Top Ten Worst Mary Sues In Fanfiction

What is the worst Mary Sue of all time in your opinion?

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1 Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

Basically the original Sue. She's got everyone in love with her, is absolutely perfect in every way, dresses in way-too-revealing clothes, everyone who hates her is punished, and is way too OP.

I've only heard of her because someone stole her character for this Foster's Home fanfic called "The Darkness of My Heart"
Except she was called Marie Bloody Ebony D'arkness. That fanfic was basically My Immortal if it were in the Foster's universe.

This girl... she is the bloody DEFINITION of Mary Sue. Ask anyone what a Mary Sue is, and they'll instantly reply with "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way". It's that bad.

This story has GOT to be a joke, right? Well, I really hope so. I almost pity the author if not.

2 Cleo Kapenelli

I just read her yesterday and WOW does this 13 year old teenager not know what a Mary Sue is. She said it's someone who is impossible to kill and her's isn't just because she's REALLY x( insert number here ) HARD TO KILL! She is the EXACT definition of both arrogant and stupid

Just...just no. If you make a mary-sue, can you at least respect the English language whilst you're at it?

A lazy recolor created by an obnoxious 13 year old.

Those hair highlights though

3 Twila Beautiful Psycho Topaz Cullen

She and her 'true love' marry by surprise marriage, she kills Bella then EATS HER BED, to hide the evidence, states she is not a 'trol' she is a 'vampyre', Alice turns into a 'Psycho Lesbian' for one chapter, she has topaz eyes, (hence her fourth name)... god this is just a troll fic.

Words alone cannot express the brain cells I lost reading this fic. Probably because I lost the use of words along with every word I read.

She calls Tara Gilesbie a 'grate riter'. Do I really need to say anything else? 'Twila the girl who waz in love with a Vampyre' truly is a sue master piece.

This should be at least in the top tens. At LEAST.

4 Bloom Luna

She's dating everyone across multiple universes and doesn't even look like she belongs in the universe of FNAF or the Puella Magi series! And her creator is a huge jerk and weeb who only says
"Foxy-kun! " and "Nya! " and obsesses over the stupid brogres!

She is the biggest Sue ever! I was surprised she isn't number one!

I wish this did not exist its like hell when you look at it

Just found her today and I hate her.

5 Starkit

The "perfect" monstrosity that falls in love with her great grandfather...

THIS is below Ginny Weasley? The world has lost sanity. Help!

She needs to be higher on the list my god

Eh. Why the flying #%$& is she so low on the list?

6 Rey Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by British actress Daisy Ridley. First appearing as the central character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child, and later becomes involved with the Resistance's more.

Oh. My. God... Rey should be number one! She beat a trained sith regardless of his injuries and knows the Falcon better than Han himself! Don’t even get me started on how she knows the force and how can she fly a ship if she was on Jake her entire life! Rey is ruining Star Wars for me, never let Disney take control...

One of the most shallow and poorly conceived characters. Its like she has the ability to drain the skills and abilities of people around her and be good at what they do.

Her picture is next the to the definition of Mary Sue. How hard would it have been to compile a couple of training montages?

Of course it's Rey. She's the dumbest mary sue of all time.

7 Reicheru

Reicheru is hillarious and so...out there. She gave birth in a Mexican Resturant to a God and went back to school like nothing happened. She is related to a lot of people and got knocked up by Inuyasha...and for some reason Goku is her father? And Korra can make rock dildos?

Half vampire, half demon, killed her mother when she was a baby, lives in anime world with Inyuasha, Korra, and many more, and eventually gives birth to a goddess. That's a Sue right there.

Some unknown abomination that is apparently an all powerful goddess who cheats on Denmark with Inuyasha yet nobody calls her out or cares. Amazing.

A neko girl with brown hair and teal bangs is dating Denmark from Hetalia whom she calls "Denny-Kun" works for the Yakuza despite being only 17 then cheats on Denmark with Inuyasha without consequence, yet she has the nerve to hypocritically slut-shame Lucy from Elfen Lied. Korra is a Mexican "angle." If that isn't a Sue I don't know what is.

8 Bella Swan

Bella swan is a TERIBBLE role model for girls, and is in an abusive relationship that is made out of lust, not love. Also, she is kinda rude and acts openly mortified when people do nice things for her. I don't really think she thought about how she hurt other people.

Would award her the Maryest of Mary Sue's, but her daughter took that title from her—now she's just a Mary Sue famous for being popular and the worst writing in history. I'd almost argue that she doesn't belong here because she's not a fanfiction created character, but let's be honest,the entire Twilight Saga is basically just a crappy fanfic that had the unfortunatence of getting published and out to the public.

Wait a minute, isn't Bella Swan a canon character in the Twilight series? If I could remember clearly..

How is she lower than Ginny Weasley for god's sake! The world. It has lost its humanity.

9 Princess Elizabeth the Hedgehog

This character is as atrocious as her creator's behavior--both need to be sealed away for the safety of humanity.

One of the more well-known characters in Mary Sue-dom. Awful design, awful bio, awful creator.

She the worst

10 Atlantiana "Tiana" Rebekah Loren

Falls in love with Edward, long name, ridiculously pretty, constantly denies being pretty, the usual Sue traits.

She’s just as bad as Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way. I’m serious.
For anyone who doesn’t believe me, read Forbidden fruit: the temptation of Edward Cullen.

