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1 Cuphead Memes

They're too many and they do nothing but praise the game, like seriously add some variation guys. - Extractinator04

I really hate the Cuphead franchise and fandom.

I would punch them in the face for that.

All the cuphead character suck!

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2 Robert Jacob Edits

All it is is editing a Microsoft Paint drawing of a guy with a hammer. - Extractinator04

3 The Ting Goes Skrra

It's just some guy speaking gibberish. I know it's supposed to be ironic but people aren't using it like that. - Extractinator04

4 Pickle Rick Pickle Rick

There's nothing funny about Rick Sanchez as a pickled cucumber. - Extractinator04

It's just rick as a pickle. this was one of the stupidest r&m episodes ever. it's just morty, summer and the mom in the most blah therapy session ever, and pickle rick's action scenes were okay I guess but the concept of pickle rick is just on par with a prank you would play on your friend who has no taste.

5 Not You

There's no sense of humor, plus they are all overly biased. - Extractinator04

6 Any and All Web Comic Memes
7 Szechuan Sauce

The one and only meme that was big enough to get people to start PROTESTS over something so petty as a packet of dipping sauce! As much as I was one of those people who wanted to try out the Szechuan sauce, the way some other Rick and Morty fans reacted to it and resulted in this whole controversy was just downright unnecessary and unbearably stupid. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Stop crying over the fact you weren't there when they had cringe Rick & Mort meme sauce, guys. - Extractinator04

8 Boneless Pizza

Sorry, 2 liter machine broke - Spicygarlic

I personally love this one, actually, but there's no rhyme, reason, purpose, or punchline to it. - Extractinator04

This just makes no sense. I don't even get why this meme exists.

9 Thicc

Come on, guys, can you NOT POST IRONIC IMAGES OF OBESE CHARACTERS AND TAG IT AS "THICK"? It prevents me from seeing actual images of thick chicks. Yes, I know I have issues. I'm Trigger. - Extractinator04

10 Fidget Spinners


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11 Elf Practice

Yeah I don't get this one. - Extractinator04

12 You vs. the Guy She Tells You Not to Worry About
13 Portrayed by SpongeBob

HOLY GUACAMOLE I FORGOT TO ADD THIS ONE. None of them are bad, but there are much too many of these. Like, really, name how many "Video Games Portrayed by Sponge Bob" videos you have seen on the front page. - Extractinator04


It's uninnovative at best, and the only one I enjoyed was EmperorLemon's.

14 Extra Thicc Extra Thicc

I think that extra thicc in the picture is terrifying. But I will tell you about that Spongebob portrayal. It's about a scene of Spongebob related to other things (countries, games, characters, etc.). It does'nt make any sense. Also, some other scenes that does'nt related to some things (TTG and other bad stuff) was "in the nutshell" videos. Mostly I accidently vote Extra Thicc by finger but I wish I should vote Portrayed by Spongbob for my comments.

15 Cash Me Ousside / Howbow Dah Cash Me Ousside / Howbow Dah

How was this not already here? - 445956

16 Shooting Stars
17 Mocking SpongeBob
18 Autistic Screeching

Yes people, this actually exists. This is how low of a race we've gone to (now you see why aliens won't visit us).

19 Hanging/Stabbing memes

Enough said.

20 Oof
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