Worst Megadeth Songs

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21 Silent Scorn
22 High Speed Dirt

This is okay.

23 The Threat is Real

Hmm wrong - christangrant

Nope this is good
Never understood what makes this one of the worst songs of 2016 according to this website - christangrant

24 À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)

Yeah, I can get behind this. A 2nd version Á Tout Le Monde is just unnecessary. - AdamDestructorJr.

25 Amerikhastan

Not counting Risk ("Insomia", "Prince of Darkness"...), "Amerikhastan" is the worst song in Megadeth history... it's such a mess...

26 The Doctor is Calling
27 Psychotron
28 Guns, Drugs, & Money
29 Black Curtains
30 Mastermind
31 Kingmaker

This song is a rip off of children of the grave. Megadeth is so overrated. - Sabbath

32 Dawn Patrol
33 Return to Hangar

Its only on here because it's a sequel to Hangar 18 and nothing more - christangrant

No - christangrant

34 The Blackest Crow
35 99 Ways to Die

No - christangrant

36 These Boots V 1 Comment
37 Symphony of Destruction

Only idiots hate this song - christangrant

Who put this on the list?! I'll kill 'em!

During the chorus, Dave sounds like he has a lisp.

38 Liar
39 Dread and the Fugitive Mind
40 Duke Nukem Theme

Hell no - jack2244

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