Top 10 Worst Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-man & Mega Man Games

Just because they're awesome, doesn't mean they all appeared in bad games.

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1 Sonic's Schoolhouse

Disagree with all. This game is overrated and this and Mario's Early Years are prime examples of how not to design an educational game. Screw it I'm going to play some Oregon Trail.

This game may have A. Childish theme, but it's a great game! Ah, the God old days, where Sonic used to have a better voice.

Take this off the list or make sure this isn't top 1 anymore!

The Sonic version of Mario's early years... HORRIBLE!

2 Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters

Princess Peach's outfit disgusts me.

But this game? It's not too bad. It gets positive to mixed reception from me.

Princess Daisy was supposed to replace Princess Peach.

This is a great game!

3 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

this is my all time favorite game.
Why is this on here?

What why is this on here it is 1 of the best games ever! - venomouskillingmachine

This game is amazing and is one of my favorite rpgs. And, yes, I DO like the original and Super Paper Mario! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This game is definite bull! Why do people like this crap game so much?! Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game tying with SSBB, not this confusing bull!

4 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

How come this is lower than TTYD? This game is a total letdown of the franchise. - recaller

It is so bad even spm (super paper Mario) is better. - 170253

This is lower than TTYD... TTYD is an awesome game that is able to claw even right witht he original classic but THOIS game is incredibly frusturating and BORING! - HeavyDonkeyKong

5 Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures

I've Never played it in my life. I'm just going to stick with normal Pac Man (not the Atari version).

Terrible game - Txdinoboy89

What is the first thing you think when you hear Pac man? 2D pellet collecting while running away from 4 ghosts? Nice thought...THIS ISN'T PAC MAN!

6 Mega Man & Bass

It's not bad. It's just hard... VERY HARD - Chaotixhero

Bad level design. Not so much difficult, just extremely cheap.

This game isn't hard at all... IT'S UNFAIR!

7 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This game is good... I feel like people treat it like a witch mixed with the devil himself.

This game shows POTENTIAL, the graphics are alright, the music (just like all other Sonic games), is BADASS, and the story is alright in my opinion.

I will admit there is plot holes, tons of glitches, and bad timing for release. This game had the potential to be greater than SONIC ADVENTURE 2, for gosh sake!

If this game was fine-tuned and re-released, it could finally get the praise it deserves!

This game is...BAD! I hate the videos and the look of the gameplay. I don't like it's camera system, the game and I don't like most of the voice acting.

Would have been one of the best sonic games if sega didn't rush it to come out for the new consoles in 2006

This is truly the worst with so many glitches!

8 Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Man, you heard me! This game is nothing but bull! AUGGH! This game is too damn long for an old game! Also, this game is too lame, the characters came in the wrong clothes, Princess Peach's voice sucks as well as her cowardice, the game has sucky graphics, it hurt our body parts, the game is too overrated, & all other reasons! And! What is with Skins Match?! AUGGH! This game is so confusing & in the 3rd millennium! :(

9 Mario Tennis Open

Worst Mario Kart game ever! I can not stand this crappy game! Even Chaotixhero would hate this game since he is a hater of Mario.

10 Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario is so underrated!

Super Princess Peach & Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door sucks!

Imagine if there were Archie Comics & Disney's "Rapunzel: The Thousand Year Door".

Hotel Mario is a terrible game. Who ever like this crap either never play a "game" before or is brain damaged. or better yet, Never played a Mario game that is GOOD. Even I think Super Mario Galaxy is better than this crap. - Chaotixhero

Hotel Mario isn't too bad! Super Princess Peach, the Mario Party games & even the Mario Tennis games are much worse!

This is one of my favorite game of all time!


The Contenders

11 Rockman Xover
12 Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

If you think that Sonic 06 killed Sonic the Hedgehog, THINK AGAIN! Well sure, Sonic 06 was an extremely flawed game but it still had a rocking soundtrack and pretty epic CG (besides the in-game CGI) and in game graphics! BUT SEGA TOOK SOMETHING THAT MANY PEOPLE WHO OWNED A MEGADRIVE OR GENESIS PLAYED AND LOVED, SMOTHERED IT ALL OVER THEIR ANUS AND SOLD IT AS A CELEBRATION OF THE ORIGINAL GAME'S RELEASE! SONIC GENESIS Has no factors of enjoyment! The music sounds like ass, the speed of the game is mixed making it impossible to control Sonic and the game is broken! This treats a gem that created the beloved gaming icon we know today like a massive joke!

