Top 10 Worst Meghan Trainor Songs

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1 Dear Future Husband

Okay, please move this back to number 1. It's way worse than No. - DCfnaf

No! I love this song! - Ilovestephanie

I like this song

This Song Is Just Plain Bad - VideoGamefan5

2 No

She sounds like a robot when she sings this.

Bart baker parody is hilarious

Why do people like this song?

Hate this song. And the video! ugh! - AnonymousChick

3 Marvin Gaye

Screw You Too Puth - VideoGamefan5

Thankfully, Meghan actually sounds great in this song. However... it's just not a sexy song at all and failed spectacularly. Are we serious with "Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On"? Horrible and cheesy lyrics are littered all over the song, but that one is a special kind of insulting. Eeh. Also, I learned from live performances that Meghan can sing... but Charlie can't. He needs singing lessons desperately. - DCfnaf

4 Me Too

Admittedly, this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love dissing my younger brother by saying, "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too". Meghan's most savage song ever. Either way, I can admit the song is bad as well. Similar to No, Meghan gets a little lost in the song. It's meant to boost your self esteem by saying you're cool, but it sounds like she herself is trying to have an ego boost. Plus, the beats are EARBLEEDINGLY ANNOYING. It starts off like it's going to be great but then..."OH! " And the annoying bass line starts. God. It was also mentioned that wrote this song and if so...I would not be surprised because his beats give me a headache. Also, autotuned vocals all over it, and Meghan can do WAY better. Either way...I like to think of it as musical satire. The lyrics are hilarious. - DCfnaf

Why Is There Auto-Tune All Over It? , When I First Listened To It In May 2016, I Didn't Even Know What I Was Listening It - VideoGamefan5

This should be first!

I want to die.

5 Watch Me Do

This song sounds like something you would here on Wii Party U.

Look, you can hate on Me Too and No with all your might, but at least they tried to send a good message and they tried to be good. Watch Me Do is just stupid as all hell. She sounds really awful and the lyrics are obnoxious and stupid. "I ain't saying I'm the bestesses, but I got nice curves nice breastesses" is one of the stupidest lyrics in existence as well... - DCfnaf

6 All About That Bass

Her pronounciation was so bad that I though she was singing:
Its all about the bass baka blitz baka blitz non trouble.

This song is not good the only reason people enjoy is because it was an earworm with a dance to go along with it. Like souja boy or whip and Nae Nae - MRRANDOM

This Is Just A Fun Song To Dance To - VideoGamefan5

Yeah fun dance but retarded! - Spottedfern

7 Bang Them Sticks

Meghan really shouldn't make a rap song. She sounds way too similar to Nicki Minaj and it's just stomach churning. This song is very, very annoying like Watch Me Do - DCfnaf

8 Just a Friend to You

Meh. It's fine. A little petty, but it's fine. - DCfnaf

9 Title

I don't think this song is bad. I can have a fun time with it. - DCfnaf

Title Is A bad Title For A song - VideoGamefan5

10 I Love Me

A little annoying at times and the rapper is relied on. Just adding it so when I remix the list, I'll have enough entries. Not complete garbage to be honest. - DCfnaf

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11 3am

I don't hate this song either. - DCfnaf

12 Mr. Almost

This isn't really that awful. Lips are Movin is better though, even if this song isn't awful. - DCfnaf

These last ones aren't that bad, but it's a Top 10 so... - Martinglez

Mr. WHO? - VideoGamefan5

13 Credit

Same as Title, this isn't that bad. I always laugh at the "Doesn't stare at other boobies" line. - DCfnaf

14 Lips Are Movin'

I actually like this song. I don't really see what's sexist about exposing a man. He's not trustworthy and Meghan is done with his crap. So this is definitely her most over hated song. - DCfnaf

Not Gonna Lie, I Liked This At First, But Then It Got Overplayed - VideoGamefan5

I actually hate this song. - Ilovestephanie

15 No Excuses

This song is pure amazingness it’s so upbeat and it’s fun to listen to on a road trip

16 No Good for You

This is actually a good song, it's perfect to listen to if a girl gets a tragic heartbreak. - DCfnaf

17 Better When I'm Dancin' - Meghan Trainor

Glad this is at the bottom because this is one of her best songs. Relaxing, well-suited for Meghan, fun to dance to, stress-relieving...great job Meghan! - DCfnaf

Call Me Crazy But I Probably Only Like This Song Because Its From The Peanuts Movie - VideoGamefan5

... whoever put this here, I hate you... it makes me wanna dance... - Ilovestephanie

18 I'm a Lady

You're a lady? Gee, thanks for that THRILLING AND CRUCIAL PIECE OF INFORMATION. We TOTALLY couldn't tell that you're a lady. If you figured out that Meghan Trainor was a lady before this song was made, than you are the most brilliant genius to have ever walked the earth!

This is a great song! I like this song because she doesn't get lost in the song. Keep in mind that this song is for the Smurfs movie with Smurfette. - DCfnaf

19 Walkashame
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