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21 Down Syndrome

I have down syndrome but it is okay because I was gifted with a gigantic Weiner. Thanks lord.

Should have been aborted lad

Lol what now? You were gifted with WHAT?! lol


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22 Tourette Syndrome

I have it physically. Imagine that you have to crack your knuckles, and until you do, you have this horrible nagging feeling in your head until you do. It's weird to have to constantly stretch my legs until they hurt, just so I can feel slightly comfortable. It's a ton of things. Sniffing my upper lip, holding my nose to warm it up, cracking my jaw constantly. It's agony. I got it in 1st grade, and have had it since.

I was surprised to see this is on the bottom. Seriously imagine being in class and you can't stop making random noises like clearing your throat or nonstop sniffing. Sometimes the tics even cause self harm like forcing your nose up with your hand.

I've had tourette syndrome my whole life and it is so hard. I always get in trouble for rolling my eyes and making weird sounds when the room is silent. No one understands

Tourette syndrome is a brain disorder determined by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics.

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23 Fatal Familial Insomnia

Wouldn't it be horrifying to want to sleep, but not be able to, and this continues until you are dead? I feel sorry for everyone that has it. - Winterush

24 Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I had a brother with this personality disorder. He was a nightmare, he barely really cared about anyone, he's jealous of pretty much everyone who has a better life than him and he tries everything to prove he's better than them

Friend has this. He's jealous of everyone yet he has had awesome girlfriends and just not messaged them back. It's like he loaths his existence without depression weird. But he's my bro. Little booze will solve it!

My uncle has this

I was wondering why this was on the list, yet nobody who had the disorder commented on it.
Then it hit me.

25 Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are dreadful. After they started getting more frequently (4+ panic attacks a day, starting right after waking up) I get suicidal thoughts. It feels like you're becoming crazy, losing control, sometimes I was sure I was dying. Couldn't leave the house anymore, I was so afraid getting an attack while doing grocery shopping or just taking a stroll.

I had panic attacks in the past and I afraid to be center of attention (i want to) but I scared to feel the attacks, I might die etc.

I can't go to sleep and I've wanted to die because this ruins everything

Scariest one ever... - GirlyAnimeLover

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26 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

I have ADHD too. People say it isn't that bad or it's easy. If I hear any noise that's all I concentrate on because I can't focus on more than one thing at once. I also have an awful temper to the point of a lot of suspension for violence and threatened to be expelled and arrested. People will put a lot of pressure on me and make me try as fast as possible to get work done and I can't do it. I often fail classes and in total have failed 20+ classes in my life. Around 10 it was part of the cause of my suicidal attempt and I've had 4 so far after that. It has led me to become Psychotically Depressed. Psychotic Depression is awful. Considering even the littlest amount of depression is living hell. It has caused insomnia so I can no longer sleep at night and get about 2 in the day. I'm inside almost 24/7 and don't speak to people often. I have had moments where I get up and start pacing and thinking of killing myself and planning it out. Like I said I've tried 4 times. I've also tried ...more

A one-way trip to insanity, you lose your mind, your hope, your soul, your mind flies off to mars and your common sense is shattered. You have no idea what's going on, nobody understands, constant hallucinations that you can't really see, but also CAN see in your mind, a result of an overloaded, way too imaginative mind. People treat you like you know nothing. Always in the lower education groups because you fail to pay attention, but your mind has... well... A MIND of its own. - An 11-year-old ADHD sufferer

I have adhd it's there are some very bad stuff like I always gaze off in class a when the teacher calls on me I'm like ummm answer to number 4 which is on what page? Sometimes I fail tests even when I studied so hard it's frustrating it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is I'm thankfully not the kind of adhd person who fights with everyone and in fact I'm the opposite of that I hate fighting and I'm against it sometimes I can be weird overdrmadtic over the smallest things I can be crazy and funny but really I'm fine adhd helps me in theatre and arts because I can be my own insane hyperactive self on stage (while being someone else lol) and that can help me on stage so stop being mad you may not be perfect but what no one is perfect so wait because something great will be ins tore you might find a friend who loves you for your weird ways or you might even get a awesome new video game you have wanted forever so I don't wanna see you sad people be happy find something like fun to do ...more