This game isn't bad. I like this game it's act 3 of scrap brain zone I hate when you stay underwater for almost all the rest of the level. This game shouldn't be criticized for anything, why should people think it's bad and put it on the "Worst Sonic Games"list? (just why? )

This isn't the regular Genesis game, this is the GBA port.. - noo7na7

Stop underrating this good game!

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13 Super Princess Peach

Princess Peach was too afraid to rescue Mario anyway & wouldn't like to rescue anyone. Also, Princess Peach needs to be grounded BIG TIME for getting kidnapped a lot which also causes her to snivel on her large, sensitive breasts, her big thighs, her big, absent-minded head, her huge hips & her huge, flabby head. Also, Peach was a very pathetic Olympian athlete who never wins medals although she was raised to & destined for greatness. Also, the porn pics of this game are better than this little girls' game itself called Super Princess Peach. Also, why is Princess Peach bothering to get her second own game?! Wario got his own games! Luigi got his own games! Also, even if Princess Peach (who over 100% differs Megatron & Son Goku) didn't use her "Rage" power, we can still see Princess Peach being angry that she has to actually save Mario. We're gonna make Princes Peach rescue Super Mario.

Worst Mario game of all time!

Should be replaced by Amy Rose saving Sonic because Amy's more braver than Peach.

Although I liked seeing Peach being brave for once I hated the gameplay... - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Mario Party 9

Super princess peach &


15 Sonic Drift
16 Sonic Lost World

I rate this and spyro: a heros tail a 70%. And I rate sonic boom 60% - Harri666

This game is alright. Just some of the levels I hate, I don't like it like by 90% I like it about let's just say 19%. It's better than Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) and Shadow The Hedgehog just Sonic is slower.

This game is actually pretty good, I'll admit. It's definitely not one of sonic's best outings though, but it's still pretty good... - HeavyDonkeyKong

This game is great

17 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

This game is bull!

Worse than Sonic 06 in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like the game. It can tick me off at time but I gave it a chance - Chaotixhero

What the heck happened to sonic?! - Txdinoboy89

18 Sonic Labyrinth

This game is good & needs to be very low on the list.

19 Mario's Time Machine

This game is cool! This is like a crossover between old-fashioned real life & Mario characters!

Thought it was a game where Mario could go to Egypt, the dark ages, etc, but it was a game where you had to solve math questions

20 Pac-Man (Atari 2600 Version)

Also the 8th worst video game ever nice try ATARI

Who owns a Atari 2600 anyway? Smooth move Pac-Man. - Chaotixhero

Seriously this should be in the top 3 it has horrible glitches and sound effects

21 Mega Man 7
22 Sonic Unleashed

Who would put this on the list? I love this game it's actually my favourite Sonic game I've played software apart from the werehog levels as you get through the game.

23 Super Mario Galaxy

I love the music but this game SUCKS! Princess peach just stand there like a dumbass not even defending herself, the water levels are so sluggest and rip off Sonic's air bubbles, and holy crap the voice acting is... Barley there. I made a list on how much I hate this game so yep. Also, space junk galaxy music for the win (seriously I love that song) - Chaotixhero

I don"t get it. Why are you hating on good games like Galaxy and liking on cheap games such as hotel Mario?

Chaotixhero would comment about this game.

Man, this game is terrible whereas Princess Peach let herself be the lost princess once again & guess what?! This game has this god stuff seldom seen in its sequel like the penguins in Beach Bowl/Sea Slide Galaxy (alongside its music track)! Also, why were the Koopalings not in this game?! & why was there no 4Kids/4CHAN/DIC/Jetix television series adaption such as "The Adventures of Super Mario Galaxy"?! It is more known why here was no Archie Comics adaption to this game - because Nintendo has unbelievably said no to Archie Comics! What the heck?! AUGGH! And this game has more than 1 pedophile in this game! GODDAMNIT!

24 Pac-Man World

A hateful Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures fan-brat put this here, right?! Or are you a sane person who is referring to the GBA version?! Pac-Manused to have such awesome soundtracks from Pac-Man Arrangement to the Pac-Man World trilogy! >:(

25 Sonic Battle

Sonic Battle needs to be replaced by Mario Battle & Pac-Man Battle & even Kirby Battle, Zelda Battle, etc...

The game kinda rip off Super Smash Bros. If you see closely - Chaotixhero

Well, Chaotixhero? Please tell us why you hate Sonic Battle! I know we hate Sonic Battle.

