Top 10 Worst Metal YouTube Channels


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1 Loudwire Loudwire

They are quite good

But what does Corey Taylor think about this list? - UniqueUser

I actually like Loudwire rip me - wrests

2 SteveTerreberry

No way! I don't get all the hate Steve T gets.I personally find him very funny. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

It's hard to watch a video by him. It's always cringey. - UniqueUser

I actually like SteveTerreberry so go on and sue me. - BoredJeff02

3 Drachen/Drachenlord

Germany's worst channel about Metal. - UniqueUser

4 Jared Dines Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1989) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as more.

He overused the Djent wave, most videos aren't funny & in he was very unfriendly in Metal Amino - UniqueUser

5 Rob Scallon

Super overrated. All shred no soul. I don't like Youtubers like him and Andrew Huang who do the whole "you can make songs out of anything! " schtick.

He just hit 1 million subscribers after being on YouTube for 10 years. I don't think that's overrated. Either way, I wouldn't consider him a bad youtuber overall. He works hard on his videos and is pretty talented. That's all, just putting my two cents here. - cjWriter1997

He's very overrated. His skills in playing instruments are good but there are more talented people. He's simply not a very good youtuber. - UniqueUser

6 Der Dunkle Parabelritter

He thinks he's smarter than everyone. - UniqueUser

7 Banger
8 coverkillernation
9 Become The Knight

No,he does other things than just reacting. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Just a reactor who steals other people their content. - UniqueUser

10 ThuleanPerspective

Varg is a racist, overrated, sometimes stupid, youtuber and musician. - UniqueUser

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11 Atticus TheDeathMetaller
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