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21 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal Alternative metal is a music genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres normally associated with metal.

Well, Alternative music isn't that bad... But the bands who sing alternative metal are posers... So proud about themselves! But reality is this style requires least talent to play to.
I am a guitarist myself and I know what I'm talking about.

Oh, please, can't we take that simple truth with honesty that Alternative music must not be mixed with metal?

Let me give you example : Nickelback, Coldplay etc. Do they even sounded good to you? If yes, then it's your own fault. - Nord666

Breaking Benjamin falls into this category, and they are not bad. - GREATEST

Alternative metal songs are very good. - zxm

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22 Nintendocore

Well, I didn't want to vote for any of the genres here but then I saw Nintendocore and this destroys metal. I don't understand why people don't like Christian metal because even if you are not religious: why should you hate those genres? It's only depending on the lyrics and has nothing to do with the music. Most Christian metal and rock bands write really really good songs, better than for example Slayer. And I'm not sure if satanic metal is a genre and if it is, then it's really senseless. However Nintendocore is really bad.

Is this even a real subgenre?

Nintendocore destroys my favorite metal song :cc

This would more likely be an EDM subgenre. - Metalhead1997

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23 Post-metal

The term "post-metal" is awful. It gives the impression that metal is dead and these bands are trying to revive it, like the post-grunge and post-punk movements.

However, post-metal is a great subgenre nonetheless. Bands like neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles, the ocean, and pelican are awesome. - ryanrimmel

Isis? I'm hoping they don't sing about terrorism (sorry for the retarded question) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Post metal isn't given its name based on the belief that metal is dead (which it obviously isn't). It's basically metal combined with post rock. - Caleb9000

24 Blackened Death Metal

Why is this here - imabigpotato

25 Black Metal

Not all Black Metal bands are satanic, examples:Immortal, Enslaved,an even the satanic ones like Darkthrone and Bathory are not bad. - GREYBOYY

I actually enjoy the genre. You hate because of satanism, but what about the music? It has quite a lot of depth and catchy riffing. Listen to Immortal, Bathory, Emperor, Burzum, Darkthrone or Satyricon and it could open your mind a bit.

I've tried getting into Black Metal, I can't do it. Most of the sound production is horrible, and the fans make the metal community look bad. I'm not saying it's too extreme, complex, or satanic for me, it just gives metal a bad name.

I'm just gonna say it.
not all Black Metal is Satanic. - wrests

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26 Christian Pornogrind

How would one even write a Christian pornogrind song? Do they just reveal their fantasies about mary? - ryanrimmel

This genre's name makes no sense.

I refuse to believe this exists.

...how do you even write a song in this genre?
Even the name of this contradicts itself. - wrests

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27 Pornogore

So, pornogrind combined with something like Mortician or Devourment? - Metalhead1997

No just no

28 Easycore

Doesn't exist. - Metalhead1997

29 Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal

Never heard of this, but it seems like they really enjoy funerals and death - ryanrimmel

Sounds... Interesting - GreenDayFan21

What the hell is this?

Sounds...specific... - Metalhead1997

30 Bro Core

Imagine if you took a really bad rap metal band, a really bad deathcore band, and dubstep, and mixed it all together. The only good thing about this genre is it seems emmure is the only one actually doing this.

Um...what? - Metalhead1997

31 Power Metal

Wait, what? With all the other choices, why would you even vote for this one? Power metal serves as a great gateway genre to new metal fans, even if you don't like the music.

This must be a mistake - the best metal singers are found in power metal (starting with Dio), it's also the most epic subgenre, with some of the most sophisticated pieces. Not to talk about some more technical modern versions like prog power metal and symphonic power metal.

Personally not a fan of it. Don't like how clean and happy it sounds and I really don't like the vocals.

Simply because of the keyboards? Really? - Metalhead1997

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32 Happy Metal

More like Happy Meal Metal!

What next?
McDonalds Metal
Cockadoodle-doo Metal
Ronald McMetal
Clown Metal
Eviler- than-Satan Metal
Justin Beaver Metal
Teenybopper Metal
Bubblegum Metal
Barbie princess fairy Metal
My Little Pony Metal
Honey boo boo Metal
Kardashian Metal
Jersey Shore Metal
Okay it's time for me to go to sleep.

It's too hsppy to satisfy my dark metal gothic needs. I need dark, scary stuff. I'm a DARK person. Like Batman dark. You need a torch to see me, that's how dark I am.

Happy metal doesn't exist. - ryanrimmel

...does this really exist? - wrests

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33 Jazz Jazz

The Heaviest of all the metal subgenres

I'm not sure if this is a metal subgenre.

What!? This is not even metal

Jazz is good but it's not metal. - Metalhead1997

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34 Doom Metal

This is the purest metal can possibly get= just like how the mighty Sabbath did it all those eons ago. Not exactly seeing how it's among the worse subgenres. Unless it's because of the fact that it's slower than the others?

Wait what is this even doing on here? Doom is the most beautiful form of metal. It has violins, that in itself means it wins.

35 Funk Metal
36 Groove Metal

Just sucks in my opinion. What's so "groovy" about it? Plus I think it makes no sense that you Pantera fans are the same people that hate on deathcore when Pantera was a major influence (I like deathcore for the death metal element). - IronSabbathPriest

Groove metal is great! Look at Gojira! They are amazing!

Was kinda the prequel of metalcore and nu metal

Look at Pantera and Sepultura... - Lucretia

37 Djent

Djent is not a genre, it's a playing style. The term "djent" is an onomatopoeia for the heavy palm muting that Meshuggah uses. Modern bands like Periphery are considered djent, but they aren't.

Calling a metal genre "djent" is like calling a dubstep genre "beep" - ryanrimmel

I don't think djent should be here - whether we call it a subgenre or just a style (there's a discussion about it). Djent is a development of progressive metal with a very specific guitar sound. How bands like Meshuggah or TesseracT are bad? It's a very good subgenre/style that takes a lot of talent. - Metal_Treasure

... or like calling doom metal "dunnn" ... - Metal_Treasure


38 Zelda Folk Metal
39 Mallcore
40 Hipster Metal

Like what, Deafheaven?

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