The Contenders

11 Ginny Weasley

She was so much better in the books. All you haters, go read the books for God's sake! She was a little feisty girl who was a MAJOR geek over Harry Potter. She became good in Quidditch only because she stole her Brother's brooms and practiced. I bet she failed millions of times before she even was able to get a foot in the air. Being able to cough is in her blood! Have you noticed that Ron was able to imitate Bloody Baron? Her only friends were Luna and Hermione. Come on, how many boys liked her before Harry? Two! And they were really shaky relationships. Really tough, funny and skilled? If you're saying she's boring for that, you're basically hating on Harry and Ron. Ron and Fred and George and Charlie were awesome at Quidditch as well! Talented witch? The Golden Trio were that too! She trained as well. You're hating on Hermione saying this! In the movies, Harry and Ginny's relationship was shallow and stupid, kinda like the way that Ron was portrayed as stupid comic relief! In the ...more

Awesome at Quidditch, so pretty that numerous boys liked her, popular, really tough, funny, skilled at lying, is a "good" actress because she can cough like Umbridge, and was a very talented witch. Have to agree with this one. After her first few years, she wasn't shy or naive anymore and had pretty much no flaws. The perfect image of a Mary Sue.

No... Just no.
So I was watching the movies and all that and then out off nowhere Ginny was kissing Harry! All I did was blink!

Seriously? Why is she even on this list, when it says "Top Ten Mary Sues in Fanfiction"? How did she even get on this list? Goddammit, Harmoanians.

12 Jenna Silverblade

This would have been a great and interesting story if it was the story of Jenna usurping Princess Zelda. But no, it was wasted on Tiger sex motifs!

Tigers this, tigers that. Jenna is so annoying and too perfect!

13 Ariana Black

Nothing goes wrong for this girl! She has "superpowers" as an empath (what the HELL is an empath?! ), everyone loves her, Voldemort (yes Voldemort) decided she was more important than Harry and went after her instead...the list goes on and on. And she actually admits that she's better than everyone else. I would like her to just die in a fire.

14 Dark Yagami

Absolutely deserves to be here. Maybe even a bigger Sue/Stu than Enoby, but the fic is so convoluted that nobody can really tell.

Seriously? Dark Yagami? That is obviously just Light Yagami turned dark.

Related to a canon character and everyone loves him. I haven't read this fic in a while, though.

15 Nina The Killer

Obvious result of fangirls writing a self-insert. It's glaringly obvious just by looking at her name. I know little about her except her appearance, but I can tell she's not gonna be likes by me.

I like Jane a lot better than her. And Nina's ponytail makes her look like Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica

@Below Dipped in rainbows, covered in sugar, and put into a flower shop.

It's 'ok' when there is two 'the killer' s(jeff and Jane) but three is overkill!

16 Brellisia Sparkel

"Literally the worst, a newcomer (is only like two days old lol) and already cancer. The creator is ten years old, and when she was told that she had to be thirteen she started lying and saying that she was 13.

Just looked up this piece of crap. I want to die.

Just... look her up on Deviantart. Huge sue.

NEEDS MORE VOTES. Stop the Sue before it spreads.

17 Sara Star

Listen to this, folks! She's a shinobi, stronger than legendary Pokemon, half demon, half angel, same name as the author, richest person in the whole world, best friends with canon, abandoned by her parents, all that jazz! Isn't she PERFECT?

18 Sonichu Sonichu is allegedly the most powerful anime character of all time. He was created by Christine Weston Chandler, mostly well-known as Chris-Chan in the Sonic the Hedgehog community. It's a combination of Sonic and Pikachu, which makes him unstoppable.

Thank you for reminding me of this abomination from the deepest depths of hell -_-

19 Kara Suman Hamilton

Thank God that the author stopped updating her story
She’s the long lost daughter of Maria Reynolds and Alexander Hamilton who travels back in time to 1776 (the duel was in 1804 by the way, but the author has never read a history book and it’s super obvious)
She turned Maria into a useless drunk witch, and Laurens, Laf, and Herc into idiotic creeps only there to have you-know-what with Kara.
She’s also a witch with magic powers who is traveling back in time for ‘family fun’ aka sex with her DAD! Google this abomination for yourselves, it’s worse than words can describe

I really hope this person actually did research on Hamilton
There's a bloody MUSICAL on Hamilton
Please do not waste your time reading this fanfic
It's horrible

If this isn’t a troll Sue, the author needs mental help. She’s OP, described as “your average 1800s girl” despite wearing a MINISKIRT! Burn this horrid trash heap

20 Alex

Creator is awful, and the character got pregnant at 13, apparently. Also a self-insert, a goth, a diclonius, a Panty and Stocking recolor, and dating guys who are way too old for her.

The only thing I'm ok with is the name, and even that's overused to all oblivion.


My name's Alex and I'm starting to feel ashamed of using it...

21 Jessica Hawk

Hunger Games OC, as good as Katniss and Gale, lives with the Everdeens, her traits are EXTREMELY sueish, is dating Gale, uses VERY overused weapons, has a VERY overused District and backstory, and shes so good she could have fixed the entire plot by volunteering and killing everyone the first day. Dear god.

22 Elena Gilbert

"Every road leads back to Elena" and ruins every character involved with her. Her death seriously would contribute a lot more than any of her status as a doppelgänger.

23 Hayley Marshall
24 Angel McCloud Madain Aran

Obviously one of the WORST so far! She has the most clíche and ridiculous backstory story, non-flawed body, her adoptive parent is Samus Aran but is a Arctic Vixen/angel, and if Fox McCloud's wife. She HATES Krystal and wants to call out on her every time she makes a story. She is probably the most terrible self-insert in fanfiction.

I've read her fanfictions before, and oh god, everyone is hilariously out of charecter (especially when it comes to writing Krystal). She writes Krystal as a mean and envious girlfriend who is a slut. It's actually very funny unintentionally.

25 Kisara Haruno

Just read this fanfic of cliches and an annoying little Mary Sue who is classified as "different":

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