Worst Mental Disorders to Have


The Top Ten

1 Schizophrenia/Psychosis Schizophrenia/Psychosis

yes - superbuggati

2 Autism/Aspergers

Autism is like the Charlie Brown of mental disabilities it tries not to suck but it just does.

I have it and I honestly don't think it's something anyone should have. Just saying.

Don't talk yourself down just because you have a diagnosis. I'm diagnosed myself (Although my spectrum is mild) and I have my own share of problems, but I deal with it and I'm comfortable with who I am. - CrimsonShark

I have the autism that makes you repeat stuff over and over I just want to stop I can't u guys have no idea I normally do nine of everything cause I think its lucky

yes - superbuggati

3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Nothing wroung I don't know - superbuggati


Oh come on this break my heart I have - superbuggati

I have this.

5 Anxiety Disorder
6 Depression

How is this lower than autism? I have it myself, but I honestly don't really have any big problems with it. People with depression on the other hand... - Livirus

7 Dissociative Identity/Multiple Personality Disorder
8 Bipolar Disorder
9 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
10 Tourette's Syndrome

The Contenders

11 Eating Disorder
12 Misophonia
13 Gender Dysphoria
14 Sexual Maturation Disorder
15 Sensory Processing Disorder
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