Top 10 Worst Mario RPG Games of All Time

Mario has been in so many great RPGs, but does that mean that all his RPGs are good? No, there are some that sucked.

The Top Ten

1 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Not even sure if I'm going to get this one, judging by the reviews this seems bad, but I think I could enjoy this one still - darthvadern

Makes sense why this is number one.

How is this on here? This is the greatest game ever made, perfect graphics, great and original characters, unique and engaging storyline, amazing battle system which required a lot of strategy and thinking, great worlds and locations, so much content, and full of many unexpected events and plot twists, overall amazing game 11/10!

The battle system is so stupid! You don't even get experience from battles! This shouldn't even be CONSIDERED an RPG! All you earn are coins which you use to buy stickers which you use in battle to get it goes in an infinite loop.

Who could forget about the partners that made the Paper Mario games memorable? THE DEVELOPERS! You don't have any partners and you just have Kersti who I can't STAND! I know that in Super Paper Mario there are bland partners there too but you have Luigi, Peach, and Bowser playable.

The story of this game is absolutely TERRIBLE! In the first three games it was something unique. Even in the original Paper Mario Bowser kidnaps Peach but there's more on the line since his true goal is to get the star rod. Here it's JUST Bowser kidnapping Peach...that's it (he does unleash these royal stickers though). Also, I find it stupid I'm supposed to care about these 6 Royal stickers. All we know about them is that they are POWERFUL! NO BACKSTORY! ...more - DCfnaf

2 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Ok, I get it you may not like this game too much but how is this number #2? You can't tell me such a unique and original game cam be worse than the generic Paper Jam or the lackluster gameplay Color Splash! - darthvadern

Come on guys, this one was good! It had plenty of original and creative ideas, as well as decent music, locations, and bosses! It isn't my favorite Mario RPG, but it is still good! I'll respect your opinion though as long as you give it a chance.

I've had more game breaking bugs with this game then any other Mario RPG game so far!

Not underrated at all! This game sucks!

3 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Really? Why would this be #3? It boggles my mind that this is higher on the list than games like Paper Jam and Color Splash. - miccat87

Can I just ask one thing? Why is this game considered to be worse than sticker star when sticker star was an absolute mess? And on the top ten Mario games this game is at number 8 (and rightfully so) while none of the other Mario RPGs are even close

Princess peach is not enough to make this game bad people! - HeavyDonkeyKong

So now it's number 1 now on the worst Mario RPG?

Shouldn't Sticker Star or Dream Team make the cut instead of this one?

4 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

No, this is awesome! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Just why is this number 4, this shouldn't even be on this list

This is my favorite one! - DCfnaf

Awesome graphics

5 Paper Mario: Color Splash

A game that hasn't even come out yet sucks. This is pretty much a sticker star revamp. AWFUL - DCfnaf

All this is is a middle finger to those looking for a TTYD-like game. This is proof that Nintendo only cares about themselves. - RoleplayerR

How Is This Game Not One? - VideoGamefan5

Looks like butt hurt TYD fanboys are going to attack this game.

6 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

Two problems with this one...I still like this game but it is definitely the worst Mario and Luigi Game.

1. The Special Attack System. This thing is so STUPID! Usually you would have an SP or BP gauge. Here you have INDIVIDUAL ITEMS. Let me explain why this is a problem. If you run out, you're screwed. Also once you get to a shop, you're going to have to PREDICT which special attacks you are going to use and how many you are going to use. Also what if you get items you don't want? Let's say I get a Red Shell. This is an item I never use. In other words, the item box just cheated me. Sure I can sell them but the shops are miles away in this game.

