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1 Lulu - Metallica and Lou Reed

Definitely, this is the worst "metal" album ever made. Lou Reed sounds like a living death (well, technically, he is), James' and Kirk's riffs are repetitive, motoric and simply boring, Lars' drums are simple (not as bad as on St Anger, but close enough) and you basically don't hear a lot of Rob's bass lines.
Don't get me wrong - I like Metallica (I even used to love them for some time), but this is literally a crap. You can listen to St Anger without hitting a wall with your head. Here, you cannot.
This piece of just should be banned and forgotten, FOREVER!

The only Metallica album that isn't amazing, in fact, it's almost as bad as dubstep

Thought for sure Megadeth's Risk would be on this list, but yeah this album sucks just as bad, maybe even more


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2 St. Anger - Metallica

I'm sorry, but this album is just plain bad. The songs are way to long and repetitive, and the vocals are done very poorly. I don't know what James was thinking when this album was made, because apparently Bob Rock had nothing to do with it.

Not to mention the drums. Lars literally sounds like he walked into the kitchen and started bashing on random pots and pans like a bloody two year old. Sorry Lars, but in the year 2003, you should have just stuck to playing tennis! - IronSabbathPriest

People will understand the album if they listen to it in the right circumstances, this is not something you put on in a calm summer evening... This is what you listen to when you're so pissed off about something you wanna break down a wall. Should've stuck a sticker on the front saying "Best enjoyed when FRANTIC".

Horrible Drumming, Removal of solos, Off-tone Vocals, and conflicting riffs between JAMES AND KIRK repetitive sound, Crappy Screaming, Horrible Lyrics, and don't forget Frantic's CHORUS sounds horrible. Definitely metal at it's WORST! (except for Lulu)

This wasn't that bad - christangrant

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3 Illud Divinum Insanus - Morbid Angel

Biggest slap in the face in death metal. This album is beyond horrible.

Kill a cop, kill a cop, you mad bro? - GREYBOYY

The drums are horrible on most songs.

This deserves to be at this spot - christangrant

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4 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold

How can anybody think this album is BAD? The member of a7x were like 18 when they came out with this album and they had NO good producers and barely any money to higher one. Still a great album that has no reason at all to be on this awful list. By the way slipknot at #2? You've got to be kidding me...

Honestly This is My Second Favorite A7X Album Next to Waking the Fallen, This Album Gets So Much Hate Because It Doesn't Sound Right, I Think It Sounds Awesome, Its Raw and Powerful. When I First Heard This Album I Wasn't Sure If I Was Gonna Like It But I Listened to It Again and I Fell In Love With This Album. The Drums and The Riffs are Awesome! I'm Probably the 5% That Loves This Album, If You Don't Like this Album and You're an A7X Fan, Your Not a Hardcore A7X Fan This Album is a Masterpiece - MattIsANerd

Get this trash to number 1 please this is worse than all the albums in the top 10 combined - christangrant

The band has talent but the singer is whiny bitch. Whiny crybaby voice. Get a new singer. Whieieieiying

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5 Slipknot - Slipknot

This is such a good album. Especially the songs wait and bleed, spit it out, and sic.

I actually kinda like Slipknot. And at the same time I like Iron Maiden. You can't explain that

This has to be a joke. Who would put this on here?

Great Album, Very Different, Very Aggressive - MattIsANerd

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6 Forbidden - Black Sabbath

I don't think this deserves to be here. I could see why a number of fans wouldn't like it, but to consider it one of the worst metal albums of all time? That's overdoing it. Sick and Tired, the title track, Rusty Angels, Shaking Off the Chains, and Loser Gets it All are all classics to me. I Won't Cry For You is pretty weak, I'll admit, but the rest of the songs on Forbidden are all great. I'd even go as far as to say it's one of my personal favorite Black Sabbath albums out of them all. - Simba_Lennon

7 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit, AKA the worst band on the planet

The name says it all.

Limp Bizkit isn't Metal.

For hell's sake... some idiot rapping about white liquids and fecal matter is not metal! - Lucretia

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8 Significant Other - Limp Bizkit

All their albums suck, disgrace to metal music.

How are Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park metal in any way? These albums belong on the worst ROCK albums list. To call them metal is an insult.

Its by Limp Bizkit so... if he could actually rap or lost his voice it would be just a bit bad - Lucretia

The full cash grab.

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9 Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit

Again... LB - Lucretia

10 Prototype - Celtic Frost

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11 It Just Gets Worse - Anal C***

With a band title like that you know their whole career sucks

The absolute worst metal album of all time. Intentionally so.

This should be number one.

Love that cover... anyways awful. Grindcore is awful - Lucretia

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12 A Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden

Why is this here? Sure, it's not their best album and is certainly overrated by fans for being the "progressive masterpiece" it really isn't, but it is nowhere NEAR being the worst metal album. Not even close.

No. The songs on this album are fantastic. - IronSabbathPriest

Why is this album here... Not a serious list at all...

What? This is like Sabaton controlled Iron Maiden and both forces combined to make badassery! - SoldierOfFortune

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13 Dedicated to Chaos - Queensr├┐che

American soldier is even worse - Caleb9000

Oh this is really bad - christangrant

14 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Now I don't think Linkin Park is the best band in the world (there are loads better) but I don't think they are the worst either

Dear Christ I hate this band so much, I didn't enjoy them in the first place, but when I started going on this site and see them in every music list, it just gets worse and worse. If enjoy them, I respect your opinion, but god I hate them.

Why do many people think linking park is the best band in the world? They're just a bunch of posers trying to be good.

This really isn't a metal album, but ok. - cjWriter1997

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15 Risk - Megadeth

St. Anger of Megadeth

Cryptic Writings is better. - Zysoth

Just plain weird. It's worse than St Anger.

They took a risk allright. So did Hitler. Both did equally bad.

16 S&M - Metallica

This is outrage! this patetic intention of music should be erased from every record in music!
Who made it? yes... the pouser band of metallica!

17 About that Life - Attila
18 Freedumb - Suicidal Tendencies

Being punk is not a reason for you to bash this album.

This is more like a Punk Album.. Not At all Metal... So there's no reason why this should't be at the top of this list

19 Roots - Sepultura

Don't know why this is on this list. This is a great album - sextysex

What? I love this album more than Pantera's albums. - GREYBOYY

This album is brutal

20 Metal Magic - Pantera
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