Worst Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Series Teams

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1 Girls Team

Why didn't Rosalina replace Princess Peach anyway?!

And why did the female Mario characters not interact with the male Sonic characters yet?!

Also, the girls are the most incapable Olympic athletes EVER! Why? Because they all are lesbians!


In Vancouver, Princess Daisy was supposed to be with the Sonic boys, & doesn't have good relations with Princess Peach who ruined the Olympics by going mental & being in last place on purpose by sucking dick at Figure Skating. Also, why is there Peach, Daisy, Amy & Blaze (ne of the worst quartets ever)?!

Princess Daisy's main rival should've been Tails, not Blaze.

Crappiest team ever! Also the most disgraceful.

No wonder Princess Peach, Daisy and Amy Rose are pissants!

This team sucks because they are so weak and can't do anything. Daisy is good though and so is Rosalina.

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2 Heroes' Team

Wasn't Amy Rose supposed to be part of the team as Luigi's main rival?! He sure was, especially everywhere in Western Canada.

Mario, nah, luigi, nah knuckles, nsh sonic, THE BEST

3 Wild Ones Team

Bowser's main rival is supposed to be Knuckles, especially since Knuckles took steroids in Sonic Boom.

Why are all the Power-type characters male anyway?

Rosalina may be a Power-type athlete.

Bowser jr, sonic, diddy kong, and knuckles

4 Tricksters Team

Mario, sonic, shadow, diddykong

5 Challengers Team
6 Random Team
7 Power Type Team
8 All Around Type Team

Luigi's main rival was supposed to be Amy Rose.

Mario will eventually be a Power-type, Luigi eventually being a Speed-type, Amy Rose eventually being a Stamina-type & Blaze the Cat being a Skill-type.

9 Skill Type Team
10 Speed Type Team

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11 Rival Team

Luigi's main rival was supposed to be Amy Rose.

Mario will eventually be a Power

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