "Tubular", you have to complete it by only using the p balloon while dogding chargin' chucks and lotus spitting plants over a HUGE cliff and if you get hit, you plummel to your death

Ladies and gentlemen, if sonic has created the worst form fandom this power-up is responsible for at least 20% of that fandom's artwork, the first example of inflation fetish... good job Myamoto, very good job

It's useless in the game. I know there's a lot of people that are going to say things like '' NO YOU CAN FLY WITH IT! "' well the tanooki leaf AND the carrot are way better and they can fly too. I hate this power-up because it's just an excuse to make nasty porn. - SheepBuggy

3 Poison Mushroom

More like a power down. You die from touching it. - MarioMaster101

Spring mushroom sucks but still

I don't know why they added this thing to the franchise

It kills you right off the bat. Do you want a power up where you die? If you say yes you must hate yourself.

4 Mini Mushroom

It's used for secrets, but also allow you to walk on water. It also lets you jump higher, and your hitbox is smaller. To those who say this item has a few flaws, name three, and don't give me the "1-hit kill" thing. Small Mario (the Mario without powerups) is also 1 hit kill, yet you don't complain about that. - Qryzx

This is only useful if you need to get to a star coin that's stuck in a tiny hole. Otherwise, you're a one-hit-kill target.

You need it to access some hidden Star Coins and go into small pipes. - TheYoshiOverlord

It makes you weaker... that's it

5 Goomba Mask
6 Dangerous Delight
7 Light Box
8 Frog Suit


It's so annoying on land

OK this power up is only bad in land levels.

9 Gold Mario


10 Boo Biscuit

The Contenders

11 Super Mushroom

Without this power-up, you can't get the other better ones. However, if you get it from a Roulette Block when you're big, then it's useless. - TheYoshiOverlord

All u get is an extra hit. Nope no flying no hovering no shooting, none of that.

12 The Carrot

Why is this so low?

This allows Mario to pursue his dream as a bunny...okay... - DCfnaf

13 Ice Flower (New Super Mario Bros Series)

The Penguin Suit does the same thing and so much more at the same time. I hate how this flower is so common. It was better in Galaxy. - ElecmansMinion

How is this useless? It's more versatile than the Fire Flower. - TheYoshiOverlord

14 Fire Flower (Super Mario Land)
15 White Tanooki Suit

This should have been at number 1#

16 Raccoon Tail
17 Metal Cap

This is bad EXCEPT in Super Mario 64. Other than that, HE'S A RIP OFF!

18 Super Star

JUST KIDDING! The star is a great power up!

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