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21 Sludge Metal

Sludge is awesome! Listen to Baroness, Black Label Society, MASTODON, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Acid Bath, Down, Neurosis?!? They are incredible bands - ryanrimmel

If you think Sludge Metal is bad, listen to Melvins, Neurosis, Mastodon, and Acid Bath. They will quickly change your mind. - ThatoneMetalhead

Some of the guitar riffs are cool but most bands in this genre have very annoying vocals.

Sludge is f***ing awesome! Mastodon, neurosis, flipper, crowbar, black label society, down, acid bath... How can like girly screaming bands (sleeping with sirens/black veil brides) but not like the sludge greats like mastodon and down - ryanrimmel

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22 Melodic Death Metal

This isn't at all a cross between pop and death metal which for work reason some people believe it is. It actually is more a cross between death metal and the new wave of British heavy metal. Check out pre clay an inflames, non mid period soilwork, Carcass's heartwork, dark tranquility, Amon Amarth, and at the gates

What?! Arch Enemy is melodic death metal and they're awesome! Same with The Agonist!

Why is the third famous genre of metal here?

This is the best death metal to me - Lucretia

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23 Post-metal

The term "post-metal" is awful. It gives the impression that metal is dead and these bands are trying to revive it, like the post-grunge and post-punk movements.

However, post-metal is a great subgenre nonetheless. Bands like neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles, the ocean, and pelican are awesome. - ryanrimmel

Isis? I'm hoping they don't sing about terrorism (sorry for the retarded question) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Post metal isn't given its name based on the belief that metal is dead (which it obviously isn't). It's basically metal combined with post rock. - Caleb9000

24 Electronicore
25 Easycore

Doesn't exist. - Metalhead1997

26 Christian Pornogrind

How would one even write a Christian pornogrind song? Do they just reveal their fantasies about mary? - ryanrimmel

This genre's name makes no sense.

Completely contradictory. Also, what are the lyrics about? Having sex with one of the Holy Ones? - Metalhead1997

Guys I don't like Christian Pornogrind anymore than you do but this is a real subgenre go on Youtube and look up Satanas Vurdul

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27 Mallcore
28 Kawaii Metal

Kawaii Metal music isn't the best but it sure is interesting and good. Kawaii Metal music is fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Does this even exist? - Lucretia

This genre only has one band (Babymetal). It has yet to really expand into a movement, so I think that it's abbot too early to judge it. - Caleb9000

Anime much? - Metalhead1997

29 Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal

Never heard of this, but it seems like they really enjoy funerals and death - ryanrimmel

What the hell is this?

Sounds...specific... - Metalhead1997

30 Bro Core

Imagine if you took a really bad rap metal band, a really bad deathcore band, and dubstep, and mixed it all together. The only good thing about this genre is it seems emmure is the only one actually doing this.

Um...what? - Metalhead1997

31 Goregrind
32 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal

Well, Alternative music isn't that bad... But the bands who sing alternative metal are posers... So proud about themselves! But reality is this style requires least talent to play to.
I am a guitarist myself and I know what I'm talking about.

Oh, please, can't we take that simple truth with honesty that Alternative music must not be mixed with metal?

Let me give you example : Nickelback, Coldplay etc. Do they even sounded good to you? If yes, then it's your own fault. - Nord666

Breaking Benjamin falls into this category, and they are not bad. - GREATEST

Alternative metal songs are very good. - zxm

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33 Happy Metal

More like Happy Meal Metal!

What next?
McDonalds Metal
Cockadoodle-doo Metal
Ronald McMetal
Clown Metal
Eviler- than-Satan Metal
Justin Beaver Metal
Teenybopper Metal
Bubblegum Metal
Barbie princess fairy Metal
My Little Pony Metal
Honey boo boo Metal
Kardashian Metal
Jersey Shore Metal
Okay it's time for me to go to sleep.

It's too hsppy to satisfy my dark metal gothic needs. I need dark, scary stuff. I'm a DARK person. Like Batman dark. You need a torch to see me, that's how dark I am.

Happy metal doesn't exist. - ryanrimmel

Happpy Metal! - zxm

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34 Doom Metal

This is the purest metal can possibly get= just like how the mighty Sabbath did it all those eons ago. Not exactly seeing how it's among the worse subgenres. Unless it's because of the fact that it's slower than the others?

Wait what is this even doing on here? Doom is the most beautiful form of metal. It has violins, that in itself means it wins.

35 Funk Metal
36 Zelda Folk Metal
37 Hipster Metal

Like what, Deafheaven?

38 Jazz Jazz

The Heaviest of all the metal subgenres

I'm not sure if this is a metal subgenre.

What!? This is not even metal

Jazz is good but it's not metal. - Metalhead1997

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39 Grunge Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s .

Why would anyone think that grunge is metal? There are only 4 Grunge bands that you could consider metal (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, The Melvins, and Tad), and even then, the only reason you could consider those 3 bands metal is because they overlap with other genres of metal (Tad and AiC sounds closer to traditional heavy metal, Soundgarden sounds close to Stoner Metal, and The Melvins pretty much created sludge metal). In fact, a good amount of grunge bands didn't consider themselves metal because of hair metal. - roarktenjouin

The worse part about grunge is being forced to describe it as the sub genre of rock nirvana falls into. It's a shame because there's a lot of great grunge bands like Pearl Jam and alice in chains most people miss out on.

Officially grunge is a subgenre of punk rock. Not metal. - Metal_Treasure

EDIT: it's more correct to say punk-influenced alternative rock. Many grunge musicians admitted punk attitude. - Metal_Treasure

Same as Jazz, it's not metal - Neonco31

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40 Crossover Thrash

Really? Toxic Holocaust, Bio-Cancer, Municipal Waste? - Metalhead1997

Suicidal Tendencies is great - Caleb9000

I only enjoy Municipal Waste, but the genre is just terrible. All these bands do is play fast for the sake of playing fast. And most of their lyrical themes are about drinking, parting, headbanging, moshing, playing their own genre, and other stupid random. There are some terrible thrash bands that aren't really crossover, but definitely fit within the genre. (I'm looking at you... Lich King) If you want GOOD thrash metal, I would recommend Dark Angel, Sadus, and late '80s and early '90s era of Sepul-tura! And for the record, I'm the one who added this genre to the list.

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