Bipolar Disorder


I've lost my husband and my children as result of this illness that has took over my life. I've lost everything. I've become impossible to handle now or too understand. What I would give to just have a normal life. To have my kids back, to have a husband who would still love me regardless of me being sick and depressed, who wouldn't just walk out, what I would give for them too finally find a cure. I continue too pray

With Bi-Polar disorder you are depressed or manic which can cause psychosis with symptoms similar to schizophrenia such as having visual and auditory hallucinations. Bi-polar disorder is a mood disorder that makes you feel like you are riding a roller coaster of fierce and extreme emotions. This is usually accompanied by panic/anxiety disorders, and PTSD.

I'm a 21 year old college student (female) who suffers from bipolar disorder. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have this mental illness, but sometimes, it gets in the way of my relationships. I puts a lot of stress on my boyfriend and I, but things have been getting better as I continue to get my medications adjusted, and I feel that I am getting closer and closer to having them at just the right dosage. Besides being stressful on my relationships, it affects the way I feel about myself (e.g. I feel like less of a person sometimes because I have a mental illness). Sometimes I really wish I didn't need a handful of medications just to be able to function like a "normal" human being. That's probably the hardest part. Without these medications, I am not me. I wish I could be me without them, but it's just not possible. I overcome whatever obstacles are put in front of me because of my bipolar disorder, but each day is still a struggle.

I came out of my first manic/ psychotic experience about 3-4 months ago after being put on anti-depressants for my depression last year, they sent me on a massive high after I decided to take a break from my marriage so we could sort things out. In that manic experience I felt superhuman, paranoid, left my clients at my business so it fell apart, tried starting up 2 other businesses that nearly took off because I was so productive, called my marriage a day within 2 weeks of leaving, started doing drugs again which I hadn't done for like 9 years, because I also felt like I had an awakening (which part of it may of been) I met quite a lot of spiritual people along the way, so the delusions/visions and voices I felt were guides/angels at the time they said was true. I told people aliens were going to come to earth and comets were going to hit, yeh pretty much anything I read at the time I latched onto and thought was going to happen! felt I was being followed, spent all my money and ...more

I'm a 16 years old teen who had bipolar disorder and it's like living in hell. I can't control my actions/words/anything. I've lost sleep and I can't focus well I failed my year. I went to a doctor and she told me I have this mental disorder and since then people either made fun of me or pity me and I'm so sick of the same thing over and over again. Some people say they have it for fun but believe me if you don't then you're living in paradise. Mental disorders ain't fun and they're not something to joke about. Live happily if you're healthy and if not then I'm sorry that you have to go through this, you deserve happiness. Everyone does.

I have BiPolar Disorder. It was twenty something years & zillions of wrecked relationships, friendships, jobs lost or left, suffering children, moving house to house, city to city etc, before being diagnosed and properly medicated and various treatment therapies. I knew something wasn't right but I never had insurance, or anyone who cared enough to look at me closer-not even a Doctor when I did try to explain.

I have been experiencing symptoms and passing my tests greatly and I think I am Bipolar. Schizophrenia is not as bad. With Schizophrenia, it might make you dangerous but at least the person can have fun. With Bipolar, it torments you. When I get a high it's normal but when I'm depressed I become paranoid and hear voices but I know it's just my head. I also hallucinate regularly but it doesn't affect me as much as the depression does. It treats you greatly then it treats you like crap. Bipolar is like one of those sneaky scums. I hate it

I have bipolar disorder, and to be honest it isn't cute how girls be acting like they have bipolar is actually the worse not like other mental illness that's for sure but having mood swings out no where of being extremely happy and then extremely sad for like 2 hours later is like ugh! Then there's where u can't concentrate because of racing thoughts. Then there's illusions where people probably watching you from you room because you think there's cameras. Don't get me started on being impulse where you do things without thinking... Like probably suciding just because a bad day seems like the worst life of your life forever. And come on the pills they give you... The ones that make you sleepy and tired asf. Bipolar disorder also ruins your relationship with people because you're delusions or anxiety. Especially anger issues. Let me be honest I might not be bipolar but I might have borderline personality and I understand bipolar people.

This mental illness has anxiety, psychosis, depression, obsessions, mixed states, mania/hypomania witch can lead to delirium. It contains all the worst mental illnesses in one mental illness. It's incurable and can be really dangerous to the person who has it or others around that person. And the worst part is, it has a verry high suicide risk. That's why I think that this is one of the most serious and worst mental illnesses.

My aunt has bipolar. She would slam the door of her bedroom &spend hours histerically crying on her bed. she has three sons that she can't take care of properly one been taken off of her. She's heavily into crack &the children are on their own so much of the time that their diets are very unhealthy. It's a horrible illness to have as you don't only understand yourself but you feel alone & Tend to shut out your loved ones who need &love you.

My best friend called me bipolar a couple months ago it really hurt because my dad was and if she had known maybe she would not have done that my dad was bipolar and had depression. I was and am only twelve when he killed himself and I feel stupid sharing this online but I need to get it out so ya...

This is a very miss understood disorder as people assume it is about duel personalities not about uncontrollable mood swings and the problems this can cause in ever aspect of your life. I have Bipolar 1 and general anxiety disorder

Bipolar is the worst, period. It interferes with thoughts AND feelings. It's painful. Victims of this illness hallucinate feelings and thoughts that are not their own... sometimes they're psychotic, but psychosis isn't always a part of the illness. It's a very painful, slow, life.

Feeling anger, worry, happiness and being bummed all in the same day is draining. Whichever I feel, thank goodness I don't feel it to the extreme. I actually asked my mother (yes, my mother) if I'm easy to live with and she said absolutely. Felt so relieving! People make trust issues a huge thing more than ever these days but she is someone I don't second guess. along with some others too. my bad if I offended anyone in any way while they were reading this but perhaps some good can come out of my openness.

Bipolar is the worst if you have type one it's like having schizophrenia with mood swings when you're in a manic high, only for it all to crash down in a depressive low.

People always try to judge me for having bipolar disorder. It's not like I can choose to have it, all through primary and secondary school I was bullied for being "depressed" or "mental"
Also, my family haven't exactly been what I call supportive. Its like having extreme mood swings. But I don't know how to stop being bombarded with either livid hatred or exceptional joy. Along with his exams and all the stress of a new school, people like me have been overlooked and-quite frankly - suicide has felt like the only thing left to do, but then I remembered all the nice memories I do have that helped ne through everything.

The fact that you get depression by default as a result of this horrible, horrible disorder should be enough to justify it in the top 3!

I can't imagine anything like this. To feel that way must be unbearable. - PositronWildhawk

Horrible mental disorder, causes all sorts of problems and is difficult for people to understand those effected by it.

I'm a teen with bipolar disorder. Its hell. Its basically ruined any chance at a relationship (romantic or not) I have.

Bipolar is a lot worse than people think, you are not even in control of yourself, bipolar controls everything

I am a Psychology doctoral student and have done years of research of PTSD. Whoever said that anxiety disorders and PTSD are usually seen together is WRONG. The statistics show that only 12% of people (like me) suffer from both at the same time.

If you are going to post about something this important. You better get your facts straight and do not rely on Google of wikipedia. Actual research has the facts

Since when did obsessive compulsive disorder get higher?

I hate this thing it controls my life every day

It's exhausting, not just fir me but also fir my family and friends.