Top Ten Worst Mary Sues In Fanfiction

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21 Mira

From that FNaF wattpad comic 'Broken Memories'. She's a typical person. She's such a flawless brat.

22 Angel McCloud Madain Aran

Obviously one of the WORST so far! She has the most clĂ­che and ridiculous backstory story, non-flawed body, her adoptive parent is Samus Aran but is a Arctic Vixen/angel, and if Fox McCloud's wife. She HATES Krystal and wants to call out on her every time she makes a story. She is probably the most terrible self-insert in fanfiction.

23 Renesmee Carlie Cullen

You thought Bella was a Mary Sue? Well, have you met her daughter? Because she is the most perfect specimen. At first she's the most unique creature to exist, but then demoted to most unique creature of her species. Everyone who meets her falls in love almost at cult status. She can never get hurt, never throws a tantrum, never does anything but exist and yet everyone treats her like the second coming of Jesus. To me no one will trump this blatant Mary Sue there only because of lazy writing and antiquated gender roles.

24 MarryAnn Maleficent
25 Ivy Smith
26 Antonina "Nina" Jackson
27 Ticci Toby

The writer doesn't even know what Tourettes is! The only time they show up is in backstory to explain that he had an oh-so-tragic childhood and had to be homeschooled. Also, his big sister Lyra died. Also, he's a proxy. MASKY AND HOODIE ARE SLENDERMAN'S PROXIES. YOU DON'T NEED TO INSERT YOURSELF WITH THE POPULAR PEOPLE. Also, you don't kill people just because voices in your head tell you to. That's unrealistic, even if your dad was a jerk, you still have a blood connection to him. And it appears we're supposed to feel sorry for him. Dude, we're shown nothing that tells us we should feel sorry for him.
And gas mask and googles. For no reason. Stop trying to be edgy. Of course, it could be because he MAY have died in a fire, or may have been saved by Slenderman. Either way, even more Mary Sue-ish.

28 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you such a perfect character she is on a list about Fanfiction characters!

29 Mika Koizumi V 1 Comment
30 Sonichu Sonichu
31 Bailey the Skeleton

(Undertale)I do not want to be mean, but you should search it yourself. Bailey was a complete Sans ripoff and she has befriended all the characters in Undertale. It was not mentioned, but the creator's other art shows something of her being in a relationship with W.D Gaster, Who is dead, How can you marry a dead person? She hates Chara and anything relating to her, and her weakness is not mentioned either. I will tell you more of the creator's bad stuff later, I am currently getting a headache.

32 Kamora Eudora

A very well known and ship thirsty Mary Sue that hops around in the twitter, deviantart and Tumblr community. Even worse than those sue, is her mun...

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