Autism Spectrum Disorders


I have Asperger Syndrome.. It's terrible. I think this should be #3 and OCD should be #5. If you have insomnia as a normal person you might hallucinate a little. But without enough sleep while having Asperger Syndrome it's a ridiculous amount of hallucinations and different things. Just imagine being so lethargic (lazy) you don't want to even leave your house and don't often. Imagine trying as hard as possible and only getting failing grades. Imagine dark and demonic hallucinations just because you didn't sleep for 8 hr or longer. It's terrible. I can't carry anything without dropping, breaking, or spilling it. I can rarely get my self food because of how clutsy I am. I'm so uncoordinated that almost every time I step into the hallway at school I repeatedly trip over myself. I can't see myself playing sports because any time someone tells me to do something I'm confused. They can explain over and over and it confuses me. I basically also have no goals, motivation, empathy, or ...more

Its hard to live normally when you suffer from autism and the worst thing is that no one really understands you. I'm 16 years old and I feel like I've had communication problems all my life. People like to say I'm an introvert, and that I have very bad social skills, which is true because for someone like me, expressing thoughts and feelings is really hard. Understanding other people's emotion is like reading a chinese dictionary. It's hard to relate to people, and it's extremly difficult to read/understand facial expressions. People always say that I'm socially retarded, which isn't true but for someone who rarely makes eye contact and always understands things literally and doesn't get jokes, expressions or metaphors, it's not hard to see why. Hearing clearly what others are saying is strangely challenging because I feel like all I can hear are noise, thus making people believe that I'm a bad listener. Finally I always struggle with not getting distracted by the slightest sound. ...more

I just want people without any mental disorders or particularly asperger syndrome to take thins into mind. " you have a very hard time inferencing from what people mean. For example, people often give me dirty looks for no reason. I don't understand. Am I just a creep, did I say something bad. Thus really undermines my self esteem. I also can get in trouble with my parents for being a wise-guy and for not shutting up when I need to. I just don't understand the social and primitive barriers that keep people from voicing themselves. If someone confronts me with a rhetorical question, I may know it's rhetorical but I try to tell them the actual truth when they then tell me to be quiet. I just don't understand. I am very awkward when it comes to motor skills. I have very sloppy handwriting, I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 11, and I often walk in a weird way. I also am very socially unstable. I get ignored a lot and I just don't know how to start a conversation very well. It ...more

I have mid level or moderate autism I scream cry I am really shy And A introverted and scared sad and I kick a lot it is really weird that I can do a cartwheel round off handstand and forward roll I Have Autism but also have ADD And high-severe Anxiety as Well and even though I have autism and I am really dumb that does make me socially and mentally challenged and different and all and my sister has autism as well but she is a extrovert and way smarter and she can do a forward roll and a cartwheel And she also have Anxiety that does not mean you can be mean to Jaclyn my sister but you can be mean to me Jillian We Were born with this social and mental condition we were dancers and cheerleaders and we were invited to our friend Ashley birthday party our friend who has Down syndrome but I know a few more people with the condition Remember our names Jillian The Introvert Antisocial Dumby And Jaclyn The Extrovert Supersocial Smarty And That Was All That I Needed To Post And Keep This Secret

I have what is most referred to as high functioning autism. I know every case is different. It use to be a lot worse when I was younger. I had to take physical, speech, and occupational therapy throughout elementary school. In some occurrences, I am sensitive to light and sound. Everything that has to do with blends in together, where the birds chirping and the ringing of a grill could be the same volume as someone talking, to the point when I can't even hear what they are saying. It's not that bad for stimming because I usually catch myself unconsciously doing it. I have few friends my age, and I rarely talk to the 2 I do have. The rest of my friends are below the age of 12 (I'm going to be 15 in 2 months). I remember in 1st and 2nd grade that I had to carry around a plastic slate to do my daily activities. I always touched other people's hair when I was younger. I live up to do everything in order, and will feel very very excited if even a small part of any schedule I have is ...more

I have ASD. Imagine being unable to communicate properly. You want a job? You need expert communication skills to be hired. Want a relationship? Need communication skills. Want close friends? Need communication skills. What comes instantly and naturally for virtually the rest of the population does not for you. You feel like you are on an alien planet. Worse, you are not seen as having a disability, just seen as a lunatic. I believe this should be ranked #2, beaten only by schizophrenia, which has seen rising prejudice against people with it.

What really sucks is that the "charity" Autism Speaks actually supports prejudice against autism and states that they are a "burden to those around them". These scumbags only worsen the predjiduce against people with autism, which people see us as lunatics or psychopaths. Many people of us are very intelligent, but just lack ways of communicating effectively. The stereotype of autistic people being stupid or lunatics is extremely wrong. A message for all the idiots who make stereotypes: look into an entire group before judging them, rather than judging an entire group based off of 1 or a few people.

