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61 Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions - Kiss
62 Demolition - Judas Priest

This picked up where Jugulator left off, every song idea that didn't make it on Painkilller.

63 Scream Bloody Gore - Death

What?! Who put this deadly master piece on the list

These guys put death metal on the map,

This album made death metal.

This is the example that juniors do in this place, this kate perry's lovers do is put good, excellent and master works in the wrong place. This is one of the most important records in the history of metal subgenres this record is comparable to the Seven churches(Possessed), Hell awaits (Slayer), Pleasure to kill(Kreator) or Torment in fire(Sacrifice) The forum moderator in this place really sucks!

64 Smells Like Children - Marilyn Manson

Alice Cooper wanna be about 30 years to late.

65 Metallica - Metallica (The Black Album)
66 Promise - Massacre

Just listen to it and you will see what I mean. An abomination to both man and beast and anything that can hear.

67 Master of Puppets - Metallica

This is one of their best albums, this is partially responsible for the reputation they have been milking for the past 30 years.

Why in the hell is this album on this list? Even if it's not Metallica's best album, it's still one of the top few albums of all time.

It suxx so mooch

Metallica is great, but Master of Puppets is not their best record.

68 Diabolus in Musica - Slayer
69 Ozzmosis - Ozzy Osbourne
70 Volume 8: The Threat is Real - Anthrax
71 No Prayer for the Dying - Iron Maiden
72 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park
73 13 - Black Sabbath
74 Recharged - Linkin Park
75 Gold Cobra - Limp Bizkit
76 Never Say Die - Black Sabbath

Very weak album besides the Title track everything on this album is bland and bad - christangrant

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