Anxiety Disorders


I didn't know it at the time but when I was six my dad died. Then four years later my brother. Then two years later my Grandfather. All of this together led to anxiety. Absolute torture. I would find myself crying because my mother wasn't around when she went to meetings.

I would find myself in constant fear if I didn't tell my Mom I Loved her when she left. Even when she walked past I would say I love you about 10 times. It's the same for my whole family. The constant fear of being abandoned plagued me. All the panic attacks were horrific. All it was was nonstop crying.

I cried one time because my brother wouldn't go to the doctor with me because he was cured from Long QT type 3 and I wasn't. Then when I was 11 I went to a psychologist who diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder. And a possible Borderline Personality Disorder. Witch would make sense because I have all the symptoms of BPD too.

I felt like I couldn't eat, drink, sleep. I was constantly Paranoid. But if ...more

I have panic disorder and it has ruined my life. It caused me to feel like I was dying or going to pass out three times a day, not to mention the fear of having more panic attacks. I avoided fun social events (dances, football games, etc.), quit volleyball, and dropped out of high school. I avoid going out because of it. I'm practically home bound. The worst thing about panic disorder is that practically no one understands it. They just say "Get over it" or You're fine, stop." But in your head, you sure as hell ain't fine. The physical symptoms add to this living nightmare- heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, numbness, and sweating. They all resemble either an asthma attack or a heart attack. Panic disorder, you suck.

Anxiety Has Always Been A Huge Part Of my Life. Sometimes I Have to Distract Myself (Preferably With anything Minty to Chew On) Anxiety Attacks Me when I Stay in My House for a long Period Of time, Then Trying to Go out Without Loosing Any of my Meals By Throwing Up, Shaking, Crying And out. Anxiety Has a lot of symptoms To it. Sometimes I Feel my Stomach Growl or My Throat Closes and I Can't Breathe or I Feel like Gagging. This Disorder Doesn't Do me any Good Since I'm 15 and Have Depression to go along with it...

Co-occuring cases of depression and anxiety are a real wambo-combo. On one hand you're too depressed to do anything and on the other hand you're so anxious about all the thing you should or could be doing but aren't. Unless you some how magically managed to power through it, you eventually tire yourself out with the same anxious, cyclical thoughts and potentially a full on anxiety attack and at that point you're just too tired to even try. You used up all your energy for the day on some compulsive, counterproductive string of thoughts and feelings and you feel guilty about it. And even simple tasks are nerve wracking and seem insurmountable. It all boils down to a feeling of inadequacy and fear of inadequacy but knowing that you are inadequate. You feel you have to do something to make yourself better, but that effort and work and you're just too damn tired to do anything so you just sit on the couch and do nothing while you brew in your feelings of inadequacy. It's just a never ...more

This condition most definitely should be higher up. I have suffered from anxiety for 3 years after I told my family what had happened to me when I was 10 (I was sexually abused by my step dad). I can't do exams without having a mental break down, crying, sometimes I pass out. I constantly believe I'm not good enough, I feel fat and useless, my boyfriend tries to tell me everyday how beautiful I am, but I still don't seem to listen.

This disorder should most certainly be higher up. It can practically destroy your life, as you feel restless, panic about things that most people do not panic about and have both chronic indigestion and muscle tension headaches. Not to mention the fact that you are almost treated as a joke at school or at any workplace if you do have the disorder.

This type of disorder is horrifying, I have it. Too scared to do anything, often end up running away from social happenings to cry in a bathroom, often cry over humiliation, and always reflecting on EVERYTHING I did wrong in a social situation, and worrying how I'll be judged, it's HORRIBLE. People say it's not that bad, but it really is! This should definitely be higher on the list. - SnowPlume

Its like this horrible feeling and it stops you from doing things because it thinks its dangerous, and your always on high alert but when something does happen it feels like a wave of panic and fear, almost like a deer in headlights you see the shock and pure terror in our eyes and you don't understand how many thing are going through their brain

Anxiety just keeps getting worse. Believe me, living in fear and worry is pretty messed up and if you don't control it, you're screwed. I was only 12 when this crap started, and it's absolutely awful.

I have this disorder it makes you think Something will happen but really not symptoms are shortness of breathe fast heart beat and more don't worry to much or you will get this disorder

I keep getting thoughts of fear, I feel scared to drive, I feel people are watching me, and I also have a learning disability and that makes it much worse

Anxiety effects every part of my life from worrying about everything to panic attacks, from feeling paranoid and alone to being terrified of absolutely everything

I have this disorder and it can destroy my life but I can sometimes control it.

I have social anxiety, and I started to be diagnosed at August 2016. I have phobia of rejection.Sometimes I rather be alone and excluded myself from group. When I walk at the crowded place I'm felt heart racing, and everybody will looked and judged me. When I stress or overthinking I'll have lack of sleep and bring me to tiredness.

I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with a anxiety disorder. Constantly worrying about everything, always thinking I was worthless and being afraid of being laugh at. It have always ruining my life.

I have anxiety along with ADHD, autism and severe depression AT AGE 10 AND A HALF. I get anxious when others I find "dumb" are ahead of me. My brother has anxiety (and nothing else) even worse than mine. He gets anxious when he is being taken home by another parent. I can't help laughing, although it's no laughing matter. Help me

One disorder you don't want messes your life up feel like don't want to be here also feel like not human anymore

When I am even the tiniest bit scared, I start losing air, I can't breath, and I collapse to the floor clawing at my throat. My friends judge me and I don't even know what I'm supposed to do.

It's dreadful it makes you feel you are constantly being judged and it's like fire and constant torture

Its destroying me I don't feel human anymore

Social anxiety is so hard to live with.Imagine you have this feeling in the back of your head that everyone is watching you 24/7,every little move you make is being watched so long as you're in public.And then there are certain situations that will send me into a huge panic like meeting a new person, or having too much attention. Even one time in school we were presenting Powerpoints that told the class about ourselves and I didn't have to say one word,just let the thing play. But as soon as the teacher said I was next immediately I was wracked with fear and started breathing real quickly.I've gone so far as to make myself puke to get out of a choir concert because of how scared I was to have everyone watch me.And no matter how much people tell me that no one is paying as much attention to me as I think they are,I just can't shake the feeling. It doesn't help that my parents just think I'm shy and just need to socialize more when it just worsens things.

I have this and it's ruining my life. You know what the biggest problem is? I'm too afraid to ask for help.

Imagine everything around you spinning. Normal days don't feel normal. You wake up early. You kind of live in your own world.

Anxiety and Depression is the reason why I have insomnia for three weeks

Having anxiety disorders is overwhelming