Eating Disorders


When I was 12 I developed Anorexia, an eating disorder. Anorexia is like having this voice inside your mind that tells you you are not good enough. That no matter how thin you are, you are fat and you are disgusting. It controls your life in a way that destroys you. It forces you to starve yourself and learn to love feeling hungry because you'll finally feel even the slightest bit thinner. It makes you cry and cry yourself to sleep, obsessing over your image in the mirror and the numbers on the scale. Getting this dizzying rush of happiness you get when someone calls you thin, even if they are concerned. I would hurt myself on some of my worst days, because "I was so disgusting and fat for eating 'so much', I deserved it".The thing with Anorexia is, it haunts you. Even after you come back from its deep hold, and become that healthy weight again, its still there. It always lurks in the back of your mind. No matter how many compliments you get, it will whisper in your ear that they are ...more

Has no one here ever had an eating disorder. They are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Weight going up and you want to hurt every inch of your being. The torment never shuts up, it renders you physically incapable. Incapable of doing one of the most basic human survival instincts- eating. You hurt your family and your friends and you lose everything your mind cannot think of anything else. The thoughts never shut up. There is nostalgia for being at your 'sickest' failure for not doing well enough in destroying yourself. Being forced to eat is traumatising. Eating makes you want to die, not eating and being stuck in a pointless cycle of starvation and weight loss makes you want to die. Either way you're screwed. I have depression anxiety and anorexia. If I could get rid of one it would be the hell that is the eating disorder.

Eating disorders affect so many things in your life, it feels like cancer and your brain feels like schizophrenia. You get so weak it's difficult to walk. And unlike depression or schizophrenia eating disorders are dismissed like they're not important. one time in my ED I passed out in the snow and woke up sweating. I couldn't crawl to the refrigerator to get a sip of orange juice. There's so much shame and guilt because you feel like it's your fault. Every single day you literally have to force yourself to eat something. That is a tactic illegal to use against terrorist because it's inhumane. And yet I have to do it 6 times a day

Eating Disorders, whether overeating or restricting are awful. They should be higher than 15th, as there is currently more chance of surviving cancer than Anorexia. It's a constant reminder of all flaws your body has, it's inaccurate reflections in the mirror and it's constant rituals around eating food. The worst thing is they're becoming more common and is happening in younger and younger people. It's not something to be glorified- Hell isn't beautiful.

I have anorexia on and off for years now, it's a cycle that never ends. I've lost hope on life.

They're a vicious mindset of never feeling like you're enough. They take up years of your life in which you should've spent being carefree and feeling invincible. Instead your memories of those years are sitting next to a toilet bowl, working out excessively, or skipping events because of the thought of having people watch you eat food terrifies you. The worst part of it all is that is so easy to be starving, purging, restricting,etc. and still be effortlessly smiling. Society has become so accustomed to image of someone with an ED being incredibly skinny, we fail to see those around us at seemingly "healthy" weights suffering as well.

Eating disorders are harder to cure than cancer. They never go away, and have the highest death rate to percentage affected. Doctors would rather diagnose you with cancer than this. (Stated by several hospital doctors) You have a higher chance of surviving a lightning strike than anorexia.

How is this number 15. My rating disorder is killing me. I have depression and an eating disorder, and I would honestly prefer depression. It's deadly. It's cruel and vindictive. And it makes anyone who has it not want to live. It's like walking on eggshells that have already cracked. It's not living at all.

This definitely needs to be higher up. I had anorexia when I was only 11. I hate the fact that I hated my body so much, even though there was nothing wrong. I was convinced I was too fat while people were concerned with my non-existent weight. It's been almost 3 years since then, and I still find it hard to know when I am truly hungry or not. I actually wasn't obsessed with exercise, because I was too depressed to get out of bed.
The worst part is that I used my anorexia in an awful way. When I decided I wanted to commit suicide, I attempted it through way of starving myself, making my anorexia worse. I went through all of this alone, and to this day, few people know about this experience. Not even my own parents.

I don't understand how this is 14th, in my opinion it should be number one. The stigmas behind this illness especially are unreal. All mental illnesses are terrible, but this has the highest death rate of them all

Eating disorders are the worst thing ever. You'll never love yourself no matter what you look like. There's no such thing as "the worst eating disorder" we don't care about health we just care about loosing weight

My entire life is lived through an eating disorder lens. My life is not my own to live, I share it with the monster that controls every thought and movement.

How are eating disorders not higher? I literally almost died and now I can never have children due to all the health complications

This should be at least the top three its like anxiety, depression and obsessions while you are slowly dying.

Worst disorder you can have. They take your life away and never give it back.

I have had anorexia on and of for the past 3 years (and I just turned 13). Right now I am off, but I still worry about my weight. I also think autism is pretty bad too, considering I have PDDNOS disorder.

This should be at the top of the list, considering they are the deadliest mental illnesses, anorexia especially.

These are important and people need to see how deadly they are.

"Just eat! " That's like stabbing yourself in the stomach and saying, "Just stop bleeding! " And it will be all better. - SansTheComic

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of ANY mental illness - 20% of sufferers die prematurely.

These are by far the worst. I'd rather have psychosis than this

Should be in the top 3. They are life threatening.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia can deprive your body of the vital nutrients. I would say depression is deadly, but with disordered eating, you are slowly killing yourself and that's dangerous.

I'm 13 and having an eating disorder is the worst thing I've ever had. You're alone and you don't want to say anything cause then there will just make you eat. It is like a constant battle inside of your head eat you get better but you put on weight lose weight you get worse but lose weight
My kidney failed on me so it that serious