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1 Lulu Lulu

I had some hopes this would be a decent album and then I heard it. My ears literally couldn't stand the pathetic voice. Has some decent music but I don't know what they were thinking when they let Lou Reed collaborate with them.

I suppose the old saying "Nothing ventured nothing gained" was their thinking.

! This album is not only the worst metal album, it's the worst album ever made! The vocals and tunes to these songs don't even make sense. In fact it creeps me out.

My mourning started when Jason quit. He may have not been as talented as Cliff, but the energy to used to deliver on stage always blew my mind. And as for the albums, the album "Metallica" was the last of Metallica for me.

I AM THE TABLE! - DarkSideOfRandy

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2 St. Anger St. Anger

You have Kirk Hammett in your band, and you don't use him for any solos? That is like sitting Michael Jordan on the bench during the playoffs.

Although I would rather listen to this than Lulu any day, I'm voting for this, as Lulu isn't really an official Metallica album, its a collaboration with Lou Reed (RIP. ) But yeah this is there worse official album by far, Load and Reload were disappointments as they didn't display the good ol' Metallica we know and love, but at least they were solid efforts. This though is terrible from all aspects. All the songs are filled with boring repetative drop C riffs, the songs are SO BORING, and I don't think Kirk even showed up to any of the recordings, as they're are as you all know, NO GUITAR SOLOS. Which has got to be the biggest bone head move of Metallica's career. And then there is the snare drum...

It could have been good with the killer guitar riffs and singing from James. The things that ruined it though were the snare drums and the fact that the album had no guitar solos. If you want an awesome Metallica album listen to Master Of Puppets.

Boring. No drums. They should be ashamed for recording this, and put it on any list with the masterpieces like Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning or..And Justice for All

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3 Re-Load Re-Load

Lulu isn't a damn Metallica album. Stop counting it as a Metallica album - Sabbath

Come on Load actually has some really good songs. Re-load only has Fuel and unforgivin 2 still a good album but loads better

4 Load Load

What don't you idiots get?!? Lulu is NOT a Metallica album. You people know as much about music as I know about golf. Most of you are Megadeth fans trying to add this to the Metallica collection to make Megadeth look better - Sabbath

None of these albums SUCK, but this is the least good Metallica album. And last I looked, Lulu doesn't even qualify as a Metallica album.

All Metallica stinks but This smells most.

I listen to this when I'm trying to sleep.

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5 Garage Inc Garage Inc

How is this so high?! There's a bunch of amazing covers, but there's also some absolute crap on here as well (Free Speech, Tuesday's Gone).

Mostly filler, with a few excellent covers. - IronSabbathPriest

James sings so badly that he makes Bob Seeger sound good and Seeger is Brutal.

6 Beyond Magnetic Beyond Magnetic

What? Metallica wrote this album just for fun I guess.

7 S&M S&M

This is what you get when you try and mix Coca-Cola with whole milk!

8 Six Feet Down Under EP Six Feet Down Under EP
9 Death Magnetic Death Magnetic

I know it's still a GOOD album, but it's nothing compared to the originals like Master of Puppets and Justice for All.

Amazing songs, but bad production - DoroExploro13

Nothing more than a decent album. Huge improvement on St. Anger, but the production is pretty bad on here... And Day that Never Comes is so overrated. - IronSabbathPriest

10 The $9.98 CD: Garage Days Re-Revisited The $9.98 CD: Garage Days Re-Revisited

Why is this on the list this is good. - Rambles

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11 Acoustic Metal
12 The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited
13 Kill Em All Kill Em All

Why is this on the list? Without this album there wouldn't be thrash metal.

I think Kill them all is mostly better than Black album

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14 Metallica Metallica

Extremely terrible and does not sound like an album produced by metal legends.

Enter Sandman
This song sounds like a failed attempt at Rock
Sad But True
This song is not a great song or bad song
Holier than Thou
Failed thrash attempt?
The unforgiven & Nothing Else Matters
These 2 sons are the only songs that stand out
Everything else on this album is stale or repetitive

Classic metal album, I can't believe people hate on this because some songs are played on the radio

There are some great songs on this album, but it isn't Metallica. This album was basically a middle finger from Metallica to their fans - ryanrimmel

I actually liked most of the songs on the album.

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15 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

They just pumped out song after meaningless, boring song on this garbage

16 Live S***: Binge & Purge Live S***: Binge & Purge V 1 Comment
17 ...And Justice For All ...And Justice For All

The Album with the most underrated Metallica songs except "One", this is one of their best and my favorite

Darn it. I accidentally voted for this. I don't think it deserves to be on the list.

I don't like them, and nothing more

18 Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning

I just want to cry when I see this in 15 place - Rhapsody

This shouldn't be on list - Rhapsody

I hate this album! Lulu is not really a Metallica album people. Now this album is bad, Besides Fight fire with fire and For whom the bell tolls, I cannot listen to another song of it. I must probably not be the only one here.

19 Master of Puppets Master of Puppets V 1 Comment
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