MLPFan Reviews - Mika Koizumi (OC Character)

MLPFan Hello everyone! Today I'm going to write a review of a character. She's an OC. I know, I should've pick the mary sue queen(Bella Swan)to be reviewed, but I don't watch or read Twilight. And I don't plan to do so anyway. So I'm gonna review an OC Instead. Enjoy!
1)How I saw the character
So back then when I was a fan of the B-Daman franchise, I was looking for some good fanfics of the said anime on wattpad. And I found one that says 'First Love'. So I thought, "Why not?". And I read the book. To my impression, the story wasn't that bad. Except the character to be Samuru's love interest, turns out to be an OC. And pretty much the only one In It for now. She's a b-shot too, like everyone. But this is a review and It shouldn't be that short. Plus, I'm also going to measure her sue meter. Just to see :P
This Mika character's design is far different from everyone else. She wears a shiny magenta vest with crystals, a prussian blue skirt, grey leggings, and heeled ankle boots. Her hair is also the same, It's blonde with rainbow highlights and ombre and the lower parts of her hair was curled in ringlets, while the upper parts were left straight. She also wears a bow shaped hair clip and has pink coloured eyes.
It's a shame however, as the designs are too much to be honest. Not really bad, but too much and kind of amateurish 😕
3)Personality and the character
Mika is a sweet girl whose also really unique compared to others. That's it. She also has no idea where her parents are and her sister lives far away from her. She also has the ability to slip notes in heart shaped rose crystals that can only be find by the lucky guy. She also cries or throws a tantrum a lot when she's embarrassed(hey! We all do, but It's just kind of irritating). Seriously, It's getting obnoxious now.
Also now I'm guessing that once there are more chapters and the story gets "developed" It turns out that her parents are the king and queen of a rainbow kingdom and her sister who lives far away was a fake sister who tries to kill her because Mika is the long lost princess of the rainbow kingdom who was supposed to be(or presumed)dead, but turns out to be alive, and lost her memories and the fake sister wanted to take the throne. And then with the help of her earth friends(and a crystal rainbow dragon, which was Dragrom's true form once Mika regains her memories of being a princess)she managed to destroy the threats of the evil fake sister, and she can return to her kingdom, reunite with her parents and became a princess again. And Samuru became her loyal knight and they live happily ever after. Oh! What a plot twist! But actually was pretty obvious.
In other words, I saw Mika as a pathetic, dull, and whiny character with a predictable back story. She was also quite annoying. Seriously. Typical generic new girl in town character. And her characterisation was also pretty uninteresting. A good character should have a set of flaws, a goal for why are they doing such things(unless they're filler characters. While MIKA is the FEMALE LEAD of this story) and her back story shouldn't be so sad, It can be somewhat sad, but don't make it go like "And they didn't knew If they have parents or not because they were separated from them" or "The character was abused emotionally and physically as a child and saw someone get beheaded in person! That's so tragic, right?!" As that would make the character somehow clichè. Considering how many characters in any series have that kind of back story. And no, I'm not whining for character development yet, as the story is still on chapter 2. Maybe if the story is a lot longer and she doesn't get development, I would ask for development on her character.
4)Is she a mary sue?
I think she Is. Yeah, the story isn't even finished yet, but from the first two chapters It's pretty obvious. She's beautiful, she's dearly loved/well liked by everyone in the story(except the evil sister if my predictions are right), she dresses uniquely, she's talented at acrobatics, she can do front flips on tree branches despite that her shoes wouldn't support so, she's pretty much the only character that has a boyfriend in the story, and worse of all, the writer of the fanfic gave her a dragon type B-Daman, making her the only female B-shot with a Dragon type B-Daman. Oh and the Dragrom is also a special type because she mastered power and control with It, and it's improving on rapid fire. It also has a finishing move that forms a reflection of a rainbow, meanwhile other B-damans don't(I think), so cool right?(sarcasm). Really, try to think of another flaw she has other than crying too much. I bet most of you guys couldn't.
I found her as an annoying, OP and whiny character who twisted how B-Daman crossfire should've been. It should've been about a skilled veteran b shot named Samuru and a newbie named Riki, two b shots with a dragon type b-daman who were rivals until the rise of Dragold at the end(spoilers). Not about Samuru with some mary sue OC! I know that this is the first time the author writes, but why does It have to be a whiny perfect brat who can only whore for attention while wearing rainbows?!
Rating for the character:7.5 out of 10.0
Notes: While the main concept of the character may seem interesting, It became covered with the characters nearly flawless self and It's rather dull characterization. She should've been made into a side character OC instead
I hope that this won't upset anyone and won't start online fights as these reviews are judged by personal preferences and personal opinions. Thank you


Nice character rant. I was actually planning to be one of the first people to do a character rant blog post series, but it seems you beat me to it. Impressive. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Awesome! - TwilightKitsune

You should do more reviews like this. Do one on Madoka, Sayaka, Homura or Sakura! - TwilightKitsune

