Top Ten Worst Maritime Disasters

There are many, many more. These ten caught my attention...

The Top Ten

1 MV Wilhelm Gustloff (January 30,1945)

German ship evacuating mostly civilians, soldiers, and Nazi officials sunk in the Baltic Sea by the Soviets killing over 9,400 (5,000 of whom were children). - Blue_Devereaux

2 MV Dona Paz (December 20, 1987)

The only ship that so called as Titanic that the only survivors that know how to swim can survived... Only in the Philippines that have most number deaths in a sea tragedy.

Phillipino ferry that collided with another ship causing the Dona Paz to catch fire killing over 4,375. - Blue_Devereaux

3 RMS Lusitania (May 7, 1915)

British ocean liner headed toward NYC when it was torpedoed by the Germans. Nearly 1,200 died when it sunk in 18 minutes hastening America's entry into WWI when public opinion moved from isolationism to intervention. - Blue_Devereaux

4 SS Sultana (April 27, 1865)

Steam operated paddlewheeler whose boilers exploded sinking the ship in the Mississippi River near Memphis, TN. Over 1,600 killed making it the worst American maritime disaster in history. - Blue_Devereaux

5 SS Mont Blanc (December 16, 1917)

The French ammunitions cargo ship exploded in the Halifax harbor killing 2,000 and injuring 9,000 more when part of the city of Halifax was leveled by the 2.9 kiloton explosion. - Blue_Devereaux

6 RMS Titanic (April 15, 1912)

Even though it didn't cause the most deaths, the Titanic disaster is easily the most famous shipwreck of all time.

You know what happened. 1,517 died. - Blue_Devereaux

7 RMS Lancastria (June 17, 1940)

British Cunard ocean liner commandeered by the British government during the war. Sunk by the Germans off the coast of France as she was trying to evacuate British nationals and troop from France after Dunkirk. Over 4,000 died making it the worst British maritime disaster and the worst single engagement loss of life for Britain in WWII. - Blue_Devereaux

8 MV Le Joola (September 26, 2002)

Senegalese ferry that sank off the coast of Gambia killing 1,863. - Blue_Devereaux

9 SS Principe Umberto (June 8, 1916)

Italian ocean liner pressed into military service that was sunk by an Austro-Hungarian U-boat killing 1,926. - Blue_Devereaux

10 Iosif Stalin (December 3, 1941)

Soviet passenger ship commandered by the military that struck a mine and sunk off the coast of Finland. Nearly 4,000 died. - Blue_Devereaux

The Contenders

11 Kursk (August 12, 2000)
12 HMHS Britannic (November 21, 1916)

A hospital ship that hit a mine in world war 1

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