Time flys and things just flip past you

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27 Bulimia Nervosa

People think only skinny models who throws up everything they eat have bulimia, but you can never know who has it - you can have bulimia at any weight. Those who suffers from it will suffer in silence until they recover or die from a heart attack. They spend their lives binging, purging, binging, purging and hating themselves for not having any control. There should really be more focus on this.

Bulimia nervosa is a eating disorder that causes one to binge eat. Source: (wikipedia.org)

Even if you have recovered from it, every time you brush your teeth or smile your teeth bring it back

28 Asperger's Syndrome

Alright, I have Asperger's Syndrome and it sucks. I am very sensitive to sound and at times I can't control myself. I also repeat my words or my actions the exact same ways at times. It's not the worst thing ever, but it can effect you and people around you.

I have this and the only bad thing about it is my lack of affective empathy and my dad and mom forcing me to be social. It's hard, okay? - Winterush

It isn't actually THAT bad. It better than most of the others on this list.

My son has aspergers, socially he has suffered but had gotten better, but know dealing with depression.

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29 Alzheimer's

How is this not number 1? People slowly lose their memory and cognitive ability and die within 3 to 20 years. This disorder literally makes your brain wither away.

Schizophrenia looks good compared to this. What's wrong with you people, leaving this at 40

It just gets worse and worse

It's a pure living tragedy,seeing your parent slowly fall apart in front of you

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30 Schizoid Personality Disorder

I have spd and all I really want to do is be alone because then I don't have to be anything. I'm only 18, life is going slow and I'm tired of not feeling anything, sometimes its great because nothing can phase me, but its just like floating through life, no dreams or ambitions, all I'm doing is waiting to die or waiting to be alone again. when my friends tell me how much they love me, I just sit there and stare them in the eyes and I don't feel anything at all, all I say is 'i love you too even though I don't feel anything' I don't know what else to say I don't wanna be mean but its hard because I have to fake everything I feel, and exaggerate feelings in some situations, I wish I didn't have to do this, I wish I could connect with people and understand that they like me.

It sucks, but at the same time, it's not that bad (at least for me). I've been told by my therapist that I have SPD, and honestly, I'm not surprised at all, after learning what it is. For me, it's like all my emotions are just different shades of gray in a black and white image that is my life. Some days are nice, and I feel 'happy'; those are the lighter parts, and other times it's like someone took a dimmer and made everything darker. Good things aren't as good, and bad things are even worse.
I went skydiving, and it had been my dream for almost six years, and when I was done, I didn't feel excited. I didn't feel giddy. I wasn't happy. I honestly could've been turned away and felt about the same as I did after I jumped. My family was there, so of course I had to act excited. I smiled, I laughed, I told everyone that they should try it one day. But I didn't feel really anything. It was like, "Oh, okay. It's over."
When my little sister dislocated her elbow in a go-cart ...more

Tell me, how were you diagnosed? Did someone take you to therapy realizing something is wrong? - JakePlaid

31 Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is terrible. Every day I go to school and work, and all I can think about are the people around me. I'm on my toes all day in fear that someone is going to say something to me or think badly of me. I don't even want to leave my house. I'm scared of people. The sad part is, I can't get rid of this without talking to a person.
It's just absolutely horrible. At times I would rather be dead than even speak to someone. I panic over the smallest thing with human contact. Making a phone call, asking for help, or even getting someone's attention stresses me out to the point I think I'm going to faint.

I am scared of people... too, I don't want to leave home... - GirlyAnimeLover

Want to make friends? here comes the hard part...