I'll do one for the annoying Serena. Mwahahahhahah! - MLPFan

MWAHAHA you're more evil than I thought Sartika. Keep it up! - TwilightKitsune

What a mary sue. Where's Mika from? - visitor

You can read my comment below 😊 - MLPFan

For those who don't know where Mika is from, she's from a Fanfiction in Wattpad named 'First Love- A Cross Fight B-Daman Fanfiction' and A Mary sue is a character who barely has flaws and is too perfect. I see Mika as a mary sue because she gets too many compliments from other characters, she seems overly OP(especially she was said to be a new B-shot! And how come she can have rainbow reflections, when no one else had stuff like that on their B-Damans' emblem charge! ), she wears rainbows and crystals, pink eye irises(unless they were explained to be from contact lenses, It will still count because natural pink eyes are rare), and her purpose in the story is just so the writer can show off her OC to readers and make her a bigger mary sue OC by pairing her with a canon character. In fact, the story it self is just about showing off the writer's OC and pair the OC to a canon character. Lame -_- - MLPFan

And I find how insanely powerful and skilled she and her B Dman are when they were said to be new at B Daman as really unrealistic - MLPFan

How do people like her? - visitor

I honestly don't know why people like Mika as well, but here are my guesses:
1)People nowadays just accept pretty much anything they were given; which includes an annoying, crappy character
2)They don't know any better character
3)Fanfic Fans in Wattpad love cheesy and cringy Canon Character X OC fanfics.
It's a shame that the fanfic isn't popular, because If It was I think most would've found Mika annoying - MLPFan

I think I should make a kisekae for Mika.. she was described as beautiful and I wanna see it for my self..
Link to Kisekae - MLPFan

Mary sues, mary sues, everywhere. I'm just hate Canon X OC. The romance fanfiction are chessy and boring. It always have happy ending. Chessy. And OC makes the romance fanfics are worse! My favorite romance fanfic type is emotional yet angsty romance fanfic (watch "Cendrillon" Miraculous Ladybug by LuciaSalatina on Youtube. Link: (paste the link) v=FkA4gyJrs5s) - visitor

Oh and I forgot..
Bella Swan: both are mary sueish, so If you think Mika is annoying as heck(I said heck 'because of censorship), then you would find Bella annoying too!
Lenalee: I haven't saw D Gray Man, but from what I heard Lenalee is a useless mary sue. So you might want to check Lenalee out!
Shirley Fennete: Both are possibly mary sues, while they can get a bit moody sometimes and some small "flaws", both can also make you wish that they're real and you have a crow bar In hand to beat them up! Cool, right? And bonus points, they both are the love interests(Mika is a yes, While Shirley is a part of Lelouch's harem) of the male protagonist! CO-O-OOOL!
Bloom(Winx): to be honest, When I read about Mika she remind me of Bloom. Both have bad "misterious" pasts, both are pretty, both are dearly loved by everyone, both are unusually powerful, both have cool boy friends, and etc. So yeah
Miyuki Shiba: Both are mary sues, and lack actual flaws that would impact on the story. Miyuki's "flaw" is being unable at melee combat, but It doesn't impact on the story that much as she's still this powerful, pretty, smart, popular, amazing girl who everyone loves. Same how Mika's "flaw" are only lacking the ability of rapid fire and crying when she's embarrassed, but neither impact the actual story that much because at the end, everyone befriends her and (pretends to speak as Mika, no she did NOT say this) who cares about Rapid Fire? I mastered power AND control! My B daman is a special type, and It's a dragon one and It's the only B daman that can make rainbows out of emblem charge attacks so far. And also, I'm the only female b shot with a dragon b daman! And have you saw the first time I played? It was SO cool! So, That was at my first day as a b shot and out of nowhere, I can go all "Emblem charge" and blah blah blah.. and then as my Dragrom's B animal races through the targets, rainbows were made out of thin air and everyone was like ", I can't even do that...". (Stops).. And still, Like Miyuki, Mika is also portrayed as this pretty, popular, strong, amazing girl who everyone loves.
Any other ideas of reccomendations? - MLPFan

Do nan nan nan nan nan nan nan BATMAN!

JK. Do a Disney Channel or Nick Live Action character like Jessie from Jessie - TwilightKitsune

Forgot this:
•Rose Cinderella (Regal Academy): She is a granddaughter of Cinderella. She gets everything. She can't solve her problems, instead, her problems get solved by her friends. She gets many attention. She always treated better by her grandma (Cinderella) that ironically is a headmistress in Regal Academy. - visitor

Looking her appearances, I can't imagine Mika's looks. It looks too over. - visitor

Yeah. And my computer crashes and glitches a lot nowadays. So I can't go on kisekae because despite how I have a browser that supports Adobe Flash on my phone (Puffin Browser), Using my phone to make the kisekae would be a bit hard.. Well, If my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note, then It would be a bit easier, but It's not - MLPFan

I just hope the writer doesn't know thetoptens... - MLPFan

Oh and I took a mary sue litmus test for her and her total is 288. Yup, that's a mary sue all right - MLPFan

@MLPfan: 288?! WHAT THE PAWS?! She should deserved as a "Queen Of Mary Sue"! - visitor

Yup. She Is a mary sue. And the score to get the result 'mary sue' is 50+
So, I guess that makes her either 'Queen Sue' or 'semi godmode sue'(I wouldn't call her godmode yet, though).
I also think that she's the author's wish fulfillment tool. - MLPFan

The best Mika is Mikaela Hyakuya - TwilightKitsune

I agree with you 😊 - MLPFan

I can't belive there's a DR2 character named Mahiru (Ultimate Photographer) who has similar surname like her. - visitor