I have Autism and it should definitely be higher up then 6. Autistic see, fell and hear the world differently than those around them. I have noise canceling headphones and the world is still to loud. I need rhythm in noise for it to sound quitter. My helper, Sarah is writing this for me cause I can't write it. The world is so different for me compared to everyone else. I'm unable to properly function in a class room setting and learn through pictures as the talking teachers are to loud. I don't know if anybody else has it like I do but I would love to hear your opinions.

It's hard to talk to anyone. Everyone thinks you're an idiot, and it's hard to tell them otherwise.

I have Aspergers. Autism comes in many forms and everyone with it is very different. I can recall during a therapy group which I had with other people on the Autism Spectrum, I struggled to relate to them and eventually quit going to therapy as I found myself to be the only "sane" person there. I'm not that sensitive to sound anymore but when I go to large events (i.e. football match, concerts) I sometimes cover my ears when there is a quick increase in Decibels. I don't know whether that's the Aspergers or it's my fear of going deaf/blind. I do also struggle forming relationships with people and when I do, it doesn't usually last long. Mainly because of my lack of empathy and somewhat manipulative behavior. Probably the worst part of my Aspergers is my eye contact but I've learned how to improve it over the years and people don't really notice it anymore. I don't get along with others with a similar diagnosis as myself because I act very differently to them and can even appear like a ...more

I'm autistic and it is a living hell at times. I script which means I hum or recite lines from movies. I have outbursts, I can't relate to a lot of people and rock back and fourth. At least it makes me a hard studier and good gamer.

What's really annoying is a certain organization that spend lots of money advertising to the world how stupid we are, and how we ruin the lives of anyone involved with us.

I have autism and it's depressing for me to think about. I've had no friends at school for a while now.. I'm going to go to high school this August and I'm scared about the social parts.. I've had suicidal thoughts, but I'm too scared to even do it. I'm so pathetic for that aren't I? Even at home, I don't talk a lot to my parents. My mother has schizophrenia(I'm sure) and she's untreated. My dad is luckily helpful and supportive, but sometimes he gets angry towards me when I barely say anything to him. I can't help it. He makes me cry sometimes. It makes me feel useless in this mere world.

I have autism but its not the worst Whats good about it is you already know your ABCs 123s and even the language (depends where your born) and you can get good grades in school. What I really hate about it is when I'm taking a nap most of the time my wake up schedules are way off For example when I'm taking a short nap I expect myself to wake up on the same day at a short time so I can still have time to play on my computer (i like playing on my computer) But that rarely happens and ending up waking up at the middle of the night and everyone's already gone to bed or waking up at the day When that happens I cry to my mom and say (Why didn't you wake me up?!?! ) Or I just feel sad for a few seconds and then I get out of bed The t worst thing about it is It happens to me a lot and it rarely doesn't happen I wish there was a way to completely cure it but keep the good thing about it - TheMinecraftGamer

The reason why I personally think autism is so bad is how people concept it. Autism is a very wide spectrum so it could be someone who can't talk and hides all day or it could be your boss or teacher or your doctor and just thinks in a different way which could actually be a good thing.

You're a living computer that hasn't been programmed right and no one knows how to write code in your language. Mull on that.

You can't say what is in your head. And you know nothing about people in a world where "people" are almost everything

I have high functioning autism and autism depends on the grade of the illness. In my case, it is sensitivity to sound and explosive aggression. Like my County needs a better excuse for me to not be on jury duty

I am Autistic. I am constantly depressed and suicidal because literally no one likes me or understands me. I feel so very, very alone.

If you're feeling suicidal, please call someone for help! I'm pretty sure there are people in this world that care about you. - Extractinator04

I am on the autism spectrum. I simply cannot make friends or even talk to people correctly. I stutter and stumble over my words. There is no change. When there is, it's catastrophic.

Should be 5 or 4 because you can't interact to others. Tend to be alone but number 2 having a normal life with autism by going to anger management, special ed, and being therapies.

I think I used to be Autistic. When I was like, 8 years old or so, l really can't talk to people or greet them except if we'd known each other forever. I wanted to have friends so bad but I couldn't figure out what to say to them. I couldn't start a conversation, and I feel very out of place when I eat with my classmates then that I had to eat alone in our classroom while everybody else is outside eating or playing. I'm 14 now, and luckily it's not so bad today. but sometimes I still get afraid in talking to people.

The worst thing is when people don't realise that you have this and make fun of the way you act and are horrible to you - Sambazing

I have autism but its not that bad because my autism is just low level I just look at things but not other people and get cranky often.

I have this and it's asperger's. I get treated like I'm a baby that just came out of the hospital. If you treat me like this, have a meeting with Toby tall A.K. A my middle finger. t ('_') - ArpstaAmy333