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41 Empathy Deficit Disorder

It's not that I don't care about other people, but I just do not feel any amount of empathy for anyone.

42 Acute Stress Disorder
43 Learning Disabilities

I have a learning disability and it sucks, when I try to be on my onpwn without help people at school are like "No _____ You need to do this. You need to go to the resource room and you need extra help. I also have ADHD and it doesn't help me. I take medicine but it's not me when I take it. I get quiet and I don't need help it sucks to have a learning disability

44 Dependent Personality Disorder
45 Phobias

An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
Eg. Achluophobia- Fear of darkness, Androphobia- Fear of men, Ailurophobia- Fear of cats and Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens. When I was younger I had all these fears but know I only have a fear of chickens.

I have Pyrophobia, Chilopodophobia, Anthropophobia, and Katsaridaphobia. Fear of Fire, Centipede, Human and Cockroaches... - GirlyAnimeLover

I have heliophobia and emetophobia :(

46 Conduct Disorder

Bad disorder

Why me also I have ocd, bipolar, schizophrenia, antisocial personalality disorder, unipolar, anxiety, adhd, odd, aspergers, autism, adhd, odd and serve depression

I have this diaorder it is hard for me to control my anger people would say your just a angry kid but it's far more worse I harm animals and people I have also been diagnosed with serve ocd, ied, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality diorder, antisocial personalality disorder, aspergers, social anxiety, adhd, odd, and depression I am full of mental health problems I wish hi cauld be normal I am 22 years old I have spent my life holding grudges against my child good life I was sexually,phisicaly and mentally abused by my father from the ages of 3 to 18 years old I was in and out of care I am affraid I will do something I will regret I am nasty to any one around me I have no support all I want is to be love and took care of.

47 Münchausen syndrome by proxy

I'm the victim of my mother's Münchhausen Syndrome by proxy and it has left me with a multitude of mental illnesses such as PTSD and even more false diagnoses. Her chosen method was a bit unconventional in the fact that she favored manipulating my mental health than anything physical. Since I was a child I've suffered from chronic depression and anxiety and as I got older it really started to take a toll on me which she so conveniently utilized to force me into a series of forced psychiatric hospital stays. Some of those stays lasting well over a month because my mother refused to take me home insisting I was still a danger to myself. One of the most damaging false diagnoses I received was SchizoAffective Disorder when my mom decided to tell the psychiatrist I was seeing I heard voices. I was placed on so many medications the exacerbated my depression and left me with crippling side effects and they refused to take me off the medications. Any time I met a therapist or a psychiatrist ...more

This mental illness should be in the top tens. It's a really bad one. Parents with this disorder try to make their kids sick just for attention. There are dozens of crimes of parents making their kids sick and killing them

Munchausen's by proxy is like hidden child abuse that no one notices until it's too late. It is so sad not just for the child but for the parent/guardian/carer whoever.

Worse than schizophrenia

48 Anger Management Issues

My sister has Anger Issues, and sometimes snaps at people. This can ruin your chance at friends. I have a high case, but I have very high patience, and no one else does. It makes me get angry for no reason. I get really angry when someone touches me, and try to break away. I try to escape everything. Anxiety is also something I have.

I pulled I knife at a lives one, broke my laptop had seizures and best people like I can't stop!

I think my friend has very mild anger management issues - Enderninja327

I have this, but Anger issues aren't a mental disorder. - JakePlaid

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49 Nonverbal Learning Disorder
50 Somatoform Disorder

The most physical mental illness in the world. - JakePlaid

51 Hypochondriasis

I suffer from schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, chronic anxiety and hypochondria. Hypochondria so far has been the most debilitating thing I've ever had to deal with, and I've had it almost my entire life. It makes me feel like any strange bodily symptom is a sign of a deadly incurable illness, and not even tests from doctors can shake the fear because I worry they are going to misdiagnose me. I've worried about various cancers, ALS, MS, losing my eyesight and hearing, lyme's disease, heart problems, and strokes. It's a new one every week, that I will compulsively worry about. This disorder can lead me to cry in a corner debating suicide to just get my death over with, it makes me high risk of suicide. I am always looking to family to look at the weird symptoms I'm getting and always ask if they get the same thing, I Google symptoms a lot and it makes the fear 100x worse. I hallucinate symptoms of diseases after reading about them, and see strange things in my vision ...more

I have mild-to-medium hypochondria and it ranges from manageable to debilitating. Usually it's worse when I undergo a period of non-hypochondria-related stress, which makes hypochondria worse. All the way through my last exams I was convinced I was dying of about 3 different types of cancer. Hypochondria is joked about but it's not funny. People say that 'oh, I'm feeling a bit of hypochondria' or 'stop being such a hypochondriac', but they don't do this with stuff like depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Hypochondria needs to be treated more seriously by the general public.

This disorder makes you crazy. You can't tell what you're actually feeling and what you're just imagining to be feeling. This disorder got so bad for me I was having daily panic attacks and actually lost the ability to walk and speak for a while.

It's hell. I don't believe it's at no. 41. People with hypochondria usually have anxiety and depression. It's like you're going to suffer from a disease which you don't even have but that doesn't matter because you hallucinate the symptoms anyway. You get a feeling that you're going to suffer, endure the pain of a non-curable disease and die.

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52 Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder V 1 Comment
53 Pica Disorder

When I was a little, I taste sand once. Then tomorrow, I have no interest on any food. My stomach is cramping. I also ate a clay once, but now, I'm grow up. I should never do it again. It's nasty for me now. Luckily, I do not have anemia.

This should be #1! You eat things you aren't supposed to!

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54 Narcolepsy

This is not fun. I have to take amphetamines ( it works ) but after that I feel more sleepy so I have to take one again and so on. It's a vicious circle of pill taking.

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55 Histrionic Personality Disorder

Feeling like you should be the best at everything to be happy. Needing attention. Doing strange stuff I don't even want to do because I need attention. I don't understand myself.

My friend has this she told me. She Always has to be better than anyone else otherwise she isn't happy

56 Dysthymia

I went through a period of double depression, which is basically depression on tip of dysthymia. It was hell.

57 Dissociative Fugue

Think I have a mild term of this. I forget where I put my phone wallet keys I have to back track every single step sometimes being hours late to friends of events

You forget about absolutely everything and you have to start from scrath. Those people don't even remember their family it's so sad

58 Oppositional Defiance Disorder

My younger has this, she's a complete nightmare to deal with. She probably has over 5 tantrums a week over small things like not allowed to do something she wanted. She also refers me as the "crap eating loser"

Me me me me me. Little discipline will cure this. And a little physical abuse. Suggest military school.

59 Unipolar

I have unipolar depression and have had it for 8 years. It is crippling physically and mentally. My depression reoccurs 3 times a year and includes psychotic and schizoid episodes alongside the depression in that I become paranoid, hallucinate and hear things. Suicidal thoughts and harming others are also present and I have tried and failed each time from being in hospital. It also affects my sleep and get around 2-4 hours and have nightmares occasionally. No mental illness is easy but I cannot imagine anything worse.

60 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

I honestly don't have this, but I can only imagine it to be terrifying, objects getting bigger or smaller, horrifying.

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