Worst Mega Man Games

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1 Mega Man X7

Mega Man X is a mistake overall! Also, the game is so annoying! Where is Mega Man X9 & Mega Man 11? Why are there Sonic & Mega Man crossovers?!

This game is often considered the bottom of the barrel by fans of the X series. To me, though, it was a guilty pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it has tons of problems (why should you have to unlock the main character!? ), but I still found it tolerable.

Mega Man has always been supposed to have an Australian accent!

I just want to say that megaman 9 is the most overrated (but still good) classic megaman game. This game is really frustrating. I would have accept 9's popularity if it wasnt for the fact that megaman and bass is super easy in comparison and that people still dislike this game because of its difficulty. What I mean is either megaman and bass should be more appreciate or megaman 9 should get the same threatment as this last game (which is being consider one of the worst megaman games of all time)

2 Mega Man X6

I've never encountered such stupid level design. A lot of them are frustrating, but the second sigma stage is likely the worst video game stage I have ever played. Not only is it incredibly cheap and annoying, but there's a place towards the end of the stage where you literally can't pass if you picked the armor without the air dash. You actually have to die and restart the level.

Almost everything about this game sucks. The level design, the plot, the sloppy English translation the NIGHTMARE SYSTEM and the overall design and execution of the game. Only the music is a redeeming quality here. Every other good point is too insignificant to make a difference. It's that bad.

The whole Mega Man X series sucks anyways! Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide?! That is bull! Sonic & Mega Man don't make cool combinations anyways!

Why are 4&X5 higher? Those games were awesome. X6 though is worse than X7

3 Mega Man Network Transmission
4 Mega Man ZX: Advent

This game is awesome! X7 should be Number One.

5 Mega Man 8

This one wasn't that bad. I really liked it! - keyson

The only thing bad about this is the english dub.

The weakest game in the entirety of the original series.

Bad voice acting but besides that not bad

6 Mega Man 6

Dude, Mega Man 6 was perfect! This is one of the best Mega Man games ever!

I love this game a lot, but it is the worst out of all the other Classic Mega Man games. I mean, this game...

Literal perfection is a good term to describe Mega Man 6.

7 Mega Man 4

No save points therefore making the game suck

Too hard

8 Super Adventure Rockman

This game is UNDERRATED!

9 Mega Man X5

Zero Actually Died In The Game R.I. P Zero 20XX-22XX Plus he's Still A Alive In The X6, X7&Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

10 Mega Man II (Game Boy)

The Music Sounds Like It Came from A Dying Cat! But Besides, It’s Fine, I Guess...

Awesome Game! Mega Man Is Too Big Though...

Not to bad of a game... - Mememaker

The Contenders

11 Mega Man: Battle Network

Yes. Battle Network is crap.
That's really all I can say.

12 Mega Man 64

This game started to make Mega Man a more boring franchise. Also, Sonic & Mega Man does not make a great crossover franchise, & worse, it happened - mostly on overall the terrible Archie Comics.

The original Mega Man Legends was a great game. But the Nintendo 64 port was terrible. It was shortened to fit on the cartridge, has lackluster sound quality, and poor controls.

Mega Man 64 vs. Super Mario 64

Mario 64 wins!


13 Mega Man Zero 3
14 Mega Man 7
15 Mega Man: Battle Network 4

The sprites were super ugly and eye-boggling in this game. The story was trash. There was an obvious drop in quality compared to previous games in the series.

This game is...not very good, to say the least. But why do they have two versions? Yes, Battle Network 3 also had two versions, but that was only due to the original Japanese version of Rockman.EXE 3 (or BN3 White, for Americans) was so glitchy that Rockman.EXE 3 Black (BN3 Blue) had to exist. Was it because of Pokemon always having versions, so they thought it would be more profitable? Did seem to work, since 1.35 million copies of Battle Network 4's versions have been sold, but was it really necessary other than small version-exclusive things?

16 Mega Man Battle Network 2
17 Mega Man: Battle Network 3: Blue
18 Rockman Dash
19 Mega Man

The worst of the NES games - Frouze

Who put this on. Come on it has Cutman for goodness sake

20 Mega Man 3 (PC)

Garbage robot masters are just cheap rescind of other robot masters

I can't be the only person who's currently seeing "spider-man 3" on PC as the image for this game

Different picture please

Spoilers:Mega Man meets Spider Man - Mememaker

21 Mega Man: Battle Network 5
22 Mega Man 5

This is the most rushed and horrible Mega Man game ever.

Just terrible

23 Mega Man: Battle Network 6
24 Mega Man X

I'm sorry what the hell even IS the comment below me?

There should be Mario X, not Sonic X & Mega Man X!

& Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide is NOT cool at all!

Also, Mega Man X is a bad franchise!

& Roll is always Mega Man's little sister, even in Battle Network!

Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide will be much cooler than Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide!

So vote for Mario X & Pac-Man X!

What's wrong with X? - Frouze

I liked this game for what it is, but it is SOOO hated.

25 Mega Man Soccer

This is a cool idea. I didn't like it myself, but I can see why someone else could.

Most rushed mega man game

26 Mega Man X8

The graphics! MY EYES! They are bad! You don't even fight Sigma at the end! Why Capcom Why?!?!?! - Frouze

27 Mega Man ZX
28 Mega Man & Bass

Definitely the worst the classic series has gotten. The robot masters were good, but the cheap difficulty ultimately makes this a horrible game. GOOD. RIDDANCE!

Mega man and Bass is the lowest of the low for Mega man. It's cheap level design and nightmarish robot masters (I'm looking at you, Dynamo Man) make this game a chore to play. Don't bother with this one.

How about "Mario & Bass"?

What?! Mega Man & Bass was great! My only problem was it's overall diffculty. It makes Mega Man 1 look like a cake walk.

29 Mega Man 9


30 Mega Man 10
31 Mega Man X4
32 Mega Man 2

This game is VERY weak and has terrible weapon balancing and stages. I don't have a clue why people put it at the top of every "Best Mega Man games" list. Mega Man 9 is basically Mega Man 2 if it was done properly.

Boring game, barely any masters

This game is often considered one of the greatest of all time you have no taste - Bennyyy


33 Mega Man (PC)

If anyone has played this, they know.


34 Mega Man (Game Gear)
35 Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara No Chousensha

Otherwise known as Mega Man & Bass: Challenger From The Future (or MM&B2), this "game" was a short attempt at bringing the Blue Blomber and his rival to the ill-fated WonderSwan. There were many disgustingly designed stages and gimmicks, awful controls, and not even any original music; it was all taken from Mega Man & Bass.

Aircon Man equals air conditioner

36 Rockman Xover
37 Mega Man X2

Very cheap bosses especially with their weakness weapon. Meh level design. Worse music than x1 and x3.

38 Mega Man X3
39 Mega Man Legends 2
40 Mega Man Legends
41 Megaman III (Gameboy)
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