I might have schizophrenia (not totally sure) and it sucks I have constant hallucination and delusions. I hear bombs guns screaming mumbling sometimes talking. I see little images that are not there, large light flashes, people chasing me, menacing shadows, people staring at me. I know that people are plotting against me, that I am being spied on, my thoughts are probably being broadcasted on radios, I am afraid to go on computers sometimes (obviously sometimes I can otherwise I wouldn't be here) because I think there might be built in guns. I'm 13 not to mention my speech is horrible people usually understand me never and it's just really hard I can't show to sympathy even emotions I don't even have them it's bad I can't stand it I just want it to go away. I have been delusional since I was 6

I've been a paranoid schizophrenic since I was 19 years old, so for 7 years so far. I'm extremely paranoid, self-isolated, and I'm delusional and have hallucinations. I've heard voices when I'm under a lot of stress but most of my hallucinations are tactile. At work, I can feel bugs crawling on my skin and in my hair, and I feel worms in my eyes. I have a 4-person dialogue going on in my head incessantly any time I'm not at home. They're silent voices that I communicate with telepathically. One that asks questions, one that answers them, one that explains the questions and answers, and one that tells me that people are watching me and talking about me. So far, I've wanted to cut off my fingers, chew off my arm, and I've gone missing for 2 days, and I've also tried to sever my spinal cord with a gun.

My dad has schizophrenia. He would try to rewrite history from theories he'd make up in his mind about vampirism & evil spirits roaming the earh sucking out your energy. Its horrible to have & horrible to watch your loved one suffer from. My father would come over every now & then & spend hours in th lounge getting into this heavy conversation as if there was somebody else on the couch talking with him. He believes everyone else is delusional. It's horrible because he is such an intelligent man creating experiments of his own with light, gases, liquids & solids etc. Schizophrenia can ruin somebody not only does it affect them but it affects the ones around them who know that no matter what they try to say the one with the disorder won't understand.

I see and hear disturbing things, I'm ment to graduate in a few years but I feel like I wont get anything out of it, not just because I get easily distracted, moody and have distructive behaviour if you say something I don't like all due to schizophrenia, but because I'm extremely suicidal with many failed overdose attempts and harsh daily substance abuse, it really strips you from enjoying life, I'm bored of all the things I used to love and the new things I find fun, to the point I'm literally out of life, all I want to do is die, I can't tell if something is really there or not, so if something un-humanlike pops up out of nowhere I get startled, sometimes I can tell when I'm about to go through an episode or crisis by randomly looking around without control, and having a sense of something being there, then after the nightmare is over I get massive headaches, and I usually go days without sleep and barely eating food or sleeping for half the day and snacking on anything for no ...more

I have Paranoid Schizophrenia, its been one of the worse experiences in my life. The Hallucinations are all auditory, I can hear people screaming, voices talking about me, voices talking to me / shouting at me, they also control the things that I do. I find myself being controlled by what I believe is the devil, and that god is punishing me for the bad things that have happened in my life. My delusions are also bad, every day something happens I can never escape it, I just want this pain to end.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1 at the age of 12. At the height of my mania I ran into oncoming traffic expecting the cars to part like the red Sea. I have been hospitalized 7 times. I can not imagine what it's like to have schizophrenia. These poor people are plagued with an extremely debilitating illness and many are just afraid other people are trying to hurt them. I know the hell of being bipolar- I can't imagine the hell of schizophrenia.

Most frightening thing there is

Voices, Sounds, Noises. They come when you least expect it. You keep seeing things that you think are real, but aren't. You feel so pressured by everything and always feel eyes watching you. I have severe schizophrenia and anti-psychotics don't help. Its hard but I keep my mind clear sometimes. What ever you do. Don't listen to the voices.

Most stressful mental disorder there is. I can't tell you how painful having it is. It's a really really difficult problem to have. You lose the will to do so many important things because of fears you have. Anyone going through this mental disorder should NOT give up on their life and fight through it. You will be okay one day.

All I can hear is you are worthless, so many times... I stay lonely and cry in my room saying "Stay away from me! " I always get dreams and they are always there... black figures... I never remember anything... Not even my age... never remembering anything, never being happy, feeling to kill myself, scary things that haunt me... This is the worst thing that ever happened... To many things... you are lucky no matter what... don't become crazy like me... please...

Having schizophrenia is horrible I just don't know when the voices will next attack and unfortunately they have taken control of me and I've actually have attempted suicide luckily people have walked in on me and stopped me. I think it can be contained now I'm on the right meds and seeing a specialist my episodes have been less frequent and less violent but there still there if you think you have schizophrenia or any of the MI seen below best option is to see a dr straight away hope that helps


Schizophrenia with BPD is torture for me how I rely on one person to in a way control my emotions, get paranoid that they hate me and could live better off without me and that leads to impulsive emotions too of anxiety anger self hatred worthlessness and I can't pick myself up and even if that person tries to cheer me up my psychotic mind deludes me to believe they hate me and are desperate to leave me, I wouldn't blame them the state I'm in :(

Such a sad illness :( my mother suffers with paranoid schizophrenia god bless her

No escape from this disease, and it only gets worse.

My cousin was a really good guy but when he turned 21 it was strange to see him change because he started to smell, hear, feel, and see things nobody else could then he started to see demons and smell dead bodies and was scared of everyone it's a heartbreaking disease

I get paranoid over nothing and I feel it's getting worse. I couldn't even load up my weekly pill holder, it was too complicated. I got too frustrated. Little things have always bothered me.

I am truly sorry to anyone who may have to put up with this in their daily lives, I personally have never suffered from this but it sounds so traumatising I hope everyone who has to go threw with this gets better.

I know a girl called Emma she had schizophrenia at a very young age and because of one of the voices she heard she stabbed a boy in the eye with a fork and that is how her parents found out she was schizophrenic.

I've had schizophrenia since I was four. It has completely ruined the way I have mentally developed. I'm not kidding, my own disorder completely freaks me out. It makes me afraid of myself. - RockFashionista

It's horrible they have to listen to unreal voices for a lifetime and sometimes nobody even cares they just send them away to that place I forgot - Puppytart

I have paranoid schizophrenia and it's the worst thing ever.

I could have it (probably not though).
I hear voices when nobody is there. Talking, whispering, screaming.
I am really paranoid, I think I am being spied on by cameras, that people hate me and don't care about me, but I can't help it. I am socially withdrawn and I feel like I am seperate from my body. I had delusions and paranoia as early as 5. The voices I hear sometimes comment on the thinks I am doing or thinking. They tell me to do things, but they aren't really bad things. I can never sleep for hours and sometimes I oversleep. I have to convince people I am normal so they don't think I am weird.

This has got to be the worst by far mental disorder I feel sorry for those affected by this terrible disorder

Probably scary. Because nobody can tell you it's not there, and it seems so scary!

Everything that is bad and extreme about schizophrenia is true. I have experienced it all and then some.

I don't have this but I imagine what it could be like and I become exceedingly fearful just thinking about it...