Worst Metal Subgenres

Metal, the most loved and appreciated genre in the world and one of the realistic music genres to listen to along with Rock music.
But, did you know that even Metal contains some stupid subgenres which will make you mad if you ever try to listen?
Well, this list contains such subgenres. Please vote and comment!

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1 Pornogrind

It's just a disgusting form of metal...

What? Why isn't this number 1 this is the worst

Nothing but awful, boring instrumentals, pig snorts for vocals, and nasty album covers. There are no lyrics, but what they claim they're singing about is disgusting. Awful music.

Some metalcore are metal, some metalcore are hardcore and nu metal still have good bands like korn or slipknot or linkin park but this? This is the REAL TRASH METAL

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2 Nu Metal

What pisses me off the most about this subgenre is that it sells a ton of records. I mean, most of the "metal" people have heard is like "down with the sickness" and "let the bodies hit the floor" or whatever. And then they just assume that's what all metal sounds like. I'm not saying the general public would probably like metal if they heard the real bands, but seriously, Nu metal's kinda the obnoxious force field blocking people from discovering good metal. Same with deathcore.

Besides a few slipknot songs. I completely hate this genre, everything about it. - ryanrimmel

The most lacking of metal elements I have ever listened to... No offense to anyone out there, but this is not metal because it lacks solos even though it has the heaviness. Just evolve it a little and I will reevaluate my whole understanding of this genre. I grew up on this stuff, and then I grew the hell up.

Metal dumbed down to the Max. It isn't even metal, it's just an angrier form of rap rock. - Kronolith

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3 Glam Metal

I hate their appearance, hairstyle and all. But, I do like some bands belong to this genre. - Nord666

Laugh out loud this genre is a complete joke, bunch of sell outs who conform to a certain look and sound, no individuality - superluke10000

It's hard to be any worse than the immensely fake subgenre that rivaled the pinnacle of musical excellence called THRASH.

It's actually a good subgenre. - Metalhead1997

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4 Metalcore

I personally don't believe there is a "worst" subgenre. Mainly because I can listen to all of them without bashing on others, but metalcore isn't that bad. Maybe it's the scene metal core bands like Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men that are more hated, but you have to look beneath the bad ones because that's where all the good metalcore is. Prime examples would be As I Lay Dying, Trivium, old Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Overcast (first metalcore band ever), All That Remains (except their latest album), etc. Once again, not all of it is bad, and anyone with an open mind could clearly see this. - MetalFoREVer1228

Screaming is a form of vocal distortion and it does take talent to do it right, Just saying. There are some really great metalcore bands out there, just like in every genre, but there are also some bands that aren't that great, either way, I'm not a hater on any band, in the end, they're making money, they're living the dream

I will agree with the negative comments on here because metalcore is one of the most untalented genres in the metal scene screaming is not hard I don't care what anyone says if they say its hard they're full of it anyone can do it just gotta have faith and try of course but other then that any one can hit an open note on the E string and palmute the E, A and D string its not hard I seriously suggest if your a learning guitarist do metalcore but anyways it couldn't get any more annoying with the random sweep solos and just down right stupid simple open note hits and palm mutes you want an actual talented genre of metal kids go listen to thrash or heavy metal that is all stay brutal

Good Metalcore Bands:
1.As I Lay Dying(best)
2.Killswitch Engage
3.Parkway Drive
4.Trivium (some of their song is metalcore)
5.Avenged Sevenfold (in STST and what)
6.All That Remains (they are metalcore just in TFOI)
7.August Burns Red
8.The Devil Wears Prada
9. We Came As Romans
10.Miss May I

Worst Metalcore Bands
1.Asking Alexandria (palm muting in every song -_- they only good at FDTD and some songs at TB)
2.BMTH (I only liked Shadow moses, it never end and sleepwalking)
3.Issues (pf you can't fusing pop with metalcore)
4.Attila (I wasn't to put this in number 1 but I'm tired the reason I hate this band is TO MANY PROFANITY! )
5.I See Stars(only one album I like from this band and the name is JOHN CENA! oops I mean new demons)

(Sorry for bad english)

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5 Crunkcore

What? Nu metal worst genre of metal. Have you ever listened to brokencyde. They are the worst band and nu metal is actually decent like korn and around the fur period deftones (after that they went more experimental).

I just went and listened to a song by Brokencyde. I had no idea this even existed. It was every bit as hard to stomach as rap and country if not harder. It may indeed be one of the worst sound I've heard.

This is not a genre of metal. Considering it is on the list, this and screamo belong at the #1 and #2 on this list. Metalcore and nu metal don't deserve the hate they get.