Social anxiety has made me afraid of walking in public and interacting. I feel like everyone will be judging me and this only makes it worse. I get sweaty and fail to contrinute much in conversations. I prefer staying alone in my room. people tell me I look nervous, serious and always walks fast.sad part is that it is a combination of factots that brought it about. it has ruined all aspects of my life. I feel like an outcast amon my peers. it has given me an eating disorder. it is such a nightmare mental disorder - Nelsoh51

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32 Paranoid Personality Disorder

Having this disorder can screw up your life. Having this, your paranoia can cause you to lose family members, friends, girlfriends, jobs and so many things just because of this disorder. And FYI it's not the same as Paranoid Schizophrenia, it doesn't make you hallucinate or anything only delusions. And they're enough to mess up your life

It's the worst. This sickness doesn't harm the paranoid person but the close relatives instead. The paranoid person feels fine and safe as long as he or she finds a victim to suck & destroy due to the sick miserable thoughts. Paranoid personality is baaad, it's a mental crime against others. Due to lack of physical proof, the paranoid can run safely with the mental crimes they inflict upon others.

33 Dermatillomania

I've had this since I was ten years old. To put it into perspective when my mom first discovered my skin picking, it looked as though I had chicken pox because it was so bad; that was only in the course of one month. I've been through six therapists and I'm going on my eighth this month, but I will deal with this for the rest of my life. I only really realized the true horror of this disorder when I was sitting on the edge of my bathtub and I picked at my arm and ended up pulling a strip of skin off of my arm instead. That kind of thing stays with you. Everyday I'm told that it's not really self harm, that I must be doing some sort of drug to make me be this way, but it's never been like that; I've done my share of cutting, I've done my share of fasting, of purging, but it's not my thing; I'm a skin picker and that's all I'll ever be. On the bright side I've finally, after five years of therapy, managed to stop picking my legs, feet, hands, and forearms. I've still got a long way and ...more

I don't have it bad in the same way as the person above but I also have Dermatillomania, I considered putting this in OCD because it's technically an OCD disorder but I chose not to because It has its own category. It's pretty much like living life with people thinking you're a meth addict since, see, mine are on my face. I was stuck in a psychiatric clinic at some point and they thought I was on meth, but no, I was just picking my skin. To make matters worse they aren't on my face they're on my breasts, shoulders public region and back. All over. I had a problem with myself when I was in puberty and hair was growing on my pubic region and around my nipples and now I've ended up screwing myself up to the point where I'm too scared to be naked in front of my boyfriend. It's like living life where everyone thinks you're just nervous, that slapping your hand will help stop you, like you're a 'nail biter', but that's not what it's like, I have bald spots in my hair line I try to hide with ...more

I have dermatillomania and it is awful. I pill the skin off my finger, lips, inside of mouth, feet, and my arms. I can hardly hold a pencil or kiss anybody without extreme pain. It hurts so bad when you shower, the soap and even the water burns you because you have only one layer of skin. You pick and pick the skin off of yourself all day long. Most times you don't even notice that you are doing it. People will point it out to me that my fingers are constantly bleeding so I brush it off like its no big deal but in reality it is the worst feeling to have people point it out all day long.

34 Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Having this disorder is hell, whenever someone makes me anger or if something would stress me out I would turn into a complete wreck, throwing and breaking objects as well as harshly cussing or attacking others, after the episode I would usually feel extremely depressed and I would have pain in my head or chest. I literally cannot control myself

I was diagnosed with IED when I was 14, usually I'm not allowed to be around others because of it. I've flipped tables over, I've punched through walls and attacked some of my siblings. It really affects my social life because when I'm around my friends or other people they usually stare at me like I'm a maniac. It gets extremely humiliating and embarrassing

It sucks a lot one time my friend grabded my phones me and ran he got about five feet then I tackled him and he fell, and hit his head on concrete, there was a big bump then he looked at me and said It was only a joke

I have seizures when I save and break things too

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35 Gender Identity Disorder

I have this and I am not sure if it is a mental disorder, but it leads to Anxiety, Depression, and Anger and sometimes I want to kill myself because of this, and sometimes I will not leave the house because I do not want people to see me or I do not want to want to see other people.

