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41 Djent

Djent is not a genre, it's a playing style. The term "djent" is an onomatopoeia for the heavy palm muting that Meshuggah uses. Modern bands like Periphery are considered djent, but they aren't.

Calling a metal genre "djent" is like calling a dubstep genre "beep" - ryanrimmel

I don't think djent should be here - whether we call it a subgenre or just a style (there's a discussion about it). Djent is a development of progressive metal with a very specific guitar sound. How bands like Meshuggah or TesseracT are bad? It's a very good subgenre/style that takes a lot of talent. - Metal_Treasure

... or like calling doom metal "dunnn" ... - Metal_Treasure


42 Blackcore

Oh come on not even a thing - Lucretia

Nope, Blackcore is very real... and very bad. It's technically called "Blackened Deathcore". - ThatoneMetalhead

43 Technical Death Metal

Technical death metal was awesome in the 1990's. But sadly nowadays a lot of the tech-death genre is full of horrible wank-fest bands who just play fast for the sake of it without any real passion. ( I'm looking at you Brain Drill)

44 Slam Death Metal

I like Slam. It definitely isn't for everyone. If you like brutal death metal bands like Dying Fetus, then you would like Slam Death Metal. Check out bands like Katalepsy, Abominable Putridity, Ingested, or Kraanium - ryanrimmel

45 Stoner Metal

Really? Acid Witch, Electric Wizard, Sleep, THOSE bands suck?! You need to branch out more often, dude. - Metalhead1997

46 Viking Metal

You're literally making a metal subgenre out of a lyrical theme. Enough said!

Most people don't know what Viking metal is. It isn't Amon Amarth (they are melodeth). Viking metal is a genre that mixes folk metal with epic doom metal, sometimes with black metal. A good example of a Viking metal album would be Hammerheart by Bathory. Amorphis' "Tales From The Thousand Lakes could also be called Viking metal. - Caleb9000

I voted just so I could say this. Amon Amarth aren't Viking Metal! And no, Viking Metal is not just a lyrical theme, it's an actual sound. Just listen to 'Hammerheart' by Bathory

Its good actually think Amon Amarth - Lucretia

47 Pirate Metal

Pirate metal is a sub genre of power metal that mixes it with folk metal that often incorporates sailor-sequences vocal melodies. Running Wild is a good example of a pirate metal band. - Caleb9000

Like I said about viking metal. You're making a genre out of a lyrical theme which is ridiculous.

There is NO such subgenre - it's folk metal with lyrics about pirates. Music is still folk metal. - Metal_Treasure

Alestorm. - Metalhead1997

48 Blackgaze

Deafheaven are great, Alcest are as well (for example), no matter who are listening to them or how they look like. Now, stop being a huge retard who wants to hear something he has already heard and can't stand unusual outfits and aesthetics.

An example? Deafhaven. This genre is a sub genre of black metal which hipsters sing about. Ultimately, it ruins black Metal. Absolute turd of a genre

49 Hair Metal

With Nu metal should be on top ~

50 Symphonic Metal

At least it's at the bottom. Symphonic Metal is one of the most underrated and most awesome metal subgenres!

It's just really lame music for goth kids

51 Brutal Death Metal

When brutal death first started, it had great bands (Suffocation, Cryptopsy, early Cannible Corpse, Devourment), but a lot of the modern bands are clones with forgettable and laughable music. The only two that actually seem to put out quality music are Nile and Brain Drill. Cattle Decapitations last album in 2015 was also awesome.

Cannibal corpse are very nice


To heavy for somne people buit the fans... they loe it - Lucretia

52 Deathgrind

Cattle Decapitation. - Metalhead1997

53 Noisegrind
54 Blackened Death Metal
55 Pre-1994 Black Metal

Again, this joke is retarded! - Neonco31

56 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. ...read more.

Heavy metal is actually GOOD. Bands like Quiet Riot, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, how do they suck? - Metalhead1997

What?! Who ever put this here, is NOT a metalhead?!?!
Iron maiden, Black Sabbath, judas priest, Metallica, five finger death punch... Are Heavy Metal bands! - ShahryRKnoT

Metallica is Thrash, and Five Finger Death Punch is Metalcore. - ThatoneMetalhead

57 Black Metal

Not all Black Metal bands are satanic, examples:Immortal, Enslaved,an even the satanic ones like Darkthrone and Bathory are not bad. - GREYBOYY

I actually enjoy the genre. You hate because of satanism, but what about the music? It has quite a lot of depth and catchy riffing. Listen to Immortal, Bathory, Emperor, Burzum, Darkthrone or Satyricon and it could open your mind a bit.

I've tried getting into Black Metal, I can't do it. Most of the sound production is horrible, and the fans make the metal community look bad. I'm not saying it's too extreme, complex, or satanic for me, it just gives metal a bad name.

Won't say black metal is the worst. But a lot of black metal bands became reckless. affected other metal genres. - zxm

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58 Power Metal

Wait, what? With all the other choices, why would you even vote for this one? Power metal serves as a great gateway genre to new metal fans, even if you don't like the music.

This must be a mistake - the best metal singers are found in power metal (starting with Dio), it's also the most epic subgenre, with some of the most sophisticated pieces. Not to talk about some more technical modern versions like prog power metal and symphonic power metal.

Personally not a fan of it. Don't like how clean and happy it sounds and I really don't like the vocals.

Simply because of the keyboards? Really? - Metalhead1997

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59 Progressive Metal

This is one of the best metal subgenres.

Why is this even here? Progressive metal is one of the best metal sub-genres. - zxm

My favorite sub genre. - Caleb9000

60 Neo-Classical Metal Neo-Classical Metal

Only few bands do it right. Rest are just monotonous

Most Neo-Classical Metal artists are ridiculously good at what they do... They're just a bunch of wankers. It's a pretentious re-hash of Yngwie and Dream Theater. They've got the technical skill down, I just don't think the music they make is particularly interesting or enjoyable.

Haggard is a pretty great band!

I hate this genre, I don't understand how and why people love this genre! This is a pathetic and messed up subgenre of metal ever!

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