Defense of Anime's Most Underrated Character

Well, here we are again. Time to continue my defense of Anime's most underrated character ever.

My reaction to the hate:

Hate Reason #1-


My opinion-

He isn't gay since he's in love with Helen. And even if he was gay, what's wrong with that? And if he was in love with Sonic and told him that, Sonic wouldn't hate him. He would just tell him that he's Heterosexual and let him down gently. He wouldn't think any differently of him.

Hate Reason #2-

He steals characters roles like Amy convincing Shadow!

My opinion-

Yes, I do agree he had a little too much screen time. But he did the whole convincing Shadow thing way better. He let himself get beaten up to get him to help!

Hate Reason #3-

He is a crybaby and useless!

My opinion-

He cried six times.3 times because it seemed he would never see Sonic again,3 times because it seemed Sonic or Shadow had died. You're seriously telling me you wouldn't cry? I doubt that. And Amy cried WAY more than him. And he isn't completely useless. He helped them many times, mainly in season 3 when he was 18.

Hate Reason #4-


My opinion-

... And that's a problem because?

Hate Reason #5

He's became Sonic's best friend instead of Tail's!

My opinion-

You can have more than one best friend. And I'm a Tails fan too.

Hate Reason #6

He whines and is selfish!

Whines? I don't think so. Selfish? Yes, preventing Sonic from going home was selfish but realized he was in the wrong and let him go! Though in my opinion Sonic should have taken Chris with him to his world.

And there we have it.

I hope Chris is in Sonic Boom. He could be in there as a apprentice or something. He should be younger like 10 or something. Sonic could be his father figure, Tails his older brother, Amy his older sister, and Knuckles being his trainer. And that other character Sticks could be his older sister as well. And finally, if Sonic hated Chris, he would have let him fallen to his death in episode 4.


Both Miles "Tails" Prower & Chris Thorndyke tie to be Sonic the Hedgehog's best friends besides Knuckles the Echidna. - visitor

Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land would treat Chris Thorndyke like Amy Rose does.


Because in Sonic X, Amy Rose is more as Princess Daisy more than she is as Princess Peach. Why is Scratchpad so weird? - visitor

I guess you're right. I think they should make Cream as Princess Peach. I mean, Blaze isn't as energetic or outgoing as Daisy. Sometimes, I like Scratchpad and I sometimes hate the counterparts like Sonic As Lucas or Daisy As Elsa. Daisy isn't Elsa-like. She's just like Anna more often. - visitor

Imagine Chris Thorndyke being in a series with Princess Peach. - visitor

Chris Thorndyke seriously needs to return & come in 3D. - visitor

Scratchpad also said "Mario as Tadashi"! It is supposed to be "Luigi as Tadashi/Mario as Hiro"! Oh, my god... It also says "Luigi as Knuckles (ROFL)" and other kinds of bullcrap. It should even say "Luigi as Betty Cooper" and "Waluigi as Rouge" on Scratchpad. Why is Scratchpad not gender-regardless?! - visitor

And Princess Peach cried WAY more times than Chris Thorndyke. - visitor