NU metal has deftones and slipknot, pornogrind has anal c**T , glam has steel panther, and metalcore has a7x. This has nothing good. Nothing. NOTHING! Its horrible trash 9 year old emo girls listen to to think they are hardcore and rebelling against their parents.

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6 Rap Metal

Hey, Nord666, I understand that you're extremely opinionated and everyone has the right to their own opinion...so here's some news: Anthrax, one of the big four of Thrash and one of the most influential metal bands of all time were at the helm of this one. Not saying that Rap Metal is good, because over all, it's not. But remember that little song called "Bring the Noise! "? Yeah, that was Anthrax and Public Enemy. Let Limp Bizkit (Rap Metal), Emmure (MetalCore), Impending Doom (Christian Doom), and all of the other bands that you've been ragging on, do their thing. They are the ones on stage with millions of screaming, supportive fans who happen to enjoy what these bands do, and you are not.

Woo hoo! The fusion genre of rap (the worst music in the world) and metal! WHOEVER created this genre must hang himself. - Nord666

Scott Ian of Anthrax, yeah from the Big-4 of thrash. Find on YouTube the song Bring the Noise by Anthrax and Public Enemy. - Metal_Treasure

Even when you mix it up with metal it still sucks.

I don't understand this genre...why to melt Metal with Rap? It's absurd!...Metal is a complicate genre full of exciting sounds and in some Wonderful Sub Genres like DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) Metal has the most exciting and emotional lyrics...the Rap is all the contrary! - Exasperation

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7 Screamo

Their music is for little emo kids that like childish themes and bad over heroic lyrics. They are a shame for real Rock N' Roll and they better disappear quick with the horrible vocals that this genre implies.

Worse than Core and Nu Metal combined. The only redeeming feature is that most people recognise it isn't metal, unlike Nu Metal which falsely represents metal for the rest of us.

Not metal, but it's awful nonetheless. Also, lulz at the tool who can't understand anything remotely intelligent such as anything classical-influenced.

The WORST music genre ever invented. I won't even TRY to give it a chance. - Metalhead1997

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8 Deathcore

Why is metalcore ranked higher than deathcore? Metalcore isn't great but it at least has some decent bands in it. Deathcore, however, does not. Whats the point of even listening to it when there's death metal/melo-death metal, which is FAR superior.

I find that the only individuals who hate deathcore are elitist scumbags who think their music is the best kind of music, and can't accept other people's opinions in music. If death metal or black metal is your thing, be a decent person, and LEAVE DEATHCORE AND DEATHCORE FANS ALONE. There are plenty of posers in the sub genre, I get it. But for the sake of those who aren't, like myself, leave deathcore alone. Please and thank you.

Deathcore has a few good bands like Whitechapel and Make Me a Donut (which is obscure as heck). Deathcore is not my favorite genre at all, but Make Me a Donut is probably my favorite band. Deathcore may not be amazing, but there are a few gems. You just have to search for them.

I don't quite agree with Whitechapel, but Make Me a Donut is an obscure little gem. I would recommend Make Me a Donut to any extreme metal fan. - ThatoneMetalhead

When people say all metal sounds the same, they probably are hearing deathcore.

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9 Christian Metal

Guys some Christian metal bands are Better than non Christian metal bands. Just saying...

I am pretty sure, if Jesus Christ himself was alive he wouldn't listen to this genre... It's AWFUL man!

This is just a group of bands and NOT a subgenre - Christian Metal bands play all other metal subgenres (thrash, power, prog, death) but with Christian lyrics. You can't create a music genre based on specific lyrics. Same for some other "subgenres" I see on this list - pornogrind, satanic metal, etc. These are not subgenres. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah, a lot of Christian metal bands are better than non-Christian. That's because they stay uin the underground and not many people hear them.

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10 Unblack Metal

Hearing someone growl "I love Jesus" just annoys me.

I've never heard of this honestly anyway why does this annoy you? I mean its only music just leave it there nord666 just a question... Why would growling/screaming be satanic?. -.

What's so bad with spreading a Christian message to fans of Black Metal that are Christians?

Hate this genre because their fans are a bunch of pussies

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The Contenders

11 NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal)

Nazi music is here! They talk about race extremism, support racism and racial wars!
Cleary they have a disconnection inside their brain, because Nazisfascism suck and so does their music. - Nord666

This sub sub genre is so hated, even Satanist Black Metal bands shun it!