2. The Enemy HP. Why not use special attacks on them? Well look at problem number 1. So Either beat these guys and level up but also take forever to do it or continue with the story and have difficulty with the final boss. - DCfnaf

Bull. This game was amazing

This game was one of the best TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST

I've seen pople spreading hateful coments about this game on the internet because eit is hard! Gwt this: Its still awesome! - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

What? This was really incredible, the story while generic is pretty unique. The papercraft battles are super unique and one of the highlights of the game, and Paper Mario makes the battle system so much more interesting than it already was, however one minor flaw about the game is when you level up, usually in other mario rpgs, your stats go up, and then you get to choose a stat to go up slightly more, but you can't do that here, but it doesn't really bother me that much, this game is excellent! - darthvadern

This Game Isn't Even Out Yet.

This one waisted so much opportunity that it feels like a cash grab than a true tribute to the paper Mario series other than Sticker Star and the forshadowing of Color Splash (aka Sticker 2,) with the battle card system. This game totally neglected the creative characters,areas, and story that made me love this series so much. Shame on you Nintendo and Alpha dream.

Looking at this storyline.
I think Bowser needs to take a rest to capturing the princess.

8 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Come on guys, this was a masterpiece, the story is pherhaps the best one ever seen in a mario game, the amount of plot twists is incredible, and it has some cool soundtrack. However, I believe the remake is miles better, but despite that this game is excellent and should be much lower - darthvadern

This is one of my favorite RPGs in my opinion I think it might have a tie with paper Mario the thousand year door



9 Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars

Love it, but I feel it's a bit overrated. Don't hate me if you love it, since I do too and it's just my opinion, but I feel that it lacks something that some future games achieved. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but it was a bit simpler as the first one and being made in the late 90's. In my opinion, the stories of games like Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario, Partners in Time, and actually a lot of the others were a bit more in-depth, as well as the games as a whole. Overall, I LOVE every game in the multiple Mario RPG series, including this one, but I personally prefer some others and don't really get why some others see it as the best one, although if you do that's fine, just respect others' opinions.

Haha, this is absolutely the best one!

The only good Mario RPG besides the OG Superstar Saga, the underrated Partners in Time & Super Paper Mario. So take this off the list. All the other RPGs suck.

Has charm but gameplay is meh

10 Paper Mario

Why The Hell Is This Game On The List?!

I didn't like the storyline, its still THE SAME THING. I like the 3d, this game is one of my favourites, just not as good as spm and m&lpit

The Contenders

11 Super Paper Mario

This isn't even an RPG and even so... I think it's kinda boring. This is what you get when you mix an RPG, 2d platformer, and a 3d platformer, and it's not to good. Even so, all Mario is awesome and this gets a 7.5 in my book.

I absolutely love this game, with its FANTASTIC story and music! Changing up the gameplay was a split idea, but unlike Sticker Star, it wasn't the new way of the series, just one game where they tried something new that worked for some and not for others, and it wasn't terrible. There are still RPG elements in it as well to spice things up. The chapters and bosses were great as well, although not as good as the first two Paper Mario games IN MY OPINION. One more thing: my favorite game of all time is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. I see people shoving this game down the throats of TTYD fans, and vice versa. It frustrates me, since this game is underrated and should be given love, but don't use that as a way to say TTYD is terrible for stupid reasons like Peach, the graphics, or the system it's for that don't really affect the game. Don't be shallow and judge great games based on initial things that bug you slightly and immediately dismiss it. If you really just can't like it due ...more

People call it the worst of the Paper Mario games because of how different it is, but I honestly think it's the BEST. - Garythesnail

This is the best Paper Mario game, but it is getting way too much attention. And the game is way too hard and can have some confusing segments.

12 Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

It may be a fan game, but all the real ones are taken.

13 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

It is a joke that people would disrespect (extremely) positive opinions on Superstar Saga in favour of this cash-grab of Nostalgia that takes a lot less risks to lessen its classically cartoonish charm.

The same game as superstar saga but with enemies - B1ueNew

The original Superstar Saga had enemies too, also, it's not a valid reason to hate this game, it's a remake, not a sequel, and I have played it and it's not bad at all - darthvadern

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