Top Ten Worst Masterchef Elimination Test Dishes

The Top Ten

1 Lynn, Season 4 - Baked Meringue with Banana Purée

While it was a fluke, it was definitely the worst dish on MasterChef...

2 Stephani, Season 5 - Lamb Meatloaf with Blue Cheese Sauce and Couscous

I hate how Stephani was so nonchalant about sounded disgusting...

3 Darah, Season 6 - Anise Cinnamon Rolls with Lemon Zest, Clove and Cinnamon Icing

Sounded weird, and so raw...

4 Veronica, Season 6 - Hungry Man's Dinner

A T.V. dinner is hard to elevate, but it's hard to completely screw up on a dinner you've had for 59 years.

5 Slim, Season 1 - Passion Fruit Fondue with Lamb, Shrimp and Fruit

Who puts ginger in a fondue?

6 Tali, Season 3 - Pistachio, Cranberry, Cherry and Gooseberry Risotto

Not sure if it's this dish or not, but I remember Gordon Ramsay saying to this guy, "It's Masterchef, not masturbate! "

You could put pretty much any of Tali's dishes on this list. All but like one of them were so bad.

7 Alvin, Season 2 - Coffee Filled Beignets with Coffee Chicory Pudding
8 Krissi, Season 4 - Fried Catfish with Bacon and Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus

She was so mean to bri...

9 Dave, Season 3 - Risotto of Morel and Portobello Mushrooms
10 Suzy, Season 2 - Glazed Pork Belly with Spaetzle and Gravy

One of the worst sauces that Gordon Ramsay has tasted in his entire life.

The Contenders

11 Max, Season 2 - Stack of 15 Crepes

He thought it was genius but it was the opposite of genius

12 Justin, Season 6 - Corn Pâte À Choux with Canned Corn Filling
13 Erryn, Season 2 - Truffle Steak
14 D'Andre, Season 7 - Braised Lamb Tongue with Salad and Mustard Seed Caviar

Honestly, I almost laughed when I see this dish. And the funny thing is that the mustard seeds are mistaken for caviar. Haha!

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