26 New Super Mario Bros.

If anyone could put this on the list...THEY MUST BE JOKING! , this game is not bad it's just the gameplay the way how it looks and the moves have strange sound effects. Still! Why would someone put this on the bad list?

Because of Princess Peach. Yes, I know. It's all former. Princess Peach being a silly priss is nowhere near the most important apect of the game. Are you calling this like bad because Modern Sonic games are higher than Classic Sonic games, Modern Mario games are higher than Classic Mario games, Mega Man games from other series are higher than Mega Man X/Classic Mega Man and Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures games are higher than classic Pac-Man games?!

27 Mario Party DS

SHut up! We are ready know that super princess peach is a crappy game!

But it's not that bad although it is a very unique game, but the lasting appeal wears away fast.

28 Sonic & the Secret Rings
29 Pac Man World 2

This game is awesome

This game really sucks for a pacman. Do better next time Pac-Man because this is not a great game. It's just a waste of money - Chaotixhero

30 New Super Luigi U

Just looking at the title of the game and you will know something wrong. Another terrible Luigi spinoff - Chaotixhero

31 Mega Man X7

Burn! Burn to the ground

Burn Burn Burn Burn Wowho burn to the ground - Txdinoboy89

32 Pac-Man Fever
33 Namco Museum Remix
34 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Yes the games suck because you're not playing as pacman you're playing this stupid slingshot all you have to do is protect pacman

And the music still looping like Hong Kong 97

Words can't describe how terrible this game is, just go look it up for yourself.

35 Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes is so boring & the soundtrack is never awesome! Also, the cutscenes are too overrated & bad to use music videos with. Sonic the Hedgehog sure is Sega's Veruca Salt because Sonic is a spoiled, spot-stealing idiot. He's also a total bitch.

36 Mega Man: Battle Network 2

Old 2nd millennium Mega Man projects are less boring than modern 3rd millennium Mega Man projects. Also, what's with Sonic & Mega Man projects? Why is there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet? Why is there Sonic & Mega Man instead of Sonic & Pac-Man?

I would strongly prefer a Super Mario: Battle Network franchise.

37 Mario Party 7
38 Sonic Advance
39 Sonic Colors

This is awesome.


40 Shadow the Hedgehog

Every since I heard about this game I was always wanting to by it with my pocket money but then my friend told me that the game was bad,the voice acting and the controls

I like his game

41 Mario Party 6
42 Super Mario Sunshine
43 Sonic Adventure 2

This crappy game has the voice acting type & talking that the Mario/Pac-Man franchises should have, & the cutscenes of this game (including where Knuckles & Rouge first met) were all utter bull!
There is no such thing as "Sonic is awesome"! Sonic & Shadow's arch-rivalry is bull & should be replaced.

Not as good as Sonic Unleashed not as fast, voice acting not as good and these moves aren't as good as Sonic Unleashed

This game is mean! It was made by the devil!

I like this game. Our lord and savior began in it. -shadowswagger922

44 Sonic Adventure

This game ruined the entire Sonic franchise & took a lot of things from the original & replaced it with the terrible soundtrack.

Sonic Adventure ruined the whole Sonic franchise!

The storyline is so horrible like the gameplay & the graphics, as well as the terrible box art, but at least this is a 2nd Millennium game.

45 Sonic Advance 2

The whole Sonic Advance series is bull anyway!

46 Mario Kart Wii

It's a shame for this game to take over the world.

This games alright

47 Mario Kart DS

Such a bad old game.

The retro courses & the missions are the best part of this bad game & Peach had no reason whatsoever to be in this game.

Worst Mario Kart game ever. And the characters look uglier than normal by such low definition.

48 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Why didn't Rosalina replace Peach?!

So you're hating on a game over one bad character out of plenty of great ones? - HeavyDonkeyKong

49 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

This game was supposed to come AFTER Super Mario Galaxy, & this game is too long & it would be frustrating controlling Princess Peach who has no technique, goddamnit!

Here's how the main rivalry should've gone:

Mario vs. Sonic

Luigi vs. Amy Rose

Peach vs. Blaze (Peach is not an Olympian anyway, so why add her & not replace her with the can-improve Pauline? )

Daisy vs Tails

Yoshi vs. Knuckles

Wario vs. Shadow (though Luigi vs. Shadow was radical).

Waluigi vs. Eggman

Bowser vs. Vector

50 Mario Kart: Double Dash

This game is great! All of the Mario Kart games are! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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