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1 Lulu

...And Justice for James's voice
...And Justice for Reverb
...And Justice for Ripping Off the Previous Album
...And Justice for Jason
...And Justice for the Radio
...And Justice for Semen
...And Justice for Solos
...And Justice for Dynamics
...And Justice for Nostalgy - Alkadikce

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I had some hopes this would be a decent album and then I heard it. My ears literally couldn't stand the pathetic voice. Has some decent music but I don't know what they were thinking when they let Lou Reed collaborate with them.

I suppose the old saying "Nothing ventured nothing gained" was their thinking.

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2 St. Anger

I love St Anger, but Lulu shouldn't classify as a Metallica album. So St anger is their worst album(Invisible Kid)

When I really feel angry at the moment I am listening to it, I like it. - Alkadikce

This album is absolutely awful! I just can't get into it. The song are laughable bad and that snare sucks. - Userguy44

You have Kirk Hammett in your band, and you don't use him for any solos? That is like sitting Michael Jordan on the bench during the playoffs.

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3 Re-Load

I heard The Memory Remains. It really sucks. The Unforgiven 2 is pretty good though. And Fuel is a good song. - Userguy44

Lulu isn't a damn Metallica album. Stop counting it as a Metallica album - Sabbath

Come on Load actually has some really good songs. Re-load only has Fuel and unforgivin 2 still a good album but loads better

4 Load

Not that bad. - Userguy44

What don't you idiots get?!? Lulu is NOT a Metallica album. You people know as much about music as I know about golf. Most of you are Megadeth fans trying to add this to the Metallica collection to make Megadeth look better - Sabbath

None of these albums SUCK, but this is the least good Metallica album. And last I looked, Lulu doesn't even qualify as a Metallica album.

I actually liked this album.

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5 Beyond Magnetic

What? Metallica wrote this album just for fun I guess.

6 Garage Inc

How is this so high?! There's a bunch of amazing covers, but there's also some absolute crap on here as well (Free Speech, Tuesday's Gone).

Mostly filler, with a few excellent covers. - IronSabbathPriest

James sings so badly that he makes Bob Seeger sound good and Seeger is Brutal.

7 Death Magnetic

This album needs to be remastered. - Userguy44

I know it's still a GOOD album, but it's nothing compared to the originals like Master of Puppets and Justice for All.

The album's songs are great, but the sound quality is bloody awful. Even the GUITAR HERO VERSIONS SOUND BETTER.

Amazing songs, but bad production - DoroExploro13

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8 S&M

I don't see what's wrong with this. - Userguy44

This is what you get when you try and mix Coca-Cola with whole milk!

9 Metallica

Extremely overhated. - Userguy44

This is the beginning of point where it changed

OH NO! It was played on the radio!?! SELLOUTS! SELLOUTS! It's absolute garbage! Metallica is trying a new sound, we need to constantly rant for no reason! Megadeth is so much better, they never sold out (RISK) *sarcasm* - SoldierOfFortune

Classic metal album, I can't believe people hate on this because some songs are played on the radio

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10 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

It's not bad album

They just pumped out song after meaningless, boring song on this garbage

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11 The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited
12 Kill Em All

Not Metallica's best, but still a great album. - Userguy44

Why is this on the list? Without this album there wouldn't be thrash metal.

I think Kill them all is mostly better than Black album

This album Is still awesome but it sucks in a way motorbreath jump in the fire and pulling teeth sucks hit the lights whiplash and seek and destroy was the best but I think this should be 14 because it was still a great album lulu was the worst I'd ever heard they had wasted 88 minuets sucking I got every album and I burned lulu but st anger was the best next to ride the lighting and load if you think I'm crazy than your crazy liking the black aulbum as the best I still think its awesome but best album no ride the lighing is the best on kill em all these are the best songs as my list

1 seek and destroy
2 hit the lights
3 whiplash
4 no remose
5 the four horseman
6 metal milta
7 phantom lord
8 motorbreath
9 jump in the fire
10 pulling teeth

13 Six Feet Down Under EP
14 ...And Justice For All

Great album, but bad mixing. - Userguy44

I actually think that this album is underrated. Apart from the bass being to quiet, and the track formula still copying Ride and Master (Fast song, Mid-paced song, slower, heavy one, ballad, then another fast one), it's a great album. The songs individually all have a great deal of creativity to them. - Caleb9000

Justice is incredibly overrated. The bass was turned down and the remastering on the rhythmic guitar was terrible. One isn't even that good. The solo is average at best.

Where did the bass tracks go? Poor Jason Newsted! Must have been hard knowing his band doesn't care about him. Sabotage!

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15 The $9.98 CD: Garage Days Re-Revisited

Why is this on the list this is good. - Rambles

16 Live S***: Binge & Purge

Why isn't this on the list?

17 Ride the Lightning

I just want to cry when I see this in 15 place - Rhapsody

At the bottom where it belongs. This is better than MoP in my opinion. Although Master did have great songs, the formula was a bit of a copy of this one. - Caleb9000

This shouldn't be on list - Rhapsody

Who the hell added this, - Disturbedpotato

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18 Master of Puppets

Shame on you those who vote for this album

What is this album doing on the list?

Blaster of Muffets.

19 Acoustic Metal
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