This one shouldn't be first? I mean, Religious metal doesn't hurt anyone, but this one do! And why rap metal is so bad? Rap music isn't the worst genre in the world ¬¬

Apparently Nazi metal is not as bad as Christian metal or Unblack metal. Ok... I see how it is. - ThatoneMetalhead

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12 Satanic Metal

Satanic metalheads give a bad name to the regular metal lovers

Most pointless weird genre to ever exist. Christian metal is pretty messed up too, but Satanic Metal?... Really?... I just don't get it. Whats the point of it?

Disgusting... They hail satan, what. - GREYBOYY

What? - Metalhead1997

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13 Rapcore

This is a subgenre of hardcore punk.

This has nothing to do with metal - it's "core" (i.e. punk) with rap. There's NO metal in it. - Metal_Treasure

14 Grindcore

Completely unstructured music. Just blast beat drumming, one to two chord progressions on guitar, slapping random noted on the bass, and squealing like a pig being gutted alive

Where do I begin, well it sounds like the singer is trying to vocalize a sharpening stone in a blender, the guitarists just repeat the same 10 corde over and over, the drummer is no worse, the fans they have are a bunch of emo losers that don't need to be alive and to top it all of the lyrics to some of the songs are repulsive and garbage. the absolute worst genre of music ever. the ONLY good thing is the artwork on some of the albums, I mean some of that is strait baller

There's good grindcore and bad grindcore. For good grindcore, go listen to Pig Destroyer (best album: Prowler in the Yard), Napalm Death (Scum or Apex Predator - Easy Meat). Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Extreme Noise Terror are really good too - ryanrimmel

It is pornogrind - Lucretia

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15 Drone Metal

Play as loud and slow as possible! This is comparable to listening to a jet engine. Everyone would like that, right? Right? - GREATEST

Takes patience and certain moods.. Not for everyone..
. Awesome slow and heavy riffs

I don't think its bad but it definitely isn't my thing, although I'm still very open to listen to drone metal if suggested.

To be honest, I think that Drone metal is like a crappy knockoff version of Funeral Doom.

Funeral Doom metal has the most crushing riffs, and the deepest vocals you will ever hear. Take Thergothon for example. Their one and only album (Stream From the Heavens) is a masterpiece in all regards, and is a must listen for all doom metal fans. If you think you know slow heavy and have not heard that album, you are sadly mistaken.

Aand then there's drone metal. After listening to any song by Thergothon (or just about any other Funeral Doom band, really), you aren't even phased by Drone metal anymore. It just becomes... boring. Even though bands like Sun O))) can craft some crushing riffs, they are not even close to the wonderous riffs that Funeral Doom can provide. - ThatoneMetalhead

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16 Christcore

Hah, again! This is the Christian version of Metalcore. People already hate metalcore for many a reasons, then imagine how they will hate this one. - Nord666

Lol this genre does not exist! Just another invented label. Just who invented this? Wikipedia always want to categorized metal subgenres.

Nord666, I'm not a Christian but what hell is wrong with you and Christian Metal? Christian Metalheads are a lot better than prople who call themselves Metalheads while they're Satan's slaves. - GREYBOYY

? Never heard of this. - Metalhead1997

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17 Nintendocore

Well, I didn't want to vote for any of the genres here but then I saw Nintendocore and this destroys metal. I don't understand why people don't like Christian metal because even if you are not religious: why should you hate those genres? It's only depending on the lyrics and has nothing to do with the music. Most Christian metal and rock bands write really really good songs, better than for example Slayer. And I'm not sure if satanic metal is a genre and if it is, then it's really senseless. However Nintendocore is really bad.

Is this even a real subgenre?

Nintendocore destroys my favorite metal song :cc

This would more likely be an EDM subgenre. - Metalhead1997

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18 Pornogore

So, pornogrind combined with something like Mortician or Devourment? - Metalhead1997

No just no

19 WP Metal (White Pride Metal)

Oh, well, this is worse than NSBM! These are skinheads who have no talent in music and chose metal to express their retardness.
This is more like Black Power Hip-Hop and all that bs.
Metal is free of racism and it always will be. - Nord666

So... NSBM that isn't Black metal? That sounds terrible. - ThatoneMetalhead

This subgenre sucks I'll rather hear pornogrind.

To many special pride qand faqith genrwes - Lucretia

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20 Suicidal Depressive Black Metal

There are a some songs I like from this genre itself is not a bad genre but the name Suicidal Depressive Black Metal sounds dumb - countnightdark13

I know black metal is supposed to be dark, but there's no point in listening to a genre if it makes you wanna slit your wrists - ryanrimmel

I only like xasthur and leviathan but still dsbm isn't that bad, quite decent

There are people who really love this, and they don't kill themselves
lol you take its name too seriously
oh dumb people... - Ananya

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