Aka transgenders. - eventer51314

36 Peter Pan Syndrome
37 Reactive Attachment Disorder
38 Social Phobia

In my opinion it is not necessary the most curable but rather a disorder you learn to mold your life around with the help of medication & therapy. This disorder controls every aspect of your life unless you are prepared to shut yourself away from people forever. Social phobia can not be described as a socialising disorder it much more than that... Imagine being controlled by an intense fear of AIR, FOOD, WATER, SLEEP, SITTING, STANDING, WALKING! Everything you do everyday to live life involves all those things and the thing us social phobic people fear the most is other PEOPLE, they are all around us!

Social phobia/anxiety is a horrible disorder to have... fear of people basically. Constantly anxious and racing heart, stomach pain, it also can cause depression, eating disorders and sleep paralysis. The worst thing is when people don't take it seriously!

This disorder is one of the most common disorders which causes people to have severe difficulties socialising. It forms quite a vicious cycle, however it is one of the more curable disorders.

I have this... - GirlyAnimeLover

39 Schizotypal Personality Disorder

I have schizophrenic first degree relatives and alcoholic parents. These are the only people I have any kind of meaningful connection with. I have gotten to 34 years old with little to no friends. Deep suicidal depressions, social anxiety, paranoid episodes, outbursts of rage at my frustration. Don't fit in anywhere...losing any will I have to even go out the front door, but I look ok...inside I am dying..doesn't seem to be any treatment for this, and I feel I am being treated like it's all in my imagination. It's bad, and contributing nothing to society keeps me down. But hey I get a free pass to go on public transport...woopie doo. It's the only comfort I get, is to travel on a bus as if I have a destination...I don't need to interact with anyone..and when I get to the terminus I can wander anonymous and aimlessly till I kill half the hours in the day, then I can go back to my cold empty apartment..turn on the T.V.. Stay awake and tortured half the night and begin again tomorrow. ...more

I have PDNOS with borderline and schizotypal traits. It is a living hell...I have lost all hope that I can ever live a meaningful life with a significant other because of my own discomfort in relationships - it's almost like a gut reaction for me to withdraw and mistrust. Not to mention the odd quirks and all of the times I have not thought about how my behavior affects others (and how many enemies I have made because of this), having my intentions misunderstood by most because of my abnormal thinking patterns, rubbing people the wrong way just by my very presence and often feeling invisible, extreme social anxiety, and a touch of paranoid ideation. Add emotionally dysregulated, black & white thinking, feelings of shame & worthlessness, and emptiness to that mix, and you literally have me in a
nutshell. And medication doesn't help those who have PDs - it just helps manage the other symptoms that blossom from our living hells...like depression and anxiety

I have schizotypal traits with depression. No atipsychotic or antidepressants have been of much use other than to aid sleep. The worst part is the unease in personal relationships, it keeps me perpetually lonely. I have no support network, and when I go into a paranoid anxious crisis, I am left with no where to turn other than to knock myself out with sleep meds. Any form of human interaction can trigger these episodes, that's why I feel it's one of the worst illnesses to have. It affects all aspects of my life,..really what is life without any relationships, job or social life. Just existing.

This should be number 1. A life of complete isolation. What could be worse?

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40 Cotard's Syndrome

Cotard Syndrome or Cotard Delusion is a fascinating yet extremely rare disorder that isn't nearly high enough on this list. I haven't read about it ever really being dangerous for those around the sufferer but it can make "living" extremely difficult, and I mean this literally as the sufferer can experience impressions of non-existence, being dead, immortal, or being inanimate (an example would be the sufferer thinks they're becoming a statue and can't move, eat, sleep, or express themselves).

It's a illness that makes a person want to be dead, obsessed with death, or believe that they are dead. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I have this and I nearly starved myself

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