Worst Megaman Robot Masters

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1 Top Man V 1 Comment
2 Plant Man
3 Toad Man

He's already easy enough when jumping, but if you wait for him to wiggle then instantly shoot him he won't attack. Just stand still repeat and watch him die.

Shoot him once, run to the other side when he jumps and keep doing that until he dies, but his weapon is like a screen nuke.

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4 Sheep Man

First of all, he's the most retarded robot in the history of mega man and how exactly is he supposed to help humanity. And really capcom sheep man?! It's so frustrating

Can you people shut up!? He was a dumb idea but he was still cool.

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5 Clown Man
6 Spring Man
7 Charge Man
8 Stone Man V 1 Comment
9 Bubble Man

If you have metal blades when fighting him he is a pushover, but bubble lead is useful.

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10 Junk Man

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? Hornet Man

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11 Splash Woman V 1 Comment
12 Quint V 3 Comments
13 Aqua Man
14 Hard Man

Do not misinterpret the name

15 Metal Man

He's so annoying but has the best weapon of all time in the history of mega man

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16 Oil Man
17 Pump Man

What the hell is this? I thought Mega Man was supposed to take place in the future. Well who still uses water pumps? Hydrant Man or Tap Man would've been better.
Oh well at least his weapon is decent.

18 Electric Man
19 Cut Man

You always fail at spelling kid.

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20 Fake Man

He's so stupid and that's it

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